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Writings from the Free
Table of Contents
[General Musings]     [Poetry]     [Fiction]     [Kajirae Writings]

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Chapter One: General Musings
[Important notice; Please read!]

Gor - a Subset of BDSM? No! ... but ...
By: Jon Watt (AKA Ariston)

Top Ten Role Playing Countdown
By: Sajan

What is a Master; What is a slave?
By: Owl

Honor (and whether slaves can have any)
By: Makaku Oyami

W/what's U/up W/with T/this!?
By: Khaos

Respect (as it Applies to Gor)
By: Khaos

Status vs BDSM Role or Play Preferences
By: Khaos

Some Popular Sophisms (or: How to Spot "Gamer Gor")
By: Khaos

RP vs. Real Live... The BIG DEBATE!
By: Khaos

What is Gor? Gorean Philosophy in a Nutshell
By: Khaos

What does it Mean to " Be Gorean"?
By: Khaos

Safety for "Unowned Slaves"
By: Khaos

By: Nienna Sura

Slaves and Kajirae
By: Braveheart


Chapter Two: Poetry






*Note: In case there is confusion regarding dates on certain items, some things in this section were written when I was a slave, but are not from a slave's standpoint, so have been moved here. The writing that is specifically from a slave's point of view have remained in the
Kajirae Writings section.
More of my writing, including poetry, commentary and erotica can be found on my main writing page.

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