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Top Ten Role Playing Countdown


This is inspired from being denied access to a 'real life' group because I didn't claim a fantasy Home Stone from the books.

10. They refer to a Home Stone as home stone, homestone, or Homestone and think it is a place and not a rock.

9. They believe 'karta' is a position and goes so far as to argue/discuss whether a slave should do this when entering a cyber room.

8. They believe that if a slave is designated as 'white silk', it means she is restricted from serving any other Master but their own.

7. They explain how drawn out and beautiful the 'Bazi Tea Ceremony' can be.

6. They refer to a slave's buttocks as 'rask'.

5. They use the word 'ko-lar' to refer to a slave's neckware.

4. They refer to a kitchen as a 'servery'.

3. They refer to Earth as 'Urth'.

2. They call other males 'Brother' and/or other slaves 'sister'.

1. And last but not least - T/they T/think T/this H/helps T/to C/clarify W/who T/they A/are T/talking T/too A/and S/shows R/respect T/to T/those R/reading W/who A/are F/free.

© Sajan 2003


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