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W/what's U/up W/with T/this!?


Okay, I have to address this! For the life of me, I cannot grasp the reasoning for the atrocities that seem to be the expected norm among online "lifestylers". Perhaps it is because my only experience with living the lifestyle has been in real life, but I would like to think that even if my introduction had been via the keyboard and screen, I would have held fast to the basic rules of grammar, punctuation and capitalization that we all (I thought!) learned as children in school.
Things like:
• Proper nouns are capitalized.
• Words at the beginnings of sentences are capitalized.
• Words in the middle of sentences, other than proper nouns and titles, are not capitalized.
• Either capitalize a word or don't!
• Speaking in the third person *all* the time is just not necessarry  

I realize that it is very popular among onliners for "slave names" to be in lowercase, but this is an IRCism and does NOT have anything to do with anything Gorean. I have not yet read *all* the books, but in the several I have read, and in the literally hundreds of quotes I have read, (a great many of which, I have personally typed and put up on this website. Find them here) I have not YET found even one single instance where the name of a slave girl was not capitalized, no matter where in a sentence it occurs.
It is also a popular IRCism for all slaves to be required, all the time, to speak (type) in the third person. While slaves in the books are, on occasion, encouraged or ordered to speak thusly, it is almost always for the purpose of early training to drill into a formerly free woman or Earth woman that she is now a slave and nothing more than a piece of property, as a punishment or, on some occassions, the result of slaves establishing a pecking order amongst themselves and/or being cruel to one another. Slaves, when conversing, both with other girls or with the free, almost always used personal pronouns in a normal fashion. They, of course, spoke respectfully to the free and to slaves in a higher position or they were likely to be beaten.

Bottom line, IMO, If you claim to live as a Gorean in real life, Do so.
If all you know of "living" this lifestyle is posting "commands" & "punishments" or "serves" & "dances" and your "collars" consist of some kind of brackets with a name inside them, please do enjoy your pastime, but before you go around telling others how to post as a "proper slave" (ie: no pronouns) or that a "capped nick" constitutes a free person, please read at least the first half dozen or so books and pay attention, rather than gleaning your information from years of evolved IRC "Gor".

© Khaos WolfKat 2003

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