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Safety for the "Unowned Slave"

~ To would-be slaves, "nominal free women", those identifying as "slave" who are not owned, etc. ~
(basically, anyone seeking an owner)

First, I want to point out that since you are not owned, that means you are *technically* free. That means you do NOT have to obey just anyone. You have the right and responsibility to make intelligent decisions regarding who and what you will obey. Now, since you are presumably seeking to be a slave again, or, "courting the collar", of course it would be wise to behave as pleasingly to those who are free and NOT seeking a collar as you can, within reason. Another way to look at this is that you are charged with protecting and bettering your future Master's property.

It is wise to remember that there are plenty of predators out there who claim to be "Masters" as a way to find easy prey. Don't be easy prey!!
Get to know a potential owner WELL. Ask tons of questions and then ask more. Ask him for references.. contact information from previous slaves/girlfriends/wives and then CONTACT THEM and ask questions about him. Ask why they split up. If they are hesitant to talk, worry. If they have nothing but super rosy, perfect things to say about him, that is a warning sign too.. Ask what his flaws are. Everyone has them. If someone is saying he has NONE, something is fishy. Beware of any man who tells you about how all his exes are bitches or liars, etc, ESPECIALLY if they "accused" him of abuse!!!
Anyone can have a bad experience like that or even a couple, but if it's a pattern, or if he seems to have an excuse for everything, RED FLAG!
Another thing to look for is a habit of blaming others for all his bad fortune or an attitude that everyone is out to get him. This shows lack of personal accountability and is another big red flag for abusers.. or at the very least, someone who isn't mastering themselves.
If everything checks out so far and things are progressing and moving towards a live-in situation, as a last step before turning your life over to him and DEFINITELY before signing over any property, putting him on your bank account, or signing a Power of Attorney or anything similar, ask him for his full name, SSN, birth date etc and do a background check on him. Tell him why you want the information. If he is legit, then he will have no problem with this, and may even help you pay for it or order you to do one on him.

This may all seem a little extreme, but remember, this is someone you are completely handing your LIFE over to!
Would you marry someone without knowing everything possible about them? If not, why would you make an even greater commitment than marriage without it?

Khaos WolfKat 2006


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