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Kajirae Writings

Table of Contents

[General Musings]     [Poetry]     [Fiction]     [Free Writings]

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Chapter One: General Musings
[Important notice; Please read!]

What I "get" out of slavery

Things I have learned recently

What the Collar Means to Me

Mastery Vs. Abuse / Slave Vs. Victim

Pride & Slavery

Just What is "slave heat" Anyway?

BDSM for Goreans & Play Vs. Punishment

On The Struggle to Remember One's Place

Kajira Reflections Pt 1 ~ The Girl in the Glass

Kajira Reflections Pt 2 ~ Beyond the Glass


Slaves Protecting the Free


Chapter Two: Poetry





*Note: The things in this section which were written when I was a slave, and are specifically from the standpoint of a slave, will remain here. Other things have been or will be moved to the Free Writings section.
More of my writing, including poetry, commentary and erotica can be found on my main writing page.

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