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PostPosted: 20 Nov 2022, 17:37
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From FetLife

I'm calling this guy "AbSolutely Sees HumAn Trafficking Terrorists EveRYwhere", or, " -ASSHATTERY-", for short.
Because he and his girl are seriously fixated on the subject, and appear to have nothing better to do than to join every D/s focussed group they can find, for the sole purpose of accusing everyone of manipulation, grooming, abuse, and brainwashing submissively leaning people into human trafficking (which, according to them, includes any and all instances of 24/7 dynamic, required obedience, the label of slave, pet, owned, property, or apparently anything else that is not their one twue way), and insulting, name calling, or otherwise attacking pretty much everyone. The girl's profile straight up announces that everyone except her and ASSHATTERY are completely stupid, that laws and rules are not for her and the only ones she follows are what she sees as "nature's" laws, and what ASSHATTERY tells her to do.
You'll see why that bit is relevant in a moment.

(My commentary like this)
Commentary = stuff I added for you, the readers, rather than part of the original message exchange.

 [40s]M Primal Predator

Would you let my little wolf back into the group?

She didn't know she wasn't allowed to post links. Her story was very personal so she thought the link was better.
It won't happen again.

 51F Evolving

I'm sorry Sir, but I cannot do that.

You cannot join a group without agreeing that you have read and accept the rules, and the rules are very clear. They are also posted as stickies on the main page, and NO LINKS is the very first one at the top of the page. If she did not know, it is because she chose not to follow directions and read the rules before joining the group (FROM the about and rules page)[/color], AND has blatantly ignored the rules in all caps right on the main page, which seems rather difficult to do, to be honest.

You can try asking the group owner, [Group Owner], to reconsider, but the odds aren't great, considering the circumstances.

(Then I decided to check out his profile and activity, cause I had a gut feeling. Oh boy did I hit the motherlode!)

 51F Evolving

OK.. After following a hunch and checking out your posting history and that of your "little wolf", I absolutely do not believe she didn't know she was breaking the rules.
Both of you have joined, and been subsequently banned from a huge number of groups, due to your posts attacking said groups, their members, and people's lifestyle choices, as well as making dozens or more of baseless accusations of criminal activity, simply because you don't like or agree with how consenting adults chose to live their lives. The ban definitely stays, and I'll be making sure [Group Owner] is aware of both of your abusive posting history, so he knows the score, in case you decide to try to convince him to reinstate her.

Good day, Sir.

 [40s]M Primal Predator

> Her story was very personal so she thought the link was better.

 51F Evolving

Yeah. You said that already
I don't care what she thought. The rules are the rules, and they are not negotiable.
What would have been better is following the group rules.

 [40s]M Primal Predator

I absolutely do not believe she didn't know she was breaking the rules.

Just like you claim that there is no human trafficking. Get a grip on your problems.

(Annnnd here we go with the human trafficking nonsense.)

 51F Evolving

My problems mainly consist of idiots wasting my time with trying to get away with breaking rules.

Have a nice day.

 [40s]M Primal Predator

You are a red flag

 [40s]M Primal Predator

 [40s]M Primal Predator

You betrayed yourself by calling me sir.

 51F Evolving


Yes, I betrayed my possession of manners, and a propensity for showing basic respect for someone until/unless they prove themselves unworthy.

You're freaking hilarious!

(I'll update if he responds again.)

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