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PostPosted: 16 Feb 2022, 13:13
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From mail

So, this winning specimen slimes into my inbox with his oh-so-tempting offer, then is pre-emptively butthurt when I don't rush to respond, and blocks me so I can't reply. I wasn't even on the site, and don't tend to check my email folder for Alt notifications very often. THEN, two entire days later, he unblocks just long enough to send yet another Padawan level message to let me know how very fat I am. Points for originality - Negative points. I reported for harassment after that, since he isn't even going to make it interesting.
His nick and profile indicate he is looking for "real" subs and slaves, so I'll just call him, "

I'll update if he returns for a third attempt at... whatever it is he's attempting.

(My commentary like this)
Commentary = stuff I added for you, the readers, rather than part of the original message exchange.

50 M
[In the Midwest, 275 miles away from me, thank the gods]

Will I love for u to come down to Chehalis cabin by hotel room and be by sub let me do whatever I want to you sexually
2/13/2022 7:36 pm

(Oh yeah, that sounds like my favourite thing to do! Travel hundreds of miles in the midst of a pandemic to be a sex dispenser for some illiterate rando who thinks that's what "sub" means.)

Ok bye then u fat cow.
2/13/2022 9:49 pm

(Aww. Did poor ickle fucknugget get hims knickers in a bunch cause um didn't get an immediate response?)

U r one fat fat fat lady. There not a thing that small on u. Even your big pussy.
2/15/2022 12:47 pm

(Funny that he thinks he knows what my pussy looks like, considering all my pics there are fully clothed. Maybe it's just wishful wishing.)

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