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PostPosted: 24 Mar 2021, 18:35
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From IRC

This charming fellow came into a BDSM chat room and promptly whined that "no one wants me". One of the doms very "helpfully" suggested he talk to me. I'll get my revenge on HIM later! LOL. This ensued.

(My commentary like this)
Commentary = stuff I added for you, the readers, rather than part of the original message exchange.

Session Start: Sun Mar 21 08:22:33 2021

[20:22.33] <randodummy> hello

[20:22.34] ->> randodummy is on: +#fit`to`be`tied #tawny’sApartment #tavern #hottub #cocksuckingwhores #gangbang #roleplay #chat

[20:22.44] <submiversive`Khaos> Oh. You meant in PM. OK.

[20:22.57] <randodummy> i am [40ish]/male/[area] ny

[20:23.05] <submiversive`Khaos> OK.

[20:23.06] <randodummy> i am [height] [colour] hair and 120 lbs and 8 inch cock

[20:23.09] <randodummy> my name is [amusingly apt male name]

[20:23.34] <submiversive`Khaos> Is this how you typically introduce yourself to the ladies?

[20:23.42] <randodummy> yes

[20:23.47] <submiversive`Khaos> Ahhh.

[20:23.52] <randodummy> how are you?

[20:24.16] <submiversive`Khaos> And I take it that isn't going very well for you?

[20:24.47] <randodummy> not at all

[20:25.17] <submiversive`Khaos> Would you like to know why?

[20:25.33] <randodummy> no one likes me

[20:26.18] <submiversive`Khaos> Well, how would they know if they like you or not, when your introduction has nothing about YOU?

[20:27.19] <randodummy> i like oral and intercourse

[20:27.22] <randodummy> boobs and legs

[20:27.43] <submiversive`Khaos> Yes. So does pretty much everyone with a penis.

(I realise this is an over simplification, but dude is overly simple, so...)

[20:27.45] <randodummy> i like to go to live sporting events, go to fairs in the summer and i like to watch game shows on tv

[20:27.51] <submiversive`Khaos> AHA!

[20:28.31] <submiversive`Khaos> How often do you even get to the part about sports and fairs before they shoot you down?

[20:29.04] <randodummy> not that many times

(What a shocker.)

[20:29.27] <submiversive`Khaos> Women are almost never looking for someone based on a set of physical specs.

[20:29.41] <randodummy> ok

[20:30.16] <submiversive`Khaos> And we REALLLY are very rarely interested in you hauling out and showing us your dick as part of an introduction.

[20:30.44] <randodummy> i will not do that next time

[20:31.45] <submiversive`Khaos> I mean.. would you go to an event or something and go up to chicks and be like, "Hi! I'm [40ish] and here's my penis! My name's [amusingly apt male name] and I like legs, boobs, BJs and sex"

[20:32.06] <randodummy> no

(I bet he would if he thought he could get away with it!)

[20:32.22] <submiversive`Khaos> Of course not! ;)

[20:33.18] <submiversive`Khaos> Better to lead with the sort of introduction you would be comfortable with if your mom or grandma were standing right there.

[20:33.23] <randodummy> anything else

[20:33.52] <submiversive`Khaos> Or HER mom or grandma.. Or very large and muscular dad, brothers, and uncles! LOL

[20:34.03] <randodummy> ok

[20:34.26] <submiversive`Khaos> Lead with who you are, not what. We like that a lot better.

[20:34.43] <submiversive`Khaos> And with conversation, rather than a shopping/wish list.

[20:34.55] <randodummy> can we get to know each other please?

[20:35.07] <submiversive`Khaos> Well sure!

[20:35.36] <submiversive`Khaos> What kinds of fairs?

[20:35.44] <randodummy> county and state fairs

[20:36.12] <submiversive`Khaos> Do you ever participate in them or just atttend?

[20:36.26] <submiversive`Khaos> I haven't been to oine in YEARS!

[20:37.01] <randodummy> my parents work in the education department and i help out in the draft horse department at our local county fair

[20:37.13] <submiversive`Khaos> Oh cool!

[20:37.32] <randodummy> i go to the other fairs and see some entertainment that i maybe can convince our fair to get

[20:37.42] <submiversive`Khaos> I used to work with horses when I was younger. It was awesome.

[20:37.50] <randodummy> i also go to fairs to see some vendors that i know

(Maybe he is learning something!)

[20:38.01] <randodummy> what do you look like?

(Or not.)

[20:38.39] <submiversive`Khaos> Why does that matter? It's chat.

[20:39.17] <submiversive`Khaos> I go to Highland Games and conventions partly to catch up with certain vendors.

[20:39.22] <randodummy> nice

[20:39.28] <randodummy> where are you from?

[20:39.36] <submiversive`Khaos> I mnean.. Lots of other reasons too, but..

[20:40.05] <submiversive`Khaos> Originally Tennessee, but been in the Seattle WA area for 30+ years now.

[20:40.53] <randodummy> nice

[20:41.01] <randodummy> i am in [place] ny near [other place] ny

[20:42.48] <submiversive`Khaos> Nooo clue where that is in relation nto anywhere else in NY. LOL. But that doesn't matter. I know you're on the Northern East coast at least.

[20:43.07] <randodummy> true

[20:43.19] <submiversive`Khaos> Never been up in that quadrant of the States.

[20:43.28] <submiversive`Khaos> Been all over most of the rest of it.

[20:45.05] <randodummy> what do you like sexwise?

(Oh well. So much for learning.)

[20:46.46] <submiversive`Khaos> that's not really relevant, is it?

[20:46.56] <randodummy> ok

[20:47.02] <randodummy> can we roleplay?

[20:47.18] <submiversive`Khaos> That's more the sort of thging I share with a prospective partner, and I'm pretty sure neither of us is travelling 2000+ miles for a hookup.

[20:47.34] <randodummy> true

[20:47.42] <submiversive`Khaos> Why?

[20:49.42] <submiversive`Khaos> What kind of roleplay?

[20:52.04] <randodummy> can you play as an escort or female athlete that i have sex with me?

[20:52.44] <submiversive`Khaos> So.. basically provide you with customised wank fodder for free?

[20:53.06] <randodummy> yes

(At least he didn't try to deny it?)

[20:53.19] <submiversive`Khaos> There are services that provide that, but generally not for free.

[20:53.30] <randodummy> i can pay

[20:55.05] <submiversive`Khaos> If you're looking for services, you can go to my sessions page.

[20:55.08] <submiversive`Khaos> [link]

[20:55.46] <randodummy> i ment in pretend

[20:56.12] <submiversive`Khaos> You mean you can pay in pretend?

(Are you fucking KIDDING me right now?? Seriously, dude?)

[20:56.23] <randodummy> yes

[20:56.26] <submiversive`Khaos> Uh huh.

[20:56.32] <submiversive`Khaos> and what do I get out of this?

[20:56.44] <randodummy> what do you want

[20:57.04] <submiversive`Khaos> What do you have to offer?

[20:57.24] <randodummy> in pretend money

[20:58.13] <submiversive`Khaos> SMH.

[20:58.23] <randodummy> what is that?

[20:59.06] <submiversive`Khaos> Dude. You want someone to spend their time and effort to create a customised experience for you for what?

[20:59.25] <randodummy> yes

[20:59.41] <randodummy> $500

[21:00.17] <submiversive`Khaos> Like I said, there are plenty services which offer this.

[21:00.34] <randodummy> ok

[21:02.07] <submiversive`Khaos> What would I actually get out of the encounter?

[21:02.29] <randodummy> fun and an experience with me

[21:03.27] <submiversive`Khaos> That doesn't sound like much fun to me.

[21:03.40] <randodummy> what do you want from me

[21:03.58] <submiversive`Khaos> An experience would be like.. actually doing something fun with someone.

[21:04.20] <randodummy> like hugging and kissing

[21:04.41] <submiversive`Khaos> those aren't really high value to me.

[21:04.50] <randodummy> what is?

[21:05.53] <submiversive`Khaos> I'm an attractive woman. I can get all the random sexual encounters I could possibly want if that's what I were looking for.

[21:06.08] <randodummy> cool

[21:06.17] * randodummy gives you some red roses

[21:06.25] <submiversive`Khaos> Dick - especially cyber dick is low value and very abundant.

[21:06.39] <randodummy> ok

[21:06.50] <submiversive`Khaos> Oooh.. Let me go find a vase to.. wait.. why can't I smell them?

[21:07.06] <submiversive`Khaos> Oh! Because it's pretend! Right.

[21:07.13] <randodummy> thats right

[21:10.07] <submiversive`Khaos> The reason no one "wants you" is because you are selfish and entitled. Your bottom line is getting your desires catered to, which provides you with something of value to you, with apparently no interest in providing anything of actual value to the person providing it. If you want a woman to deliver sex (cyber or otherwise) to you on demand, you are looking for a sex worker. They are not free. Their time and effort is worth something other than pretend money or roses or whatever.

[21:10.11] <submiversive`Khaos> Good luck.

[21:10.22] * You are now known as afKhaos

[21:30.06] * randodummy (Username@xchat[redacted]) QUIT (Quit: Going offline, see ya! (,

(Was it something I said?)

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