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PostPosted: 04 Nov 2019, 15:58
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From IRC chat

Dude came into the chat room and after greeting, I made some comment about wondering if any other "Great Old Ones" were going to come chat with us today, cause his nick was one of the Lovecraft ones.

"Ding!", Goes my PM notification, as douchealope jumps right in.

Since he fancies himself a "Great Old One", we'll dub him, "GOO".

Seems about right.

(My commentary like this)
Commentary = stuff I added for you, the readers, rather than part of the original message exchange.

Session Start: Sun Nov 03 09:16:55 2019

[09:16.55] <**GOO**> Nice to see someone who appreciates HPL

[09:18.01] <undercaffeinated`Khaos> Indeed. However, Sir, please pay attention to the room rules. PMing without asking first in room is a big no no here.

[09:18.34] <**GOO**> So are we past that now that we have both messaged and responded?

(Is it just me, or did that come of as hella condescending?)

[09:20.54] <undercaffeinated`Khaos> If you can guarantee you will not ignore that rule in future, then yes, Sir.

[09:21.21] <**GOO**> Promise :-)

[09:21.35] <undercaffeinated`Khaos> Good to know, Sir.

[09:21.54] <**GOO**> Of course as an ancient god - you know my opinion of humans in general right :-)

(Cue not-so-subtly trying to play the "rules don't apply to me cuz I are Dom" card. Then cue me not-so-subtly playing the "homie don't play dat", Op card.)

[09:23.09] <undercaffeinated`Khaos> Heh. Well, even ancient, possible deities have to follow the rules! ;)

[09:25.26] <**GOO**> We are the rules lol!!!

(Uh huh. More futile attempts. Why don't you go blow an exploding creeper?)

[09:25.57] <**GOO**> Btw, I craft RP worlds like HPL crafted horror :-)

(Nice for you, dude. I don't care.)

[09:26.18] * undercaffeinated`Khaos 's brain immediately starts cooking up a "We are the World" parody

[09:26.32] <undercaffeinated`Khaos> On theme.

(That was regarding the "we are the rules" comment. My brain really DID do that.)

[09:27.42] <**GOO**> Do tell

[09:29.43] <undercaffeinated`Khaos> It didn't get very far, Sir. LOL

[09:30.07] <**GOO**> What are your top five darkest and most twisted RP fantasies with a sentence or two on each?

(Oh gee. I totally have noooo idea where this is going <~rolls eyes~>. Lets try a hint.)

[09:32.50] <undercaffeinated`Khaos> I don't really have a whole lot of RP fantasies. Though I have RPd some fairly dark/twisted things from time to time, mostly as character and/or storyline development.

[09:33.05] <**GOO**> Do tell!

(Oh.. Well, there's this one where I'm being speared by hundreds of super creepy dicks but then I realise they are all yours, and they're not actually creepy at all now that they busted through my silly little lack of consent. <~swooonnns~> Take me Master GOO! Take me NOW! Oh wait. No; That's YOUR fantasy. My bad.)

[09:34.36] <undercaffeinated`Khaos> I don't really remember much in the way of details about most of them.

[09:35.00] <**GOO**> LO

[09:35.07] <**GOO**> Limits?

(Well, cyber, RP bulshit, for one, which you would have known if you'd bothered to glance at my bio/profile thing, dumbass.)

[09:35.08] <undercaffeinated`Khaos> A few of them involved killing long time friends though.. when in a "rough patch".

[09:35.37] <**GOO**> Hmmm. Sexually killing?

(Yes. Of course. Cause everything is about the wee wee. I'm gonna sprain my eyes again! Cue pretend sudden realisation.)

[09:35.45] <undercaffeinated`Khaos> Ohhh....

[09:36.24] <undercaffeinated`Khaos> You're looking for "dark twisted" AKA kinky wank fodder RP, Sir?

[09:37.51] <**GOO**> But tastefully done of course!

(Aww. What's the matter, Sparky? You don't like when I just call it what it is?)

[09:38.13] <undercaffeinated`Khaos> I see.

[09:38.22] * undercaffeinated`Khaos is not the driod you're looking for.

[09:38.27] <undercaffeinated`Khaos> droid*

[09:38.47] <**GOO**> Lol droids are programmable

(Cause obviously, that strongly implied "No" means "Try pushing harder")

[09:40.21] <undercaffeinated`Khaos> I'm only "programmable" by users to whom I grant admin status on the system.

(Then he quit. What EVER shall I do now?)

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