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PostPosted: 24 Oct 2019, 21:23
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From CS Mail, meaning that all manner of punctuation and parts of words that the mail system even thinks might be posting a url is edited out, so a lot of the funky formatting, missing parts of words, and lack of punctuation is due to that.

This is another one with the memory of a goldfish, but I already used goldfish for one of them, so I shall refer to him as though I am trying to call him; "Here, addle-brained little fishy with idiot tendencies", or his initials, "Halfwit", for short.

I suggest paying attention to the dates.

Male Dominant
[Over 1,000 miles away, thank the gods!]
[very early 40s]
Recent Message History:

Halfwit on 3/8/18 at 2:21 PM:
What is your Number?

KhaosWolfKat on 3/8/18 at 2:22 PM:


Halfwit on 3/8/18 at 2:22 PM:

Phone silly, geeee

KhaosWolfKat on 3/8/18 at 2:25 PM:

Yeah.. I don't give out my phone number to strangers. I am more than happy to converse here, if you have something you wish to discuss.

Halfwit on 3/8/18 at 2:26 PM:

What ever, another game player, figures.

KhaosWolfKat on 3/8/18 at 2:29 PM:

Please tell me... How, exactly, does refusing to give out my personal contact information to a complete stranger on the internet make me a "game player"? Why do you feel you need my telephone number?

Halfwit on 3/8/18 at 2:29 PM:

Oh my, b e real or go away!

Halfwit on 3/8/18 at 2:41 PM:

You turn me on!

KhaosWolfKat on 3/8/18 at 2:42 PM:

Oh, I assure you; I am 100% real.

You, on the other hand, are looking more and more like some HNG just trying to get his rocks off by pretending to be dominant on a kink website. I suppose the "sir" was premature.

By all means though, DO continue to provide me with free entertainment to share with all and sundry!

Halfwit on 3/8/18 at 2:43 PM:

Not at all. Think as you may wish!

KhaosWolfKat on 3/8/18 at 2:45 PM:

Well then, perhaps you should think again before calling someone "fake" just because she won't provide her phone number. And, for that matter, before you demand phone numbers from women you've never even met who have no idea who you are.

Halfwit on 5/13/19 at 11:28 AM:

Hello, you are naughty, passionate and sensual So yummy

KhaosWolfKat on 5/13/19 at 3:31 PM:

Hello Sir,
Are you aware that we have conversed before?

In case you dont recall, you accused me of being fake when I wouldnt give you, a stranger on the internet, my telephone number

Halfwit on 5/13/19 at 5:40 PM:


Halfwit on 10/18/19 at 9:02 AM:


KhaosWolfKat on 10/18/19 at 9:07 AM:

You do not have a very good memory, do you?

You also do not seem to check message history before messaging

Do you constantly refresh the home page and immediately message every woman the moment she logs on to the site?

I am just curious about how this works

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