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PostPosted: 27 Sep 2019, 16:46
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From IRC

This dumbass came into a male dom/fem sub channel, thinking that meant he could do whatever he wanted and the rules didn't apply to him. We get a lot of those in there.
He straight away proceeded to start PMing girls without asking in room (channel's BIGGEST/main no no, and impossible to miss). I've recently been made an Op there, so this dickweed had the dubious honour of being my first kick in that channel.

Of course, immediately after I kicked him for breaking the PMing rules, he PMs me to try and get all domly. It didn't work. I've named him, "Dimbledom", but his nick was Dragon(something) This will be relevant at the end. ;)

(My commentary like this)

Commentary = stuff I added for you, the readers, rather than part of the original message exchange.

Session Start: Sun Sep 22 10:14:00 2019
[22:14.00] <Dimbledom> that's Dimbledom Sir to you
[22:14.15] <Me> No, actually. It is not.
[22:14.32] <Dimbledom> no!?
[22:14.47] <Me> I happen to be free, which means I have the right to choose to whom I defer.
[22:15.24] <Dimbledom> well, you're free because no one would pay a dime for you
(Yawn. You can't get any more original than that, dude? Borrrrrinnnnnngggg!)
[22:15.36] <Me> I submit/defer to free men who are worthy of such.
[22:15.46] <Me> Nice try dude.
[22:15.57] <Dimbledom> that's Sir Dude to you
[22:16.02] <Me> That negging crap doesn't work on me.
[22:16.19] * Dimbledom kicks a pebble
[22:16.28] <Dimbledom> aww shucks, what am I gonna do now?
[22:16.45] <Me> Now kindly fuck in the direction of off, and out of my PM.
[22:17.05] <Dimbledom> it's My PM
[22:17.23] <Dimbledom> and I wouldn't fuck you with your own dick
(Oh look! The originality continues with the "you're a dude", douchebro trope. Shocking.)
[22:17.31] <Me> Wrong answer. You PMd me.
[22:17.40] <Dimbledom> exactly
[22:17.42] <Dimbledom> MY PM
[22:17.50] <Me> Whatever, dumbass.
[22:17.57] <Dimbledom> Sir Dumbass
[22:18.08] <Me> HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!
[22:18.16] <Me> That's precious, cupcake!
[22:19.05] <Dimbledom> how'd you know My nickname?
[22:19.16] <Me> Women's intuition.
[22:19.28] <Dimbledom> you're not a woman
[22:20.01] <Me> Yup.. Last I checked, I was.
[22:20.13] <Dimbledom> how long ago was that?
[22:20.37] <Me> SMH.
[22:20.46] <Me> Obvious troll is obvious.
[22:22.42] <Me> I'm gonna have fun posting this idiocy for entertainment.
[22:23.10] <Dimbledom> posting it where?
[22:24.01] <Me> Sorry. That's above your paygrade.
[22:25.08] <Me> Don't worry though. Your antics will live on in notoriety for the amusement of several thousand snarky souls! :D
[22:25.20] <Dimbledom> no, don't post it, I'll do anything
[22:25.27] <Me> Pshh!
[22:25.31] <Dimbledom> I'll pay you, whatever it costs, please
[22:25.32] <Dimbledom> I beg you
(He really must have thought I was stupid.)
[22:25.42] <Me> Whatever ya say, dudebro.
[22:25.57] <Dimbledom> please, I'll do anything
[22:26.03] <Dimbledom> I have no dick!
[22:26.06] <Dimbledom> My penis is tiny!
[22:26.11] <Dimbledom> pleease please please
[22:26.17] <Me> Uh huh.
[22:26.33] <Dimbledom> promise Me you won't post it
[22:26.44] <Me> Well, at least you have some modicum of wit, I suppose.
[22:27.26] <Dimbledom> and that impresses you?
[22:27.48] <Me> Not especially, in light of the glaring negatives.
[22:28.02] <Dimbledom> well in that case
[22:28.17] <Me> E for effort though.
[22:28.19] <Dimbledom> please oh please oh please, I'm a little toady boy, please don't post it
[22:28.29] <Me> OK. Bored now.
[22:28.59] <Dimbledom> took you long enough
[22:29.30] * Me is easily amused and undercaffeinated
[22:29.50] <Dimbledom> that's a nice way of saying you're dumb
[22:30.18] <Me> Cool story bro. Needs more dragons.

(And then off he fucked.)

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