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PostPosted: 24 Apr 2019, 20:40
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From CS Chat

Just the latest CS moron who PMd me, uninvited.

Session Start: Fri Apr 12 01:39:18 2019

[13:39.19] <moron> Hi kinky :)

[13:39.46] <subversive`Khaos> My name is Khaos. not Kinky.

[13:40.16] <subversive`Khaos> My profile is under KhaosWolfKat on CS and FL, or you can view the most currently updated version, on my blog, here: +,

[13:40.39] <moron> An I did not tell your name I cant even see your profile, but arent you kinky? Isnt this a kinksters website ?

[13:41.37] <subversive`Khaos> Wouldn't it make sense that my name, or at least what I prefer to be called, is what I have as my username?

[13:41.56] <moron> newer mind...

[13:42.05] <subversive`Khaos> And just because I may be kinky does not entitle you to address me as such.

[13:42.08] <subversive`Khaos> It's rude.

[13:43.01] <moron> I told newer mind if you make problems from such things, no its not rude, people are kinky here and no one complained with that

[13:44.06] <subversive`Khaos> Somehow, I doubt that. Most women do not appreciate that sort of approach. Good luck. You'll need it.

[13:45.13] <moron> never felt taht, but good luck to you, and ussually would whish to stay kinky, but afraid it may look rude for you

[13:45.41] <subversive`Khaos> Whatever dude. Bye Felicia.

[13:45.55] <moron> Bye kinky ;)

[13:46.49] <subversive`Khaos> Yeah.. Specifically violate stated boundaries. That will get ALL the chicks. Moron.

[13:47.16] <moron> Stay vanilla is that fine with you ?

[13:49.34] <subversive`Khaos> Oh, I'll stay perfectly twisted and kinky, but you'll never know, cause you can't grasp basic manners and limits. I thought you were leaving. Go away now. Shoo.

[13:50.17] <moron> And I'll newer care of that :)

[13:50.40] <moron> I told bye several times already, can we quit it ?

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