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PostPosted: 11 Apr 2019, 11:08
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From IRC

This is really long, but HELLA funny (IMO)!
I was on chat past my internet "curfew", and made some rather blasé remarks when called out on it. Dude PMd me to take me to task just before I logged off, asking if I needed punishment, which was, under the circumstances, a legit question, and I was prepared to have some kind of consequence, but this... Sheesh!

Please note that this post is in NO way intended to be kink shaming OR hanging shit on RP! Neither pegging, nor chat RP are my thing, but that's fine. What I am shaming is his insistence on blasting past people's boundaries, being one way in chat and totally different in PM, in a deliberate attempt to fool people, and expecting me to be a fetish dispenser for him, even fully KNOWING that I am not cool with those things.

(My commentary like this)
Commentary = stuff I added for you, the readers, rather than part of the original message exchange.

Session Start: Sun Dec 02 02:16:32 2018

[09:30.47] <Closet_Peggee> Morning baby

[09:30.53] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> Good morning, Sir.

[09:31.22] * Undercaffeinated`Khaos was perhaps a bit too glib last night?

[09:31.45] <Closet_Peggee> Hmmm?

[09:32.12] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> You asked if I wished to be punished, Sir. Cause of ignoring curfew.

[09:32.24] <Closet_Peggee> Ahhhh

[09:33.01] <Closet_Peggee> Do you need punished little one?

(Ugh. Starting right off with "little one". Blegh! but ok. I'll behave.)

[09:33.31] * Undercaffeinated`Khaos doesn't know what to say..

[09:33.55] <Closet_Peggee> You’ll answer Me when I ask you a question

[09:33.58] <Closet_Peggee> That’s what you’ll say

[09:34.10] * Undercaffeinated`Khaos does not WISH to be punished, but may need it, Sir.

[09:34.28] <Closet_Peggee> Of course you do

[09:34.33] <Closet_Peggee> You need discipline

[09:34.43] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> Yes Sir.

[09:34.57] <Closet_Peggee> You may kneel at My feet

[09:35.02] * Closet_Peggee points to the floor

[09:35.15] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> Umm..

[09:35.25] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> I don't really do the RP thing, SIr.

[09:35.36] <Closet_Peggee> Then how are we to punish you?

[09:35.40] * Closet_Peggee taps My foot

[09:36.29] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> Oh.. You were thinking of RPing a punishment, Sir?

[09:36.58] <Closet_Peggee> Well I’m not there in person am I?

[09:38.22] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> No Sir. The former dom always did actual punishments, even though we were long distance. Though I suppose a RP punishment would be much less unpleasant.

[09:38.49] <Closet_Peggee> We might do a real one later

[09:38.54] <Closet_Peggee> But for now rp is all you get

[09:41.45] <Closet_Peggee> Pick

[09:41.57] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> Pick what, Sir?

[09:42.15] <Closet_Peggee> For now, rp or nothing

[09:43.00] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> I'm afraid I can't really take RP seriously, Sir, so I suppoe we'll have to go with nothing.

[09:43.18] <Closet_Peggee> And why is that?

[09:43.23] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> Suppose*

[09:43.42] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> Why can't I take it seriously, Sir?

[09:43.59] <Closet_Peggee> I’m just curious why you can’t

[09:45.07] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> Because it's pretend, and while it can be entertaining, at times, it just isn't real, to me.

[09:45.24] <Closet_Peggee> It’s real if you make it real

[09:45.28] <Closet_Peggee> All about your mind

[09:47.09] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> Having written essays, slept on the floor, been caged, in close chains, felt the lash, been forbidden speech, or had speech modes severely restricted, and all manner of other real life forms of discipline, Sir, even from long distance for many of them, I'm afraid typing out actions just isn't real to me.

[09:47.38] <Closet_Peggee> Ok

[09:48.05] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> I could pretend, but it seems like it would be dishonest.

[09:48.29] <Closet_Peggee> All in the name of pleasing the Sir no?

[09:48.55] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> Mostly, Sir.

[09:53.35] <Closet_Peggee> Well I do like being pleased

[09:53.45] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> Yes Sir.

[09:54.11] <Closet_Peggee> Up to and including My ass being pleasured which is just divine and heavenly

(Uhh.. Whut? OK, that came out of left field!)

[09:54.34] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> Many do feel that way, Sir.,

[09:55.27] <Closet_Peggee> They do?

[09:56.36] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> Yes Sir. That is a common like.

[09:56.58] <Closet_Peggee> Even a strapon being used on the Sir?

[09:57.13] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> It's not unheard of.

[09:57.32] <Closet_Peggee> I enjoy that

[10:00.45] <Closet_Peggee> Do you ever wear one?

[10:03.19] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> Not lately, and I'm not into assplay, personally.

[10:03.36] <Closet_Peggee> So have in the past

[10:03.49] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> I have. It's just not my thing.

[10:04.02] <Closet_Peggee> Neither is rp :p

[10:04.57] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> True.

[10:06.18] <Closet_Peggee> Perhaps that’s how I’ll punish you

(Annnnnd here we get to the true purpose of the interaction. Fucking figures.)

[10:06.26] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> I've been involved in kink/BDSM for quite a number of years now, so have had a lot of time to refine and discover exactly what I am into/not into.

[10:06.26] <Closet_Peggee> Making you do something that you don’t enjoy

[10:07.12] <Closet_Peggee> :)

[10:07.19] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> That IS generally a component of punishment, Sir.

[10:07.32] <Closet_Peggee> And since you dislike rp and strapons

[10:08.24] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> Though I must admit, for the sake of honesty, the RP isn't so much something that I actively dislike, as something I just don't care about and don't see a point in outside of a RPG and character/storyline building.

(HINT HINT, dude!)

[10:08.46] <Closet_Peggee> I prefer scening Vice rp

[10:08.50] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> Hehe. I like strapons. I just don't get into pegging.

[10:09.09] <Closet_Peggee> What do you like about them?

[10:09.11] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> By scening, you mean actual scening, in real life?

[10:09.24] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> Depends on my frame of mind.

[10:09.33] <Closet_Peggee> Rp is characters. Scening is being ourselves

(Umm... No, dude, Scening is having real life play sessions. Typing out pretend depictions of doing so, even if you are "being yourself" is still roleplay.)

[10:09.49] <Closet_Peggee> Tell Me more about that. Your frame of mind

[10:10.26] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> Oh. So still typing stuff out.. just pretending it's for real, instead of consciously a character?

[10:11.16] <Closet_Peggee> Akin to mutual masturbation in a way

[10:11.31] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> Sometimes I like them for completely silly reasons, like going round and sticking them in everything where it might fit, waving it around, Ron Jeremy style, and just generally being a dork.

[10:12.01] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> Other times I like them in a more sensual way.. Getting head, fucking girls, having it stroked, etc.

[10:12.04] <Closet_Peggee> Go put one on then

[10:12.25] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> Not happening. My [pawdawan of my padawan] is here.

[10:12.39] <Closet_Peggee> I meant online

[10:13.45] <Closet_Peggee> Since your punishment is a scene

[10:14.44] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> If you insist, Sir.

(This is your LAST chance to gracefully fuck off, "sir")

[10:14.52] <Closet_Peggee> I do

(OK motherfucker. It's on. You want to "insist". Sure! I'll have some fun with you, moron.)

[10:14.56] * Undercaffeinated`Khaos slips into rp mode

(This really should have been a hint that things were not exactly going to go his way. LOL)

[10:16.26] * Undercaffeinated`Khaos wanders into a handy "supply room", and peruses the assortment of implements and other interesting bits and bobs, taking her time to examine her options before making a choice.

[10:17.19] * Closet_Peggee relaxes in My chair, reading the paper, hearing some rustling in the supply room

(At least stick with first person or third person and keep your tenses straight, dude! FFS.)

[10:19.47] * Undercaffeinated`Khaos picks out a sturdy harness and buckles it mostly on, her eyes roving across the selection of packers and fuckers, wondering which one would best suit the...occasion.

[10:21.42] * Undercaffeinated`Khaos ' eyes alight on a particularly impressive model, and the corners of her lips twitch upward as she plucks it from its place and works it into its place, before buckling the harness the rest of the way.

[10:22.37] <Closet_Peggee> Find one that you like sweetie?

(No, douchebarrel. I couldn't find one with barbed wire.)

[10:22.43] * Closet_Peggee says from a distance away

[10:23.14] * Undercaffeinated`Khaos gives the phallus a few experimental strokes, and tugs it vigorously to ensure it is securely held. With a decisive nod, she makes her way from the supply room and makes her way back to a place a few feet from his chair.

[10:24.14] * Closet_Peggee smiles, eyes finding her as she walks back with a pep in her step, seeing the leather harness adorning her curvy hips, checking her out

[10:27.20] * Undercaffeinated`Khaos looks at him and nods, glancing down to the generously proportioned, purple, silicone cock, jutting from her pubic mound. She hopes it isn't TOO ...'impressive'.

[10:27.35] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> Yes Sir, I did find one I like. Do you like it as well, Sir?

[10:27.57] <Closet_Peggee> What is its length and girth?

[10:28.11] * Closet_Peggee curls a finger to her, “Step closer girl”

[10:29.23] * Undercaffeinated`Khaos takes a few steps toward him, the 9 inch long, 3 inch wide member bobbing gently with each movement

(Silly me thought this would clue him in that I'm fucking with him. NOPE!)

[10:29.56] <Closet_Peggee> Uhhhh that isn’t going inside of Me lol

[10:30.19] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> No, Sir? But it's so pretty!

[10:30.26] <Closet_Peggee> Too thick

[10:31.05] <Closet_Peggee> You may get one that is maybe 1.5”, 1.75” in girth

[10:31.08] * Undercaffeinated`Khaos grips its girth, stroking, as she looks him in the eye from beneath her lashes.

[10:31.13] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> If you say so, Sir.

[10:31.35] * Closet_Peggee smiles into her eyes as she strokes

[10:31.44] <Closet_Peggee> Mmmmm I bet you could cum from stroking that

(Yeah.. Maybe if it was real, and I was stroking it for a beautiful woman who was into respecting boundaries and stuff. Nimrod.)

[10:33.46] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> Perhaps.

[10:34.15] <Closet_Peggee> Is girl into ass licking? Mine is very clean and always loves a tonguing

(Eww! No! Didn't I already TELL you I'm not at all into ass play. Even though it's just RP, still.)

[10:34.36] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> Nope Sir.

[10:34.48] <Closet_Peggee> That’s ok. Not a requirement

[10:36.57] <Closet_Peggee> There should be a thinner phallus in the supply room

[10:37.02] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> OK.

[10:37.15] <Closet_Peggee> And lube of course

[10:37.32] <Closet_Peggee> Sway those while you walk

[10:37.34] * Undercaffeinated`Khaos nods. "Of course, Sir"

[10:37.36] <Closet_Peggee> Sway those hips**

[10:38.37] * Undercaffeinated`Khaos struts back to the supply room, hips twitching and dick bouncing with every step

(Are you too busy madly choking your chicken to even notice the lack of seriousness with talking about the bouncing dick??)

[10:40.29] * Undercaffeinated`Khaos partially unbuckles and works her temporary cock free, placing it in the sanitising area to be cleaned later, and selects a slightly less formidable "package", within his stated guidelines.

[10:41.09] * Closet_Peggee sits in My chair in a T-shirt and some shorts, flipping through the pages of the paper

[10:41.32] * Undercaffeinated`Khaos affixes her new cock and buckles up, giving her prior one a fond pat before she saunters back out, hips and dick swaying in unison.

(Yup. Deffo too busy wanking. I guess I'll have to up the ante a bit.)

[10:42.22] * Undercaffeinated`Khaos chose another purple one, of course, though this one also has swirls of black and teal as well.

[10:42.53] * Closet_Peggee watches her, smiling at her obedience, seeing the phallus adorning her hips, nodding in approval

[10:42.55] <Closet_Peggee> Very pretty

[10:43.02] <Closet_Peggee> Is there a head or smooth tip?

[10:43.46] * Undercaffeinated`Khaos thrusts her hips toward him, so he can clearly see the intricately designed glans.

[10:44.00] <Closet_Peggee> Impressive

[10:44.35] <Closet_Peggee> (And of course this stays in pm)

[10:45.27] * Closet_Peggee grabs her phallus, pulling it, testing the harness that she chose, causing her to move a foot closer

[10:48.42] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> You aren't open about your likes with others, Sir?

[10:49.26] <Closet_Peggee> I am to some but not to the masses no

[10:50.07] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> What a shame.

[10:50.14] <Closet_Peggee> Oh? Why’s that?

[10:50.29] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> Ahh well. Private, it remains, then.


[10:50.40] <Closet_Peggee> Do tell

[10:52.16] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> Oh, I suppose I'm just more of an out and open sort, Sir.

[10:52.31] <Closet_Peggee> I am with some things

[10:52.34] <Closet_Peggee> But not this

[10:52.41] <Closet_Peggee> I hope that you’ll respect and honor that

[10:53.36] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> I am a woman of my word, Sir.

[10:53.50] <Closet_Peggee> Thank you. Good girl

[10:53.53] <Closet_Peggee> You may continue

[10:54.16] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> Your name will not be at all connected with any.. goings on here, today.


[10:54.56] <Closet_Peggee> Thank you

[10:55.21] <Closet_Peggee> My name won’t but will you be sharing it with others?

[10:56.08] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> I do sometimes share some of my encounters, if they are worthy, Sir.

[10:56.46] <Closet_Peggee> Just so long as My name stays out as you said

(SINKER! I knew he couldn't resist the idea. Lets put a lil more bait on there though, just for kicks.)

[10:56.50] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> Only the most select ones though, so not necessarily this.

(That should do it!)

[10:57.02] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> And either way, I always keep the strictest confidentiality.

[10:57.08] <Closet_Peggee> Well this one is a punishment

[10:57.32] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> Oh yes. I nearly forgot, Sir.

[10:57.34] <Closet_Peggee> I’d like to be warmed up by your fingers first

[10:57.51] <Closet_Peggee> Forgot because you are getting into it? :P

[10:58.05] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> I suppose, in that case, I may have to post it, just to acknowledge how I was punished.

[10:58.37] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> Can't only post my fun and games, after all. That would be unseemly of me.

[10:58.45] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> A bit Sir. Sorry.

[10:58.54] <Closet_Peggee> How would you post it?

[10:59.17] <Closet_Peggee> Feel free to get into it. I will be more pleased if you are more actively engaged in it

[11:00.02] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> To a private group where we post some of our encounters, Sir.

[11:00.21] <Closet_Peggee> On irc?

[11:00.28] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> I'm afraid I'm not allowed to share any more details than that.

[11:00.32] <Closet_Peggee> Do you post logs or just what happened?

[11:00.53] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> Part of the rules to keep everything completely confidential.,

[11:00.58] <Closet_Peggee> Ahhhh

[11:01.08] <Closet_Peggee> Then share away :)

(LOL. He gives permission as he wanks to visions of hot chicks panting with desire reading his poorly constructed "punishment")

[11:01.22] * Closet_Peggee lifts a leg onto the arm of My chair, getting comfy and relaxed

[11:01.30] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> Terms of use and group rules demand stripping ALL potentially identifying information.

[11:01.49] * Closet_Peggee nods

[11:04.46] <Closet_Peggee> Let us continue with your punishment girl

[11:04.51] * Undercaffeinated`Khaos takes a moment to regroup ..

[11:07.52] * Undercaffeinated`Khaos reminds herself she is being punished, and works to adopt an appropriate attitude of contrition...

(Nope. Still no indication that he understands I'm not taking this seriously at all.)

[11:08.11] * Closet_Peggee smiles to the beautiful girl, admiring her jutting out phallus

[11:08.18] <Closet_Peggee> How does the phallus make you feel?

[11:10.25] * Undercaffeinated`Khaos wonders if she should be honest or humble.

[11:10.36] <Closet_Peggee> Humble

[11:10.47] <Closet_Peggee> Punishment afterall

[11:10.55] <Closet_Peggee> Unless honest was that you felt good

[11:11.19] * Undercaffeinated`Khaos nods slightly.. a bit confused.

[11:11.27] <Closet_Peggee> It’s a punishment afterall

[11:11.33] <Closet_Peggee> I don’t care if you like the punishment

[11:11.46] <Closet_Peggee> It’s a reward if you like it

[11:12.54] * Undercaffeinated`Khaos keeps in mind that she is being punished, and adjusts her attitude accordingly.

[11:13.10] <Closet_Peggee> Good girl

[11:13.20] <Closet_Peggee> Now let’s get this show on the road. No more side tracking

[11:14.19] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> Yes Sir.

[11:16.57] * Undercaffeinated`Khaos stands there, little cock trembling gently with her minute bodily movements, awaiting the next command.

[11:17.40] <Closet_Peggee> I believe that I asked for a warmup by your fingers

[11:17.58] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> Oh. Yes Sir, you did.

[11:19.12] * Undercaffeinated`Khaos glances at her manicured hands, a little concerned about the longish nails, glad they are at least well filed, so no ragged edges. Still though... she hopes she can be careful enough.

[11:20.19] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> Should I use gloves, Sir?

[11:20.35] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> For safety?

[11:20.39] <Closet_Peggee> My ass is very clean

[11:20.58] <Closet_Peggee> Your nails seems short enough. Typically the shorter and smoother the better for fingering a butt

[11:21.19] <Closet_Peggee> I won’t stop you from wearing gloves for your own comfort but I’m more than okay with no gloves

[11:21.54] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> Yes Sir, I am sure it is, however, the rectum lining is very delicate, and nails of the length of mine, even though filed smooth.. well, it just seems risky Sir, but if you prefer no gloves, that's fine with me.

(This kind of practical stuff shuts a lot of them down. Noooope. Still going. LOL)

[11:22.37] <Closet_Peggee> I’m sure next time you’ll have them trimmed very short won’t you girl?

[11:22.41] <Closet_Peggee> They are fine for today

[11:22.59] * Undercaffeinated`Khaos keeps them longish, cause they look nice and are useful for lots of things.

[11:23.17] <Closet_Peggee> Long nails do look sexy around a cock

[11:23.19] * Closet_Peggee winks

[11:23.32] * Undercaffeinated`Khaos wonders if she should start with a pinky or go straight for the middle or index finger.

[11:24.19] <Closet_Peggee> Any finger to start is fine

[11:24.28] <Closet_Peggee> Middle or index would be best though

[11:25.12] * Undercaffeinated`Khaos nods and squirts a goodly amount of the Gun Oil Lube into her hand, getting the fingers nice and slick.

[11:25.47] * Undercaffeinated`Khaos wanks her cockette a few times, as long as her hand is all lubed up, cause why not.

(Need to remember to use "cockette" more often. I loved that one!)

[11:26.02] * Closet_Peggee grins

[11:26.07] <Closet_Peggee> You’ll need to undress Me first

[11:26.18] <Closet_Peggee> And we can move to another area for things if you’d like to

[11:26.24] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> Oops! I got ahead of myself!

[11:26.53] <Closet_Peggee> Unless you want My shorts around My knees *grins*

[11:27.23] <Closet_Peggee> Lol

[11:27.48] * Undercaffeinated`Khaos tugs at the shorts, hoping the lube is non staining as she realises the gloop is getting everywhere.

[11:28.07] * Closet_Peggee lifts up My legs for her, tugging off My shirt

[11:31.53] * Undercaffeinated`Khaos ' mind flashes briefly, for some reason, to the splayed legs of the turkey she put in the smoker earlier, but she banishes that from her mind and gets back to the task at hand.

[11:32.08] <Closet_Peggee> Haha

[11:32.17] <Closet_Peggee> Focus girl

(OMG! Even this isn't killing your boner!? I almost feel sorry for you!)

[11:34.15] * Undercaffeinated`Khaos was doing fine until hearing his laugh, but that triggered a fit of giggles, which she tries desperately to bring under control. She glances imploringly and slightly accusingly at him, willing him to do his part to stay serious.

[11:34.54] * Closet_Peggee growls to her, glaring into her eyes

[11:35.10] <Closet_Peggee> You need to clear your mind and focus

[11:37.00] * Undercaffeinated`Khaos nods, taking a deep breath and trying to clear her mind of bare turkeys, apple chips, and salty brine.

[11:37.18] * Closet_Peggee rolls My eyes

(Oh! I think we've achieved some boner deflation.)

[11:37.30] <Closet_Peggee> Are you wanting to be punished further?

[11:38.19] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> Only if it pleases you, Sir.

[11:38.31] <Closet_Peggee> I’d be pleased if you stayed focused

[11:40.12] * Undercaffeinated`Khaos tries harder to ignore the goings on around her.

[11:40.56] * Closet_Peggee rises to My bare feet, giving her ass a swat as I walk by her, My hips bumping into her phallus, climbing onto the bed, lying back on it

[11:40.59] <Closet_Peggee> Here. Now.

[11:42.23] * Undercaffeinated`Khaos trots over

[11:44.34] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> Shoot. Phone. Hang on please

(I really DID get a phone call then, and it happened to be a particularly long one, with my girl, with whom I shared what I was doing. Hilarity ensued.)

[11:45.50] <Closet_Peggee> Ok

[11:50.59] * Closet_Peggee sighs

[12:24.23] <Closet_Peggee> We will try this again next time when you decide that you will focus and have a clear mind. I’ve lost My desire for now

[12:27.57] ***QUIT*** Closet_Peggee (Closet_Peggee@[url]) Quit (Quit: Oops!)

(Bonercide accomplished! Achievement Unlocked!)

(And then almost three, whole weeks later:)

Session Start: Fri Dec 21 06:59:19 2018

[06:59.19] <Closet_Peggee> Hey

[06:59.31] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> Good morning, Sir.

[06:59.44] <Closet_Peggee> How are you little one?

[07:00.45] <Closet_Peggee> You disappeared on Me last time during punishment. Was worried about you

[07:00.56] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> I didn't disappear.

[07:01.11] <Closet_Peggee> Phone rather

[07:01.12] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> I was on the phone for a long time and you got cross and left.

[07:02.03] <Closet_Peggee> I didn’t think you’d be as long as you did. I should not have gotten cross

[07:02.31] * Undercaffeinated`Khaos shrugs.

[07:03.01] <Closet_Peggee> I am sorry. Do you forgive Me little one?

(Seriously, dude? Who is the dom here again? And, of all things, THAT is what you're apologising for? Getting upset? Not all the preceding bullshit?)

[07:03.42] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> 'Eh. Not really a big deal. Unimportant in the larger scheme of things, so no worries.

[07:03.56] <Closet_Peggee> Thank you

[07:04.11] <Closet_Peggee> Were you okay with the punishment that I was trying to administer?

[07:07.27] * Undercaffeinated`Khaos thinks...

[07:07.37] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> Oh right. The pegging thing.

(This is Jack's complete and utter apathy.)

[07:07.43] <Closet_Peggee> Yes

[07:07.49] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> Eh.. It was more up your alley, as it were, than mine.

[07:07.55] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> pun intended!

[07:07.57] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> :D

[07:07.58] <Closet_Peggee> Hence punishment

[07:08.01] <Closet_Peggee> Hahaha

[07:10.51] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> That was your angle, yes.

(Straight up called him on it and he's still oblivious.)

[07:11.51] <Closet_Peggee> Would you like to try again in the future?

[07:12.31] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos> No thanks, Sir.

[07:12.40] <Closet_Peggee> Ok

(And then he finally fucked off.)

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