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PostPosted: 07 Apr 2019, 18:18
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From IRC

Well, this happened! LOL! Name and contact info changed to protect the chode.

[16:11:44] <ChodaBoy> How are you?

[16:12:16] <KhaosWolfKat> I am well enough, thank you.

[16:12:25] <ChodaBoy> [male name], 39m Seattle

[16:14:20] <KhaosWolfKat> OK.

[16:14:23] <ChodaBoy> you are in WA?

[16:14:50] <KhaosWolfKat> I am.

[16:14:57] <ChodaBoy> where abouts?

[16:17:53] <ChodaBoy> no interest?

[16:21:30] <KhaosWolfKat> I am being innundated with a screen full of messages.

[16:21:35] <ChodaBoy> i figured

[16:21:42] <ChodaBoy> but i'm prob the only one local :)

[16:21:54] <ChodaBoy> where in wa?

[16:21:56] <KhaosWolfKat> Nope.

[16:22:00] <ChodaBoy> i'm on skype and kik if that helps

[16:22:01] <KhaosWolfKat> Seattle.

[16:22:09] <ChodaBoy> Belltown

[16:22:22] <KhaosWolfKat> I don't have either of those. Why would it matter if someone is local?

[16:22:33] <ChodaBoy> just a joke about hooking up

[16:23:31] <KhaosWolfKat> I see.

[16:28:33] <ChodaBoy> so

[16:28:36] <ChodaBoy> you gonna talk?

[16:29:26] <KhaosWolfKat> Well, I figured the ball was in your court, seeing as how I was the last one to reply, and you PMd me. Anything in particular you wish to discuss?

[16:29:38] <ChodaBoy> what neighborhood>?

[16:29:40] <ChodaBoy> curious

[16:30:20] <KhaosWolfKat> I don't see how that matters.

[16:30:26] <ChodaBoy> ok

[16:30:30] <ChodaBoy> well, what r u lookin for?

[16:34:35] <KhaosWolfKat> Chat with like minded (D/s, mainly) people.

[16:34:47] <ChodaBoy> you are sub?

[16:34:49] <ChodaBoy> how old?

[16:35:23] <KhaosWolfKat> 44

[16:35:31] <ChodaBoy> married, bf, gf?

[16:37:31] <KhaosWolfKat> Not married. I have a gf and a couple of bfs

[16:38:22] <ChodaBoy> ic

[16:40:02] <ChodaBoy> well i am open to gmail, skype, kik, and real

[16:40:23] <ChodaBoy> i'll put in the time to get to know someone, not push or rush

[16:40:30] <ChodaBoy> i prefer older

[16:40:34] <ChodaBoy> i don't play games

[16:40:53] <KhaosWolfKat> OK. That's nice.

[16:41:21] <ChodaBoy> i'm serious about stuff, but not a jerk

[16:41:25] <ChodaBoy> i don't flake out, etc.

[16:44:17] <KhaosWolfKat> Well, those are good traits.

[16:44:28] <ChodaBoy> i believe so

[16:44:52] <ChodaBoy> like to be Rough, Dom, Controlling, Strict, but sweet n sensitive, sensual. Total Prick if needed :)

[16:46:11] <KhaosWolfKat> So.. I take it what you wanted to discuss is your dating resume then?

[16:46:26] <ChodaBoy> lol

[16:46:28] <ChodaBoy> not really

[16:46:34] <ChodaBoy> just trying to throw stuff out there

[16:47:35] <ChodaBoy> get the convo going

[16:48:11] <ChodaBoy> you seem defensive and guarded for some reason

[16:49:49] <KhaosWolfKat> Not really. I just am not sure how to reply to that information, since it isn't really applicable to me.

[16:50:04] <ChodaBoy> ok

[16:50:08] <ChodaBoy> well, does it interest you?

[16:50:14] <ChodaBoy> would you like to find a Dom?

[16:50:19] <ChodaBoy> someone to play with

[16:50:36] <KhaosWolfKat> Remember how I said I am here to chat with people?

[16:50:49] <ChodaBoy> yeah, i chat

[16:50:54] <ChodaBoy> prefer not typing though

[16:51:51] <KhaosWolfKat> that's kind of difficult when you're in a chat venue which relies solely on typing.

[16:52:06] <ChodaBoy> right, which is why i say i like to do other stuff, like skype

[16:52:14] <ChodaBoy> just makes it easier

[16:52:46] <KhaosWolfKat> Ahhh. So you're here not so much to chat, but to get the digits and talk to someone.

[16:53:11] <ChodaBoy> well, skype requires no digits. so no pressure there. but ideally, yeah move that way to talk, it's easier

[16:54:09] <KhaosWolfKat> Well, like I said, I don't have Skype or kik, so that won't be happening.

[16:54:24] <ChodaBoy> it's an easy app, takes a minute

[16:55:44] <KhaosWolfKat> I downloaded Skype for a very short time. It slowed my computer down and annoyed me.

[16:56:17] <ChodaBoy> use your cell

[16:56:22] <ChodaBoy> take on and off as you want

[16:56:41] <KhaosWolfKat> I'm using my computer.

[16:58:42] <ChodaBoy> ugh

[17:00:25] <KhaosWolfKat> Ugh?

[17:00:32] <ChodaBoy> frustrating

[17:01:13] <KhaosWolfKat> Why is it so frustrating? Is typing really that big of a deal?

[17:01:30] <ChodaBoy> you yourself said you were flooded with pm's

[17:01:35] <ChodaBoy> just like a one on discussion

[17:01:55] <KhaosWolfKat> Well, I was. I weeded most of them out though.

[17:02:01] <ChodaBoy> ok

[17:03:02] <KhaosWolfKat> I came to check out the chat rooms, so just switching over to talk with only one person would kind of defeat the purpose, no?

[17:03:48] <ChodaBoy> well, if you find someone worth while

[17:03:52] <ChodaBoy> which i think i'd be

[17:07:38] <KhaosWolfKat> What would you want to talk about if I were to talk on one of those with you?

[17:07:52] <ChodaBoy> oh, start off casual ofcourse.

[17:07:56] <KhaosWolfKat> Doesn't have to be one thing.. Throw out a few examples.

[17:08:02] <ChodaBoy> just talk about ourselves, likes, interests, etc.

[17:08:11] <ChodaBoy> what you like about seattle

[17:09:02] <KhaosWolfKat> Yeah. That doesn't sound really engaging. That's more jut small talk.

[17:09:06] <KhaosWolfKat> jsut*

[17:09:11] <KhaosWolfKat> JUST**

[17:09:12] <ChodaBoy> well it starts that way of course

[17:11:19] <KhaosWolfKat> Hmm.. OK.. but if you could pick like 3 actual topics (beyond the 'getting to know you

[17:11:24] <KhaosWolfKat> ' stuff..

[17:11:29] <KhaosWolfKat> What would they be?

[17:11:39] <KhaosWolfKat> Sorry.. Hit enter accidentally.

[17:11:44] <ChodaBoy> Dom/sub interests, sexual likes

[17:13:26] <KhaosWolfKat> That's 2.

[17:13:27] <ChodaBoy> turn ons

[17:13:30] <ChodaBoy> turn offs

[17:13:31] <KhaosWolfKat> OK.

[17:13:31] <ChodaBoy> kinks

[17:13:52] <ChodaBoy> i gotta be honest, haven't cum since saturday, which is why i'm so short

[17:14:03] <ChodaBoy> i have wasted a few hours in here each day since and it's getting to me

[17:14:20] <KhaosWolfKat> Wasted?

[17:14:30] <ChodaBoy> yeah, waste of time

[17:14:33] <ChodaBoy> as in nobody worth a shit

[17:15:23] <KhaosWolfKat> Nobody worth a shit, or nobody who will cooperate with your endeavour to get your rocks off?

[17:15:38] <ChodaBoy> nobody of any interest

[17:15:50] <ChodaBoy> why are you so antagonizing?

[17:15:55] <ChodaBoy> i have not been rude to you

[17:16:18] <KhaosWolfKat> What's antagonising about asking a clarifying question?

[17:16:27] <ChodaBoy> as i said, i'm frustrated

[17:17:05] <KhaosWolfKat> You mentioned the wasting time on here and not finding anyone "worth a shit" right on the heels of mentioning that you haven't cum in a few days.

[17:17:12] <ChodaBoy> yeah

[17:17:15] <ChodaBoy> goes hand in hand

[17:17:24] <ChodaBoy> i am supposed to be at the gym right now

[17:17:33] <KhaosWolfKat> Why aren't you?

[17:17:37] <ChodaBoy> talking here

[17:17:40] <ChodaBoy> wasting more time

[17:18:04] <KhaosWolfKat> Ahh, well, I'm terribly sorry to be wasting your time.

[17:18:10] <ChodaBoy> not you

[17:18:13] <ChodaBoy> the chat in general

[17:18:21] <ChodaBoy> i can give you my contact info

[17:18:24] <KhaosWolfKat> Why not just have a good wank and then you'd be less frustrated.

[17:18:25] <ChodaBoy> maybe you'll think about it

[17:18:29] <ChodaBoy> im trying!!!

[17:18:30] <ChodaBoy> ugh

[17:18:32] <ChodaBoy> so frustrating

[17:18:33] <ChodaBoy> Fuck me

[17:19:52] <ChodaBoy>

[17:19:57] <KhaosWolfKat> Ahhh. I see where you're running into problems, I think!

[17:19:58] <ChodaBoy> extinctchode: skype and kik

[17:20:13] <ChodaBoy> yeah, i'm stressed from 6 day work weeks and typing in chat rooms

[17:20:13] <KhaosWolfKat> Let me clarify...

[17:20:30] <KhaosWolfKat> You are trying to have a wank... by typing in chat rooms??

[17:20:39] <ChodaBoy> trying to find someone to cum with

[17:20:42] <ChodaBoy> it's not hard to understand

[17:20:45] <ChodaBoy> why are you so annoying?

[17:21:56] <KhaosWolfKat> Well, you see.. I made it pretty clear right up front that I was here to have actual conversation with people, and not for a hookup.

[17:22:07] <ChodaBoy> yeah, so seattle of you

[17:22:19] <KhaosWolfKat> You kept insisting that you were open to actual conversation.

[17:22:39] <ChodaBoy> i was until you made me wanna KILL MYSELF

[17:23:45] <KhaosWolfKat> If you had just been up front from the get go and let me know you were looking for someone to get off with, we could have avoided this entire, long, drawn out conversation and gotten right to brass tacks.

[17:24:04] <ChodaBoy> so you'd just ignore me?

[17:24:38] <ChodaBoy> you know how to find me

[17:24:55] <KhaosWolfKat> You would rather continue what you imply is an annoying conversation?

[17:27:17] <KhaosWolfKat> Yeah. I do, however, I suspect you'd just keep wanting the conversation to lead to you cumming, and that's not likely to happen.

*And then he quit! LOL.*

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