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PostPosted: 05 Apr 2019, 19:44
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From FetLife

So, Dude posted in a forum on FetLife, saying he was looking to grow his record label.
I messaged him, figuring maybe I could help out. My mistake!

Turns out, dude is WAY too full of himself!! (TFOH for short)

Amusingly, his profile states that he is "not rude or snobby". It also list a whole inflated ego list of achievements, immediately followed by, "not to brag".
Surrre dude!

Oh, and during the time period I didn't respond, that is because I was at the hospital 24/7 with my dad for 2 weeks, after he almost fucking DIED! Needless to say, coming back to some self important bullshit did not amuse me.

KhaosWolfKat 44F
Seattle, Washington
written 19 days ago:


Please tell me more about your record label. What is it called and what is the url?

I may be interested in working with you, but I would definitely need to know a lot more about the company first.

I have a great deal of experience in marketing, customer service, advertising, and PR, and have managed other musicians in the past. I am also the owner/creator of [website link] AKA [website name]. (It hasn't been updated in a while, as I've been busy with things that get the bills paid, but it used to be one of the top Metal sites on the web, back in the late 90s and earlier 2000s)

Also, welcome to FetLife!!

~ Khaos

Colorado Springs, Colorado
written 19 days ago:

Thank you for welcoming me. :D I happen to be very wolf! \m/. Your page has no activity but shows me where your heart is. before I open the door and show you who I am and what I do, please be advised that I do not wish to have my kink life outside of my kink life. My business is blowing up and I wish to keep it this way. If you are okay with that I will provide more info in the next message. :)

KhaosWolfKat 44F
Seattle, Washington
written 17 days ago:

I TOTALLY understand! I would never out someone. That's not cool at all!
I'm completely out with pretty much everything, but I'm at a place in my life where I can afford to be. I understand that not everyone has that luxury.

Colorado Springs, Colorado
written 16 days ago:

please call me 666-867-5309

Colorado Springs, Colorado
written 6 days ago:

okay well It appears that you were just curious and not interested . That's okay. Most people are curious. That is why our models, musicians, booking department, and radio station do so well. I ONLY want serious people. Opportunity lasts 24 hours.
For 3 days you put your toe in the water. And then 10 days no call / no show. :/

KhaosWolfKat 44F
Seattle, Washington
written 3 days ago:

OK.. A few things:

First off, refer to my initial message, where I said, "I may be interested in working with you, but I would definitely need to know a lot more about the company first."

That means curious. It does not, in any way, imply some obligation on my part to jump on the "opportunity" within a set time period.

Then, you said that if I was ok with your perfectly reasonable proviso of not outing you, then you would provide more info in the next message.
That, "more info", turned out to be simply a request to call you - a man about whom I know nothing. Not something I (or likely anyone, especially women) would have been likely to do anyway, for all kinds of good reasons - which I would have informed you nicely, had I had the chance to reply before a family emergency hit and you decided that I was taking too long to respond and you should get all pissy about it.

I asked you to provide the barest of information about your alleged company (Company name and whether there was a website), and you instead want me to call you for information. Do you even realise how sketchy that seems to ANY woman, right off the bat?
And then you throw a fit and act like you offered me some amazing opportunity and I rudely ignored it, just because I have a life outside of internet social sites and didn't call some strange man (thereby, revealing my own personal contact, incidentally) on the phone on demand, within your previously unmentioned deadline?

I was nice to you, and was genuinely reaching out, in the interest of promoting the Metal scene, potentially supporting a growing Metal label, and just welcoming a new person to FetLife.

Your response when I didn't play exactly by your script does NOT encourage such overtures.

Perhaps you should re-evaluate your methods a bit.

Colorado Springs, Colorado
new message
written 37 minutes ago:

No thank you. i know the kind of person I am looking for.

I do not care what you think of me. at all. judge and label away!

all the information and opportunity were a phone call away.

If you are afraid to call me then you will not do well. and to work

with me is a privileged and an honor. perhaps you could have

looked into my offer before developing opinions.

On the bright side, I did not waste any time explaining anything

to you :)

Thank you for welcoming me. I was welcomed years ago but it

was nice anyway.

KhaosWolfKat 44F
Seattle, Washington
new message
written less than a minute ago:

Sure dude.

See, the thing is, I didn't develop those opinions until you took action which merited them. Those opinions were further verified when you spewed a bunch of self important, self entitled butthurt into my inbox.

Being secretive, acting like information regarding your business is some kind of classified intel, and telling people what an honour/privilege it is to work with you when they don't respond well to your demands isn't likely to serve you well in promoting or growing a business, especially in the music business and Metal community.

For that matter, it isn't likely to serve you well in any aspect of dealing with people.

Good luck with that.

Colorado Springs, Colorado
new message
written about 1 hour ago:

I don't believe in luck. I hired ten people since your first message and two interviews today. My record label, modeling agency, booking agency, radio station, real estate business, and music and merch store are all doing very well. So are all the bands I work with around the world. I made all of this happen myself there was no magic god or luck to do it for me. It seems my attitude and my self esteem are working out pretty well for me.
I appreciate you sharing your opinions and your attempts to tear me down but you are just a stranger okay. If you wanted to cross that line and become familiar you would have called the number I provided.
If you were the kind of person I were looking for then you would have been working for me since last Monday. I gave you a number to call. You failed to take action. You missed the opportunity. Talk all the shit to and about me that you wish. It really does not effect me.

It is an honor and a privilege to work with me. That is not my opinion. That is a fact. I base this fact on the results and feedback I get every day. I was just sharing that fact with you. . One that you will never know and all of my business is a classified secret to you and anyone with a negative attitude or opinion like you. The reply you provided well illustrated that you would not be a pleasure to work with which would lead to dishonor

My business is booming.

I am well loved.

" promoting or growing a business, especially in the music business and Metal community." - I am that

I am growing my business and my wealth at an astounding rate. I only want the right people.

I do not wish for growth. It is hard enough for me to keep up with the current rate of growth. I turn down a lot of business each day. I have such a high volume that I can be as picky as I like and it will never hurt me. Why am I so picky? Well because quality is my biggest concern.

You are not the right person. You are not. No need to get into an ego battle over it. You think I should give you some special treatment? When after briefly reading your first message and a slight investigation, I was completely not interested. I gave you the number so you could change my mind. And you did. I thought you were a nice person who was motivated to do positive things. You did prove me wrong.

I don't care what you think heavy metal is or should be. I have no concern for any of your opinions either.

Notice I still did not tell you anything I personally think of you. In fact I don't think of you. Notice I did talk a lot about myself to you. This is because my opinions about myself are important to me and your opinions are not. Had you made the call within 24 hours I would have considered anything you might have to say. That 24 hours came and went long ago along with your personal value to me. Move on. Go talk to some pervs. Enjoy your bliss. \m/

KhaosWolfKat 44F
Seattle, Washington
new message
written less than a minute ago:

Wow! That's an awfully long message for someone you don't think of.

Don't worry. I absolutely agree that I am not the right person for whatever it is you're doing. I'm not looking for special treatment, nor am I especially looking for more work.

Funny... I haven't read or heard anything about any new, up-and-coming metal label/modelling/booking/real estate agency/store.etc taking the world by storm. Maybe it's just that it's so super secret and classified that no one knows about it. That's certainly an interesting business model. Never thought of that one myself.

I will definitely enjoy my bliss and communing with fellow pervs. Thank you!

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