Khaos' Goals/Rules

(CW - Dom/Commander late 2010 to December 2015)

Last Updated 2014, June 19

• Attend one meeting per week, minimum.

• Do 11th Step EVERY evening, and use the inventory worksheet and/or "incident report", as applicable.

• Do 11th Step meditation EVERY morning.

Will Practices
Seven Day (various dates commanded)
Do not insert self into anyone else's conversation, gathering, relationship, issues, etc, without explicit consent, invitation, or pre-existing authority. For the purpose of this 7 day practice, this applies to all situations - even ones in which jumping in would ordinarily be considered appropriate.
*Rubber band "therapy" for slips.*

Continual: Until further notice
Keep a tally of all "qualifier (weasel) words", and note whether each was necessarry or appropriate.

Continual: Until further notice
Do not use the word, "fucking", and/or any derivative of or substitution for it (farking, freaking, frigging, etc), as a modifier for anything other than conscious, mindful usage for the purpose of emphasising something which needs emphasising.
Using words as "filler" deprives them of their power and cheapens them. The language I use directly impacts what/who I am and become.
*Rubber band "therapy" for slips.*

Continual: Until further notice
Do not refer to self as idiot, moron, stupid, or any other terms indicating low intelligence, INCLUDING positive words/phrases used sarcastically (ie: "genuis", "brainiac", etc).
Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny.
~ Mahatma Gandhi

*Rubber band "therapy" for slips.*

Seven Day (various dates commanded)
Do not argue, contradict, or otherwise deliberately stir the pot for one full week. Period. No justification. No deliberately overly agreeing instead in order to use another tactic to piss people off, etc. It does NOT matter who is right or wrong. If you cannot agree, be neutral or be quiet.
How important, really, is being right, versus upsetting people and being disruptive? Is anyone in actual danger? Will something genuinely bad happen? Refer to reminder as needed.
Rubber band "therapy" for slips.

Physical Health/Diet/Exercise:
• Find and stick to healthier meal options at every meal, with 2 meals per week allowed for exceptions.

• Drink only water with meals.

• Only healthy snacks, with 2 per week exception allowance.

• Discuss coffee intake with Dr and make/stick to a plan about it.

• Bring blood glucose levels & HA1C to normal.

• Keep blood pressure at a healthy level.

• Journal EVERY day, including at least 11th Step worksheet &/or check in.

• Check in with C EVERY day, not only with my 10th step inventory, but with a self report on whether I butted into anyone else's business in any way without explicit invitation (or authority).