Contract of Consensual D/s

Parties to and Intent of Contract:

I, Khaos, hereinafter referred to as submissive, do of my own free will, and being of sound mind, do hereby offer myself in consensual submission to [LRD], hereinafter referred to as Dominant.

This agreement may be terminated at any time by either party in the event of breach of contract or by mutual agreement.

Provisions of Contract:

Dominant acknowledges that the primary purpose in carrying out this contract will be to encourage and motivate submissive in her efforts to better herself - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

submissive will obey Dominant to the best of her ability, and devote herself to abiding by his wishes, so long as it does not hinder the primary purpose. Dominant's suggestions shall be taken into serious, genuine consideration, with an open mind, even if not phrased as actual commands.

submissive will follow all expectations, rules, and commands set forth by Dominant, provided they do not violate her limits.

Dominant accepts full responsibility for making his wishes clear, and for insuring that any and all commands or rules he may issue do not endanger submissive's mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual health and/or well being.

submissive accepts full responsibility for informing Dominant of any real or perceived dangers or safety concerns, as well as seeking clarification of any expectation, rule, or command of which she is unsure. Dominant agrees that submissive will not be punished for respectfully stating these concerns or questions. Dominant further agrees to listen to submissive's concerns with a clear and open mind.

submissive agrees to answer any and all questions asked by Dominant freely, promptly, and to the best of her knowledge. submissive further agrees to volunteer any information she possesses, that Dominant should know regarding submissive's physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional state, and any other matters of which he should be aware. Dominant agrees to never use this information to harm submissive in any way.


Submissive's rules are located here.

These rules may be added to or changed at any time by Dominant. Changes to the rules will be made known to submissive as soon as possible. Dominant will not punish submissive for breaking any rule of which she has not been clearly informed.


submissive will provide Dominant with a current copy of her limits, and will immediately bring to his attention any changes which she feels may be needed.

Dominant agrees to never violate these limits without prior negotiation and consent.

Neither Dominant nor submissive's duties under this agreement shall in any way interfere or conflict with other responsibilities, including, but not limited to: medical, dental, or mental health care, recovery, spiritual practices, employment (including volunteer duties and service work), pre-existing relationships, or family and social obligations.


submissive agrees and understands that any disobedience, failure to follow rules, or any act submissive commits, knowing it is likely to be displeasing to Dominant, may result in punishment.
submissive will gracefully accept those punishments and work to learn from them.
submissive understands that failure to comply with Dominant's orders may result in additional or more severe punishment.

submissive will immediately, or as soon as reasonably possible, inform Dominant of any infraction or wrongdoing she has committed of which he is unaware.

Dominant will inform submissive that she is to be punished before punishment occurs, and will explain the reason(s) for said punishment. Dominant agrees to discipline only out of a desire to better submissive, and further agrees to never punish out of, or during, feelings of anger. submissive is permitted to beg deferment in the event she genuinely believes she did not commit the infraction in question, or that there are legitimate, mitigating circumstances which should be taken into account. submissive will be fully prepared to offer evidence, reasoning, proof, or other information relevant to her request, in verbal or written form, as may be required by Dominant in a timely manner.
Dominant agrees to carefully consider any such requests, with a clear and open mind, postponing a final decision for further investigation or cooling off, if necessary.

Agreement Statement

We, Dominant, and submissive declare our intent to abide by the above terms with full commitment and awareness of our roles and responsibilities within said terms during the course of this contract.