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Slave Training

For quite some time, I have resisted including any "slave training" on the Gorean Living site, but, after much thought on the subject, I have decided to do so.
It is vital to remember that any training provided online is far inferior to actual, real life training, with someone right there to correct you, reposition you, hear your tone of voice, and thousands of other small, subtle things.
Not only that, but each slave owner has different methods, desires, rules, specifications, and such, in which they will wish to train a slave.

That said, there is much that can be learned in a general way, online, if one is diligent, and the information is sound.

This collection of pages is meant to be a training aid, both for slaves and for slave owners/trainers. In time, there will be a variety of assignments and tutorials posted, as well as a section in the GL forums devoted to training and learning.

While this information may be useful for anyone interested in the training of human property, it is good to remember that it is specifically targeted to training in a Gorean fashion, and, as such, will rely on Gorean thinking and ideals, as well as methods outlined in the Gor series. Remember, slavery is NOT a necessary part of being Gorean, nor does having "Gor flavoured M/s" equal being Gorean. Be that as it may, however, Goreans do, in general, expect perfection from those identifying as kajira/kajirus!

You will not find information on how to be a role play slave in these pages. All information here is geared towards helping those practising real life, consensual slavery, here on Earth.

Obviously, consensual slavery, by its very nature, is not the same as the legal institution of slavery. When we speak of slaves having no rights, we refer to the mindset, within the Gorean construct. Yes, of course a slave, like anyone, in most countries in which Goreans are found, has legal recourse to the same protections as anyone else. That isn't the point. The point is that within Gorean culture, here in the real world, slaves are expected to choose not to avail themselves of such things other than as permitted to them by their owners.

The training section has been broken down into the following areas

Lessons & Assignments


Recommended Reading

Kajiri Pens Forum

Please continue to check back for new additions to this page in the near future.

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