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PostPosted: 17 May 2023, 21:33
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From IRC Chat

Well, this just happened.

Some mental giant popped into my private messages with a bit of stimulating, intellectual discourse.
Nick changed to protect the imbecilic.

(My commentary like this)
Commentary = stuff I added for you, the readers, rather than part of the original message exchange.

Session Start: Wed May 17 07:50:46 2023
2023.05.17, 19:50:46 <dazed&confused> what does the name mean
2023.05.17, 20:55:54 <defyrential`Khaos> What do you mean?
2023.05.17, 20:57:36 <dazed&confused> seems confusing
2023.05.17, 21:01:59 <defyrential`Khaos> It's a play on words. defy.. or defiant + deferential.
2023.05.17, 21:02:24 <defyrential`Khaos> Two kind of opposite things put together.
2023.05.17, 21:02:46 <dazed&confused> confuding
2023.05.17, 21:03:00 <defyrential`Khaos> What's confusing about it?
2023.05.17, 21:03:05 <dazed&confused> maiking me dizzy

(Are you super high or just this stupid>??)

2023.05.17, 21:03:58 <defyrential`Khaos> Are you unfamiliar with wordplay?
2023.05.17, 21:04:00 <dazed&confused> opoosotes
2023.05.17, 21:04:09 <defyrential`Khaos> Yes. That is the point.
2023.05.17, 21:04:29 <defyrential`Khaos> Opposites, combined. That is the joke.
2023.05.17, 21:04:43 <dazed&confused> your slowing my mind down

(No... I'm pretty sure it was already operating at that level.)

2023.05.17, 21:05:24 <dazed&confused> doesnot make sense
2023.05.17, 21:06:17 <dazed&confused> bye
2023.05.17, 21:06:29 <defyrential`Khaos> It does make sense. If you are unable to comprehend the simple concept of such plays on words, I'm pretty sure I can't explain it to you.
2023.05.17, 21:06:32 <defyrential`Khaos> Good night.
2023.05.17, 21:08:00 <dazed&confused> you too good luck to you

(I feel like my IQ just dropped several points just being a part of that interaction.)

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