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PostPosted: 05 Apr 2019, 17:47
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From IRC

So, pretty much the instant I sign into a particular chat room - one with a VERY strict, "No PMs without asking in room first", rule - douchebro barged, dick first into my PM. I know... Big shocker! I was already in a pissy mood, and was actually visiting the room in question cause I needed a good "tether" to ground me, and said room is usually good for that. Bad move, douchebro!

(My commentary like this)
Commentary = stuff I added for you, the readers, rather than part of the original message exchange.

>[00:00.00] PMs like this.

[00:00.00] In chat room like this.

All nicks except mine have been changed, and non relevant chat in room redacted. His nick indicated that he was "sensual", so I changed his accordingly. :))

> Session Start: Sat Nov 17 06:33:18 2018

> [18:33.18] <Thinks_He's_Sensual> Would you like some company?

> [18:33.18] ->> Thinks_He's_Sensual is (IP) ([mid 40s] M Male Str8 )

> [18:33.54] <Subversive`Khaos> Greetings Sir.

> [18:34.03] <Subversive`Khaos> What do you mean by company, Sir?

(3 guesses what he means. 1st 2 don't count.)

> [18:34.18] <Thinks_He's_Sensual> I mean getting to knwo one another possibly in a very sexaal way

> [18:34.20] <Thinks_He's_Sensual> sexual

(WOW! I never would've guessed! Oh wait... NM.)

> [18:35.18] <Thinks_He's_Sensual> does thi please you?

> [18:35.39] <Subversive`Khaos> Wow. With a charming line like that, how do I refuse?

> [18:35.59] <Thinks_He's_Sensual> hmm are you being sarcastic?

(Does a bear shit in the woods? Is the Pope Catholic? Did you figure that out all on your ickle lonesome, genius?)

> [18:36.17] <Subversive`Khaos> What EVER makes you say that, Sir?

> [18:36.33] <Thinks_He's_Sensual> lol well I do believe that direct is best do you not?

> [18:37.05] <Subversive`Khaos> With all due respect, Sir, does being "direct" in that fashion ever actually get you a positive response?

> [18:37.26] <Thinks_He's_Sensual> it does actually many times with those who ar etruly interested

> [18:38.28] <Subversive`Khaos> So, one of the reasons the room has a no PMS without asking in room rule is so people have an opportunity to determine that first.

> [18:38.36] <Subversive`Khaos> PMs*
> [18:38.40] <Subversive`Khaos> Not PMS.

> [18:39.03] <Thinks_He's_Sensual> I find this rule highly dumb but then again thats my opinion and so why am I wasting time here

> [18:39.46] <Subversive`Khaos> Oh. Well if you find the rule dumb, I guess it stands to reason you wouldn't follow it.

(Insert copious eye-rolling here.)

> [18:39.54] <Thinks_He's_Sensual> bye bye now

Then I posted in the room in question.. Cause that is what we're supposed to do, as per the room rules.)

[18:40.46] <Subversive`Khaos> Annnnnd another who thinks the rules don't apply to them cause they don't like them.

[18:40.56] <&Channel Half-Op> ?

[18:41.05] <Subversive`Khaos> Definitely a good way to earn respect!

[18:41.22] <An Actual Dom> who was this Subversive`Khaos?

[18:42.20] <Subversive`Khaos> Thinks_He's_Sensual finds that rule to be dumb, and thinks it's wasting time if he can't PM chicks to ask if they want to be sexual with him.

[18:42.40] <@Channel Op> !rules Thinks_He's_Sensual (This sends the rules to the person via PM)

(He didn't like it)

> [18:42.55] <Thinks_He's_Sensual> seriously?

> [18:43.16] <Subversive`Khaos> You chose to break the rule.

> [18:43.20] <Subversive`Khaos> Not my problem.

> [18:43.39] <Thinks_He's_Sensual> lol of course it is ok I can tell all I need ot knwo abou tyou from this attitude

> [18:43.44] <Subversive`Khaos> If you don't like room rules, go to other rooms.

> [18:43.51] <Thinks_He's_Sensual> lol

> [18:44.03] <Subversive`Khaos> You mean the attitude that rules are for everyone, and not just girls?

> [18:44.29] <Thinks_He's_Sensual> I said bye already lol

[18:44.31] <Subversive`Khaos> Whoops. I think I upset him.

[18:44.38] <Subversive`Khaos> LOL. He doesn't like my attitude.

[18:44.55] <@Channel Op> Thinks_He's_Sensual is still PMing you?

[18:45.19] <Thinks_He's_Sensual> I told her bye but she keep at it lol

[18:45.24] <Thinks_He's_Sensual> unreal

[18:45.27] ***KICK*** Thinks_He's_Sensual was kicked by Channel Op - Reason (Come back when you can obey the rules regarding asking for PM in channel first. Next time will be a 24 hr ban)

[18:45.29] <Subversive`Khaos> To let me know what he thinks of my tattling. LOL

[18:45.31] ***JOIN*** Thinks_He's_Sensual (IP) has joined channel #(channel I was visiting)

> [18:45.37] <Subversive`Khaos> and then you messaged me some more.
> [18:45.46] <Subversive`Khaos> Toodlepip!

[18:45.48] <@Channel Op> When a woman wants you out of her PM, telling her bye in PM is not the answer

[18:46.05] <Thinks_He's_Sensual> wow ok lol

[18:46.07] <@Channel Op> next time you violate the rule will be a 24 hr ban from the room

[18:46.39] <Subversive`Khaos> Correction.. He told me bye, and then messaged me more after I posted in here.

[18:46.54] <@Channel Op> either way. If she says no PM she means no PM

[18:47.15] <@Channel Op> And asking in PM is not allowed by room rules either.

[18:47.19] <Subversive`Khaos> Cause apparently it shows a bad attitude to tell when someone breaks the rules.

[18:47.27] <Subversive`Khaos> Shucky darn.

[18:47.27] <@Channel Op> you ask, and obtain, permission out here in the chat

[18:48.05] * Subversive`Khaos is sure someone who actually knows how to do so can deal with her attitude.

[18:49.08] <Subversive`Khaos> And don't lead with your dick unless it's indicated that would be welcome.

[18:49.16] <@Channel Op> Let me be clear to anyone who receives unwanted PMs. Complaining about those is not showing a bad attitude. If they're bothering you in your PM they're bothering other women too. If you are uncomfortable complaining about it in room, please tell one of the room staff (those with a %, @, &, or ~). It's not a bad attitude and you might be helping a fellow submissive or slave avoid harassment

[18:52.59] * @Senior Channel Op returns and scrolls back

[18:53.50] <@Senior Channel Op> Thinks_He's_Sensual, You have been told REPEATEDLY to NOT PM WITHOUT ASKING AND RECEIVING PERMISSION IN HERE FIRST! You have already HAD a 24 hour ban for this. So, good bye for a week!

[18:53.54] <@Senior Channel Op> !kb Thinks_He's_Sensual

[18:53.55] ***KICK*** Thinks_He's_Sensual was kicked by Channel Bot - Reason (Requested (Senior Channel Op))

[18:54.29] <@Channel Op> ah hah

> [18:54.09] <Thinks_He's_Sensual> wtf was that bitch

[18:54.30] <Subversive`Khaos> I guess he wants a perma ban...

[18:54.32] <Subversive`Khaos> [18:54.09] <Thinks_He's_Sensual> wtf was that bitch

[18:54.38] <@Channel Op> I didn't know he had been banned before

[18:54.56] * Channel Op would have been firmer had she known, but is new at opping around these here parts

> [18:55.11] <Subversive`Khaos> That was you getting re-banned.

> [18:55.12] <Subversive`Khaos> Sir.
(I couldn't resist tacking on the snarky, afterthought, "Sir". I know. Bad me, but he seriously deserved it and I'm free, so there! LOL.)

> [18:55.41] <Thinks_He's_Sensual> for what? I didnt do anything I see the fatties ahh hhere tonight lol

[18:55.42] <@Senior Channel Op> PMed this to Him - [18:55] <Senior Channel Op> And now it is a perm ban for CONTINUING to PM without asking AND being rude!

[18:55.58] <Subversive`Khaos> Yeah, well. You didn't know, Channel Op. Thanks for being on the ball!

[18:56.27] <Subversive`Khaos> Oh he's piiiiissssed at me! LOL

> [18:56.55] <Subversive`Khaos> Ohhh now ya gotta go with the "fattie" bit! ROFLMAO!

[18:56.55] <An Actual Dom> Subversive`Khaos... /ignore is your friend.

> [18:57.07] <Subversive`Khaos> For breaking the rules, repeatedly. Duh.

> [18:57.29] <Thinks_He's_Sensual> wow I am so hurt now fuck off

[18:57.35] <Subversive`Khaos> Nah... I'mma let him keep being a moron and see if his head explodes.

> [18:59.04] <Subversive`Khaos> Bu bye cupcake.

> [19:01.38] <Subversive`Khaos> Oh.. And there should've been a comma between "wtf was that", and "bitch". Just a friendly hint. :D

And then he stopped playing. Poor ikle dommie. On the plus side, the hilarity totally cured my mood)

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