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<  F.A.Q.  ~  How do I join the lifestyle/be Gorean/be "part of this"?

PostPosted: 10 Jul 2017, 14:01
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Hands down, THE most frequent thing that comes in via the contact form is some version of the subject line.

Most of the people asking appear to have gone directly to the contact page, without bothering to read anything more than the main page, or, perhaps, they did read them, and are looking for some kind of a shortcut.

If you received a link to this post in response to your query, you most likely fall into one of those two categories. Either way, read on for the answer to your question.

The thing is, Gor is not a super secret club or a “lifestyle” (it is a way of life). You can't “join” Gor. You can learn about the philosophies, values, tenets, and such, found in the Gor novels, on which the way of life is based.
You can, perhaps, if you have or wish to acquire the right mindset, do the work involved in learning what it's all about, and proceed to live your life according to Gorean principles, become Gorean.

There is no shortcut to being Gorean.

No Gorean will spoon feed you the philosophies.
Anyone who says they will teach or “train” you to be Gorean is sorely mistaken and misguided, at best, and lying/trying to push their own agenda, potentially in a predatory fashion, at worst.

Goreans have no respect for laziness or lack of personal accountability. If you are unwilling to do the work, I can guarantee you don't have what it takes to be Gorean.

So, how do you become Gorean?

First, you should take a good, honest, realistic look at WHY you think you want to be Gorean. If it has anything to do with slaves, M/s, D/s, BDSM, or kinky sex, you're barking up the wrong tree.

Gor isn't part of the BDSM lifestyle. Gor isn't an extreme form of M/s or D/s. Gor isn't about slaves, slavery, “paga taverns”, role play “warriors”, or any of the other trappings and window dressings.

If you have “come to Gor” to find one of those mythical kajirae, you may as well walk away now. Gorean slaves want Gorean masters. That is a Gorean free man who is a master – not some self proclaimed “master” who thinks he can learn a few fictional words and pound his chest and get himself a shiny, new slave girl.

If you are here because something(s) about the philosophies, or the world view, words, and actions of real life Goreans resonates with you, then you may well be on the right track.
If you actually took the time to read some of the writings about Gorean philosophy and what being Gorean entails on the Gorean Living website, you'll have somewhat of an idea of what it is you're looking at.

So – moving along... How to actually go about becoming Gorean?

Read the books. Read them all. Read them in order. Pay attention. Don't just read the “juicy” parts, and don't claim you “can't” get through them because they are so poorly written. You aren't reading them as a mere literary experience. You are reading them to discover the philosophies, tenets, ideals, and way of life woven into and against the backdrop of the stories, many of which are allegorical. Some of the stories are actually pretty entertaining. Professor Lange/John Norman is a decent story teller and a great philosopher. Not so great a writer, true, He would have been a great bard.

The first time around, just absorb the world, the stories, the culture.
As you read, make note of anything that particularly stands out to you. Think about why. Ponder. Talk to Goreans about what you have read. Ask questions. Discuss. If the philosophies speak to you – if they awaken something in you that is primal and in full accord with nature, then you might be Gorean material. This thing might just be for you. It isn't for everyone, and that's ok. It's not an elite club or the “one twue way” to live. If it's not for you, at least you have learned something, and probably have a much better idea of what Gor and Goreans are really about, rather than all the things you have heard or read about us. That's a good thing!

While most Goreans will not answer your “How do I be Gorean” questions with anything other than varying versions of “RTFB” (Read the F-ing Books), most are happy to answer more specific questions and discuss topics with those who are actually doing the footwork.
If you still wish to move forward, when you have finished reading the series, read them again. This time, read them more like you would read a textbook. Study them. Really delve into why the author makes the examples he does. Intelligently sift through what is literal and what is allegory. Discuss more. Take more notes. Ask more questions. Get involved in Gorean community, online and, of there are others near you, locally. Do your best to attend a gathering or book club or few near you. If you have the means, make the trip to attend something a bit farther away if there's nothing close.

Most of all, however, learn what it takes and "proceed to do so". If you don't get the reference there, you haven't read the books. Read the books.

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