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General Info ~ Lesson #2 ~ Speaking as a slave
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Author:  KhaosWolfKat [ 21 Mar 2018, 11:05 ]
Post subject:  General Info ~ Lesson #2 ~ Speaking as a slave

This lesson is still under construction. Please watch for updates!

It should be noted, that when given the command to "speak as a slave", this refers to reverting to third person speech.

This lesson, however, deals with the more practical, day to day aspects of speaking as a slave.

Much of minding your place as a slave is in being aware of your manner of speech.

This includes, not only the words you use, but your tone, volume, body language, and knowing when to speak and when to remain silent.

It is not enough to simply speak the proper words or to be, technically, "polite" or civil.

A free man or woman may still be considered to be polite, even if he or she makes clear, by cold civility, that they dislike someone, or have no respect for them.

A slave has no such luxury. Sarcasm, mere civility, or a cold veneer are unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

Even if the person you are dealing with is insufferable, if they are free, you must treat them with utmost respect.

Being spirited, feisty, and enthusiastic are admirable traits in a slave. Being loud, obnoxious, and brash are not.

Keep your tone of voice calm and pleasant. You should be a pleasure to listen to, even if all you are doing is listing menu items.

Don't confuse "calm", with , "lifeless". You are not a drone. Be animated. Smile when you are interacting. Show interest in the subject and the person with whom you are conversing.

A soft voice, though not so quiet that one has to strain to hear you, is almost always pleasing.

Of course, exuberance, when in conversation is a good thing.. Just don't overdo it.

Always be aware of the words that you choose, being mindful of the most humble and potentially pleasing way to present your thoughts and answers to questions.
You should never lie, but avoid brutal honesty as well, instead, employing tact in answering difficult queries.

For instance, if the master says something that you absolutely cannot agree with, and seems to wish to sway your opinion, try saying something neutral, such as, "I hadn't looked at it that way, Master. Thank you for your insight."

This does not necessarily indicate agreement, but neither is it confrontational or argumentative.

Similarly, if asked whether you would like to do something, neither lying, nor outright declining is appropriate.
So, if the truthful answer would be, "No", then say something such as, "Only if it would please you Mistress", and, if you do truly wish to do whatever it is, you could say, "Yes please Master", or, "I would love to, if it would please you Mistress".
This lets the person know your feelings on the matter, without being presumptuous or disrespectful.

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