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PostPosted: 09 Mar 2023, 20:04
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From IRC Chat

This super entitled moron has been a pain in the collective asses of Ops/Admins on several IRC channels, and pretty sure across multiple servers, and has been banned from a number of them, including one of the ones where I am a senior Op. Since he's no longer even able to access the office (chatroom for reporting things, discussing/appealing bans, kicks, etc), due to making a constant nuisance of himself there - one of like three people EVER to achieve that distinction, and pretty sure all the other Ops have blocked him, he thought he'd have some luck with me. He seems to think that being a "Dom" gives him the right to do whatever the fuck he wants and that the subs have no right to report him.

Since he is so far beyond a douche canoe, I have dubbed him, "
Entitled Douchecraft Carrier", or, "EDC", for short.

It's a long one, but sharing it makes me feel better.
Petty? You betcha! Satisfying? Oh HELLLLLL yes!

(My commentary like this)
Commentary = stuff I added for you, the readers, rather than part of the original message exchange.

Session Start: Wed Mar 08 07:34:17 2023
2023.03.08, 19:34:17 <EDC> Perhaps today is a good day to lit the ban against me in [Name of chat room]

(Perhaps... And monkeys might fly out of my butt)

2023.03.08, 19:36:49 <defyrential`Khaos> Your manner of "inviting" Ops to lift the ban, as though it is some kind of gift you were offering, and refusing to take the hint when [another Op] suggested ASKING pretty much put paid to that, Sir.
2023.03.08, 19:37:25 <defyrential`Khaos> And only the channel owner is allowed to lift bans set by other Ops unless the ban was accidentally set.
2023.03.08, 19:37:45 <EDC> Oh, but it was an accident
2023.03.08, 19:40:07 <defyrential`Khaos> Pretty sure it was not. It is pretty clear that the ban was placed deliberately and for cause. The action log lists the infractions clearly.
2023.03.08, 19:41:49 <defyrential`Khaos> How is that accidental?
2023.03.08, 19:44:18 <EDC> I am not aware of any action log

(That's cause it's not public, moron.)

2023.03.08, 19:44:39 <EDC> This is a conspiracy from [Name of dude who has nothing to do with it]
2023.03.08, 19:45:00 <defyrential`Khaos> We keep a record of all reports and the action taken in response.
2023.03.08, 19:45:38 <defyrential`Khaos> [Name of dude who has nothing to do with it]? Really?
2023.03.08, 19:45:43 <EDC> Exactly
2023.03.08, 19:46:21 <EDC> Those reports are falsified
2023.03.08, 19:46:54 <defyrential`Khaos> Which reports, exactly?
2023.03.08, 19:47:13 <defyrential`Khaos> And how was he able to falsify reports from multiple different people?
2023.03.08, 19:47:30 <defyrential`Khaos> Including Ops.
2023.03.08, 19:47:36 <EDC> The action log lists. Which people?
2023.03.08, 19:48:24 <defyrential`Khaos> You have sent uninvited PMs to multiple women at different times, for which you were given warnings first, then short term bans, moving to longer ones. They each provided logs for the PMs.
2023.03.08, 19:48:45 <defyrential`Khaos> Then, when you were banned, you came in with a different nick and host.
2023.03.08, 19:48:58 <defyrential`Khaos> And you were rude to Ops in the office.
2023.03.08, 19:49:28 <defyrential`Khaos> This is all documented, by at least three different Ops,
2023.03.08, 19:49:53 <defyrential`Khaos> I don't think [Name of dude who has nothing to do with it] has that sort of reach.
2023.03.08, 19:50:43 <EDC> I am beginning to think you’re unwilling to do the right thing here
2023.03.08, 19:51:56 <defyrential`Khaos> The right thing?
2023.03.08, 19:52:58 <EDC> Yes. Reinstating me is the right thing to do.
2023.03.08, 19:53:00 <defyrential`Khaos> You mean go directly against the channel owner's guidelines, and reverse another Op's ban? When the ban was for multiple rule violations?
2023.03.08, 19:53:13 <defyrential`Khaos> How would breaking the Op rules be the right thing?
2023.03.08, 19:53:34 <defyrential`Khaos> You would have me make that my last act as an Op?
2023.03.08, 19:54:10 <EDC> “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

(Cause anything that is not what they want is an "injustice". Of course, repeatedly barging into women's PMs, dick first and uninvited, as well as breaking other room rules is totally fine.)

2023.03.08, 19:55:38 <defyrential`Khaos> It's not injustice. You broke the rules repeatedly. Each time you returned from being banned, you broke them again. Then you evaded a ban. Which is cause for a 1 year ban. Then you repeatedly came into the office and were rude to Ops.
2023.03.08, 19:55:59 <defyrential`Khaos> Can you give me a reasonable explanation as to how a ban is injustice?
2023.03.08, 19:57:35 <EDC> So one year?
2023.03.08, 19:58:39 <defyrential`Khaos> Well, at this point, I believe you earned yourself an akick. The year ban was for the ban evasion and first round of being rude in office.
2023.03.08, 19:59:30 <EDC> Perhaps at this point, which begs the question. When does this insanity end?
2023.03.08, 19:59:39 <defyrential`Khaos> And those are instated by one of the co-owners
2023.03.08, 20:00:04 <EDC> Who even owns that room?
2023.03.08, 20:01:13 <EDC> “Being silent while witnessing an injustice makes you guilty of the oppression as well."

(%sprains an eye from rolling them too hard%)

2023.03.08, 20:01:34 <defyrential`Khaos> Most likely at such a time as you can stop behaving as though you have a RIGHT to be there, treat Ops and other users with courtesy and decency, and become willing to commit to following the rules without fail.
2023.03.08, 20:01:58 <defyrential`Khaos> Injustice is something being done to someone without good cause, or their rights being violated.
2023.03.08, 20:02:42 <EDC> I obviously don’t have a right to be there. You people took my right away
2023.03.08, 20:03:24 <defyrential`Khaos> You never had the right to be there. Being in someone else's rooms is a privilege, dependent on following the rules set down by the owner.
2023.03.08, 20:04:00 <EDC> I will follow the rules when I am reinstated
2023.03.08, 20:04:02 <defyrential`Khaos> You disrespected someone's (virtual, though it may be) home, other visitors, and rules, and acted entitled when you were uninvited.
2023.03.08, 20:04:43 <defyrential`Khaos> Well, you'll have to take that up with the owners when/if they decide to allow you back in the office.
2023.03.08, 20:05:02 <EDC> Well maybe that OP shouldn’t have for lippy
2023.03.08, 20:05:09 <defyrential`Khaos> It's not up to me. I have no authority there.
2023.03.08, 20:05:32 <EDC> They can’t hide forever
2023.03.08, 20:07:39 <defyrential`Khaos> Telling you you should rephrase your demand/"invitation" to be reinstated isn't being lippy. If you want to be allowed back somewhere when you screwed up - repeatedly - the appropriate thing is to take responsibility for your actions, make amends, and ask nicely. Not act like you have some gods given right to be there.
2023.03.08, 20:08:22 <defyrential`Khaos> Hiding? Really?
2023.03.08, 20:08:36 <defyrential`Khaos> Entitlement is never a good look.
2023.03.08, 20:09:21 <EDC> Demanding an injustice be made right is not entitlement
2023.03.08, 20:10:51 <defyrential`Khaos> You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.
2023.03.08, 20:11:37 <EDC> Don’t patronize me!
2023.03.08, 20:13:55 <EDC> I want names. Then I will extract vengeance
2023.03.08, 20:15:09 <defyrential`Khaos> Yeah. I'll get right on that, so you can harass everyone who reported you for breaking rules! That's a great way for the channel to feel like a safe place for people to be.
2023.03.08, 20:15:49 <defyrential`Khaos> So, your solution to your being held accountable for your own actions is to punish the ones who reported you?
2023.03.08, 20:16:49 <defyrential`Khaos> [posted definitions for injustice and words used within said definition - very long so snipped for space]
2023.03.08, 20:18:12 <EDC> I would just like clarification
2023.03.08, 20:18:34 <defyrential`Khaos> Clarification of what?
2023.03.08, 20:18:39 <EDC> And to be assured that I am not in communication with those who betrayed me.
2023.03.08, 20:19:03 <defyrential`Khaos> Reporting someone for BREAKING THE RULES is not betrayal.
2023.03.08, 20:19:14 <EDC> Clarification as to just how immoral they are
2023.03.08, 20:19:30 <EDC> If they did it falsely
2023.03.08, 20:19:35 <EDC> How about I report you?
2023.03.08, 20:19:42 <defyrential`Khaos> Go for it!
2023.03.08, 20:20:02 <EDC> I wouldn’t because I have standards

(Or because you'd just be laughed out of wherever you tried reporting, since I keep logs of everything.)

2023.03.08, 20:20:13 <EDC> Unlike the swine who reported me falsely

(SWINNNNNNNEEEE! ROFL! Such a drama Queen!)

2023.03.08, 20:21:02 <defyrential`Khaos> They didn't report falsely. Logs were provided. They had no reason to lie. And that is just the PMs. The ban evasion and office ... 'antics' were directly seen by all the Ops present.
2023.03.08, 20:21:27 <defyrential`Khaos> Not to mention that some of the uninvited PMs were Ops.
2023.03.08, 20:22:23 <defyrential`Khaos> Oh.. and pro tip.. you never know when a nick is one of the room owners' alt, checking for serial PMers.
2023.03.08, 20:23:11 <defyrential`Khaos> If you don't want to get bans, don't break rules. And when you DO, and you get caught, don't try to blame it on some "conspiracy".
2023.03.08, 20:23:13 <EDC> So they’re using more than one name,,,,,hypocrisy!
2023.03.08, 20:23:50 <EDC> I will be back Khaos. You mark my words
2023.03.08, 20:24:17 <defyrential`Khaos> Sure thing.
2023.03.08, 20:45:49 <defyrential`Khaos> Oh. fun fact. I'm a member of a couple groups devoted to posting ridiculous message threads. Congratulations - You made the cut!

2023.03.08, 20:46:50 <EDC> Your oppression knows no bounds
2023.03.08, 20:47:24 <defyrential`Khaos> Help! Help! I'm being repressed!

(OK, I admit I'm just mocking him at this point, but honestly, he really asked for it.)

2023.03.08, 20:48:13 <EDC> Maybe if you took matters seriously, then I would expect your little office room

(Expect it to what? NOBODY expects the little office room! Or the Spanish Inquisition. I should've said that to him too, but didn't think of it til now. Oh well.)

2023.03.08, 20:50:26 <defyrential`Khaos> Did you miss the part where it's not my call? You pissed off the owners. Now they are the only ones who can do anything. Even if i went against the rules and unbanned you (which I won't, cause, unlike you, I FOLLOW the rules), you'd still be on akick.
2023.03.08, 20:51:01 <defyrential`Khaos> Besides, once again, you earned your bans fair and square. Actions have consequences.
2023.03.08, 20:51:08 <EDC> Who are they?
2023.03.08, 20:51:50 <defyrential`Khaos> I'll let them know you wish to speak to them. If they wish to do so, they will.
2023.03.08, 21:00:37* You are now known as afKhaos

(The following update is after he found out I DID, in fact, post this. LOL...)

2023.03.09, 08:04:27 <EDC> I do consider posting the thread of a private conversation that I asked your permission to have to another site is reprehensible.
2023.03.09, 09:29:14 <afKhaos> Nice for you. If you hadn't qualified for the group, it wouldn't have been posted. Maybe think about that next time you want to act like an entitled asshat. As I told you early in the discussion, entitlement is never a good look. At least you won something. Good day, Sir.

(We now return you to your regularly scheduled rest of the entitled drama llamas whose stuff gets posted here.)

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