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PostPosted: 03 Feb 2023, 19:08
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From Collarspace

Enter presumptive dumbinant with the wall of text offence!
One of those, "I'm ur mastr nao" types, it seems.

He didn't respond to my reply.

From: dumbinant1234  Dated:  12/6/22 7:30 PM

I am Master [Dumbass]
I am quite strict and controlling and can be Very Sadistic
But you will have no Limits because I will take you where you have only gone in your Darkest Nightmares You will have rules to follow and any Act of disobedience will be met with immediate punishment.
Though this pain will be built up slowly And willful disobedience will be met with extreme brutal punishment
You will learn your learn what a very special slave you are. Giving all yourself just to please your Master. Even though He cause you to suffer great pain whenever He see fit. To whipped, fisted, use with a fuck machine till you have had so many orgasms that you cant stand it to be touched I hope you think it will only be your vagina that will be fisted Because you would be so very wrong In the very first day you will be tied all spread eagle face down and have My fist forced deep into your tight ass hole Than brought right to the edge and not let you cum Read my profile and especially my Kinks see if they are something that you can live with Or at least tell me the ones you cant and I will see if I can agree to that I am looking for a longterm monogamous relationship possibly leading to a marriage slave relationship
There will be no release till I Die.

Results from bdsmtestorg
100 Dominant 93 DaddyMommy 92 Degrader 91 MasterMistress 88 Brat tamer 88 Owner 84 Ageplayer 79 Sadist 67 Primal Hunter 66 Experimentalist 63 Rigger 55 Voyeur 44 Vanilla 25 Exhibitionist 16 Nonmonogamist 12 GirlBoy 7 Switch 4 Masochist 3 Brat 2 Degradee 1 Slave 1 Submissive 1 Pet 0 Rope bunny 0 Primal Prey

KhaosWolfKat on 12/11/22 at 7:23 PM:
The Fetish Delivery System you were looking for is out of order.
Please read the recipients profile and then choose one of the following options to continue.

Enter 1 to try again this time, reading the profile FIRST, and then treating the recipient as a human being, rather than an on demand sex, kink, or wank fodder dispenser.

Enter 2 to become enraged and call the recipient one, or more, of the following bitch, cunt, fat, ugly, stupid or fake.

Enter 3 to admit this was an obvious, poorly written, copy and paste message you sent to every woman you could find.

Enter 4 to subscribe to the recipient randomly sending you shit you do not care about and in which you have no interest.

Enter 5 to go away and try your bullshit somewhere else.

Enter 6 if you would like to donate to a charity of recipients choice in apology for not bothering to read profiles and barging dick first into the recipients inbox.

Enter 7 if there were too many big words in this message and you need to come back later after you find someone to read it to you.

To repeat these options, read it again.

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