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More Preemptive Butthurt
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Author:  KhaosWolfKat [ 03 Feb 2023, 19:19 ]
Post subject:  More Preemptive Butthurt

From CollarSpace


Some moronic dumbinant just messaged me with preemptive butthurt and then immediately blocked me.

He took the time out of his assuredly busy day to tell me this.

I think he didn't like how my profile has limits and boundaries and stuff, which automatically preclude him from ever having a whisper of a chance.

His profile consists of a couple lines demanding potential property be local or pay to relocate themselves, the typical, lazy, "feel free to ask any questions", in lieu of any actual bio, and has no interests selected, and his two journal posts consist of bitching and whining about submissives have standards. 

One is about those who want to know what the prospective dominant brings to the table, advising all said subs that we don't belong in the lifestyle, and we should get out, and that any doms who tolerate such are "simps"

The other laments subs whose profiles stipulate any limitations, such as excluding those with certain political or world views (the ones he specifically mentioned are usually to weed out bigoted assholes. Go figure). Charming fellow. I'm so sad that I missed out his domliness due to my totally unsubmissive insistence on not submitting to any old random loser on the internet.

(My commentary like this)
Commentary = stuff I added for you, the readers, rather than part of the original message exchange.

Butthurt Dude
12/31/22 1:49 PM

If you read the terms of service you would know why you're links are rejected

(My profile mentions that I had to strip it down to stay within character limit and number of links allowed)

My intended reply that I typed, only to find myself blocked:

"If you read the actual statement I made, you would know that the links themselves were not rejected, but that there is a limit to the number of links allowed in a profile.

Any particular reason you are messaging a complete stranger just to attempt to throw shade?

BTW, you used the wrong your. You're welcome."

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