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PostPosted: 16 Aug 2022, 21:29
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From Good ol' FetLife

This piece of entitled, rapey refuse barged into my inbox after I replied to a post they made about doing extremely non consensual and harmful things to people who tried to ban public smoking. I was VERY clear in my disapproval of their idea, and disdain for anything non consensual.

Yet they thought it was a good idea to send me this vomit worthy consent violation anyway. (My profile is EXCEEDINGLY clear about messaging me.. and NOT messaging me)

Oh, and their username is a reference to something on my hard limits list ((also found by reading my profile)[/color], which personally revolts me greatly.

All the typos and weird spaces and stuff exactly as sent. Likely the result of one handed typing. [/color]

(My commentary like this)

Commentary = stuff I added for you, the readers, rather than part of the original message exchange.

Subject: smoking Mask

Mid 50s NB sissy

I wish to give over my consent to be pu ished for trying to remove smoking rights by being trained even addicted to the thing I tried to eliminate. Forced to smoke by wearing a mask to smoke and to be trained mercilessly t p the point I need that mask even to smoke outside whereby can be seen. Would training to punish in this way interestbyou?

(I wish to have my boundaries respected, but I guess no one is getting what they wish today)

50F Evolving

Clearly, you did not read my profile before messaging.

Mid 50s NB sissy

My apologies, I can see you've deeply thought through your profile. For me im not looking to get off just because I talk to younof this. I'm not looking to spout off only k8nk crP. I was impolite and should have just said hello first I was simplynreacting to your posting in regards to my own. Its rare anyone posts when I do, so thank you for that. So let's try again....

Hi, thanks for replying to my posts. It was an good insight into my wondering. I'm pretty alone so I don't have anyone to look into my ideas so any reply is appreciated. Thank you for your time.

50F Evolving

Much better.


Mid 50s NB sissy

But may I ask is the smoking mask intiguing?

(Are you flucking KIDDING me?? Spoiler alert: No.)

50F Evolving

So, basically, "OK.. Hi and nice to meet you and stuff. But now can we get back to talking about my kink?"


Mid 50s NB sissy

No miss i am very curious about your con episode, what do you enjoy doing. I know what I'm 8ntwresfted in isn't so important that your desires and likes don't have any pLace. I'm just curious is all. Heh it is after all a place called fet life.

(I also mention somewhere in the linked stuff how much I despise being called "Miss". But that is the very least of my issues here.)

50F Evolving

My con episode? I don't even know what you're talking about.

If you actually bothered to read my profile, like it says to do before private messaging me, rather than just skim a little bit, you would know exactly what I enjoy doing, who I enjoy doing things with, what and who I am looking for, and what I am and am not willing to discuss with strangers.

Just because it's a website for people into kink does not give you the right to disregard people's boundaries.
I VERY clearly state in my profile that I am not interested in uninvited discussions of kink in my inbox.
I ALSO clearly state that if you are just interested in the kink side of things, you can visit my sessions page.

I have ZERO interest in private kink conversations with strangers, especially strangers who do not even fall into any of the categories of what I am personally seeking. Even people who DO fall into those categories are expected to have a normal conversation with me as a person, without bringing kink, sex, or play into it.

(Surely, THAT is clear enough, right? RIGHT?? Another spoiler alert...)

Mid 50s NB sissy

Ugh auto correct, supposed to be your consideration and point of view

Mid 50s NB sissy

And I can respect it, but your interest is in creating and p,aging music, of which I no longer do. I once played an instrument but that ended long long ago so my input on it is extremely limited. Like most thing what I like for music doesn't impact or necessarily link to what you like. So yes I did read about your likes, I didn't skim it. I'm sorry if my ability to relate to musicians are limited. I also am sorry if I was interested in what you felt about the mask, to that end my apologies and well wishes in that I'm interested to see how you'd handle the very concep. You feel a need to dress me down because I'm searching for a person into it, I accept that and I'm sorry you think so extremely little of me for seeking.

50F Evolving

No, you plainly DON'T respect that, because you ignored it, and immediately followed up your "I respect that" with, "but...".
And then you say you couldn't message about any of my likes or interests because you had nothing to say about them.

If you don't have any common interests with someone, and nothing to say to them that they have not already said NO to, you just bloody well do not message them. At least, that is what you do if you are a (decent person who cares about respecting other people. It is abundantly evident that you are not such a person.

I did not dress you down because you are seeking someone into your kink.
I dressed you down because you disregarded my boundaries.
I dressed you down because you obviously felt that what you wanted was more important than my "no".
I don't think little of you for what you're seeking.
I think little of you because you are selfish and entitled, and you try to argue that you being interested in something is a good enough excuse for violating someone's consent.
It is not.

That's like going up to someone wearing a shirt that says, "do not touch me", and then touching them because you wanted to know what their reaction would be.

Your lame excuse for an "apology" is mixed in with even more of you trying to tell me why your desire to see how I would "handle" your consent violations is an acceptable reason to do it.

No. All the no in the universe

Even if you went to the session page and filled out a request, it would be automatically denied, because you have shown very clearly that consent does not matter to you.

Now, you should fornicate in the direction of off, and when you get there, fornicate off some more!

(I am so seriously sick of these disgusting rectum lice who have no regard for anyone but themselves.)

Mid 50s NB sissy

You know I could have responded as mean as you just did but I will wish you well and for you to have all the good things you could ever desire.

(Yeah, you could have, but you would have had no leg to stand on, because I was polite to you FAR longer than you deserved)

You can't respond to this conversation because gross_consent_violator has deactivated their account, you've blocked them, or they've blocked you.

(Golly gee darn.)

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