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Ding Dong Bitch
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Author:  KhaosWolfKat [ 25 Mar 2021, 12:29 ]
Post subject:  Ding Dong Bitch

From CS Mail, meaning that all manner of punctuation and parts of words that the mail system even thinks might be posting a url is edited out, so a lot of the funky formatting, missing parts of words, and lack of punctuation is due to that.

Apparently, responding to unsolicited sexual content with snark makes me a troll. LOL.
This dude REALLY should have been old enough to know better, but when has that ever stopped them? It's short, like his apparent intellect.

(My commentary like this)
Commentary = stuff I added for you, the readers, rather than part of the original message exchange.

Male Switch

followtheyellowdickroad on 8/22/20 at 7:58 AM:
damn do you like watching guys take cock?

KhaosWolfKat on 8/22/20 at 8:53 AM:
Damn, do you like reading profiles?

followtheyellowdickroad on 8/22/20 at 5:21 PM:
no, i dont now what?

KhaosWolfKat on 8/23/20 at 10:29 AM:
Now what?
I am SO glad you asked
Now you strike out, because reading profiles is fundamental

followtheyellowdickroad on 8/23/20 at 8:21 PM:
of course if youre addicted to be a fucking troll

KhaosWolfKat on 8/24/20 at 6:07 PM:
You are the one who barged into my inbox, dick first, idiot
And you are calling me a troll?

followtheyellowdickroad on 8/24/20 at 7:34 PM:
exactly, now come suck my cock, Elphaba

(Aww, what'sa matter, cupcake? Did someone pee on your ruby slippers?)

KhaosWolfKat on 8/25/20 at 11:13 AM:
No thanks
I choke on small bones


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