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Author:  KhaosWolfKat [ 27 Apr 2020, 19:47 ]
Post subject:  Living the Fantasy!

From CS Mail, meaning that all manner of punctuation and parts of words that the mail system even thinks might be posting a url is edited out, so a lot of the funky formatting, missing parts of words, and lack of punctuation is due to that.

So, this fellow has a username which VERY clearly states he identifies as Christian who feels he is forging new paths. This is pertinent later.
We'll call him, "GroundbreakingGodbotherer"
Please understand that I do not begrudge anyone their beliefs, but I AM going to point out inconsistencies if someone comes at me regarding mine.

I have to wonder how long the dude is going to keep trying, and whether he will either lose his shit or go away before I get bored with him.
Spoiler alert; I got bored eventually. Not sure how long he would have kept on.

(My commentary like this)
Commentary = stuff I added for you, the readers, rather than part of the original message exchange.

Male Dominant
[A Southern State - with Bluegrass]
[just out of 40s]

GroundbreakingGodbotherer on 3/1/20 at 9:19 PM

Living the fantasy I see

KhaosWolfKat on 3/2/20 10:44 AM

I am not sure what fantasy you mean

I assure you that my life is quite firmly grounded in reality

GroundbreakingGodbotherer on 3/2/20 at 1:26 PM:
Solidly anchored no doubt

I mean the fantasy that you are whatever you are projecting yourself to be

KhaosWolfKat on 3/2/20 at 5:03 PM:
Ahhhh, a negging attempt, perhaps?
No matter
I do not need to project myself to be anything
I simply am what and who I am, happily so
It is curious that you would feel a need to message a random person to tell them you think they are living a fantasy
I wonder why that might be
Good luck finding whatever it is you seek

GroundbreakingGodbotherer on 3/2/20 at 6:21 PM:
Finding what I seek?

(Ooh. Did we strike a nerve?)

Not sure what negging is, and you are using a word not in my vocabulary
(Surrrre ya don't, Sparky! But that's cool. I'll play along.)

Are you trying to say PEGGING because you put on a strap on to get boys interested?
(Only in your dreams, Sparky)

KhaosWolfKat on 3/2/20 at 8:10 PM:
Wishing you luck in finding whatever you seek seems, to me, to be a fairly self explanatory statement
Presumably, you are here on this website for a reason, yes?

Negging is a tactic which employs attempts at subtle and or veiled insults or backhanded compliments in order to put the recipient on the defensive and cause them to feel they must prove their worth to the instigator
It is quite popular amongst self proclaimed pick up artists

It is very different from pegging, which, while perfectly fine and valid for those who enjoy it, is not my kink in the least

I am also not particularly interested in garnering the interest of boys, unless their primary desire is domestic service and manual labour, for the sake of service itself

Good evening to you

GroundbreakingGodbotherer on 3/2/20 at 8:24 PM:
Again, you fancy yourself a domina, when you belong on your knees scrubbing toilets

(Still trying to get a reaction, are ya? OK. I got one for you!)

KhaosWolfKat on 3/3/20 at 8:14 AM:
Dude, that is hilarious

Where did you ever get the idea I identify as a domina?

If you bothered to read my profile, you would see I specifically do not

Silly wabbit

GroundbreakingGodbotherer on 3/3/20 at 12:13 PM:
Are you attracting strong and powerful men who put you and keep you in your proper place?

(Are you looking for wank fodder or trying to show me how inadequate I am at attracting said men? Maybe both? Then you can step in with your domly domliness and show me the way! Like the Magical Leopluradon.)

KhaosWolfKat on 3/3/20 at 1:33 PM:
It seems I attract all manner of males
(I wonder if he caught that little dig.)

Thankfully, despite the modern scarcity of such, I am quite lucky to have a few strong, dominant men in my life, who encourage me to maintain my best
They do not usually need to put me in my place, however, as I only require slight reminders from time to time, when in the presence of strong men who understand nature and biology

GroundbreakingGodbotherer on 3/3/20 at 7:37 PM:
Do any of these relationships involve you on your knees serving?

(Ahh. Definitely looking for wank fodder. The poor dear. It's gonna be a dry rub!)

KhaosWolfKat on 3/4/20 at 8:47 AM:
If and when it pleases the select men to whom I submit

GroundbreakingGodbotherer on 3/4/20 at 2:47 PM:
Do you submit to boys that need you to dominate them?

(Why? Are you applying?)

KhaosWolfKat on 3/4/20 at 4:22 PM:
Absolutely not
I do not submit to boys, period

GroundbreakingGodbotherer on 3/4/20 at 7:24 PM:
Because you are a Domina?

KhaosWolfKat on 3/4/20 at 8:54 PM:
I thought we had already covered that one
Why are you hung up on the domina angle?
No, I am not a domina, and I am not a slave, a sub, a domme, or any of those labels
I am a free woman with both dominant and submissive traits, who knows her place in the order of nature
(I think I broke his poor brain here. Took away all his pretty little checkboxes.)

Dominance and submission is a continuum and nature makes for hierarchies
There are those both above and below me on that scale
I interact accordingly

GroundbreakingGodbotherer on 3/4/20 at 9:22 PM:
A free woman?

Have you been reading John Norman?

How hopelessly lost in fantasy are you?

Do you do hallucinogens too regularly?

KhaosWolfKat on 3/5/20 at 8:26 AM:
Yes, a free woman
A woman who is free, and has embraced freedom, rather than slavery
Pretty simple, really

The philosophies, tenets, ideals, and natural way of life arent fantasy
They are based in very real history and works of several great philosophers throughout the ages
(Oops. I forgot and used a contraction, dangit! Ahh well.)

Not terribly unlike another collection of books with a great many fantastical elements, which adherents treat as indisputable truth, interestingly enough

Your username suggests being quite caught up in that particular set of tenets, ideals, beliefs and such, which many regard as purely fantasy, so one could ask the same questions of you, were they so inclined

(Note.. I am NOT usually so inclined, 'cause I am not a bigoted asshole. Everyone is welcome to their beliefs. I was just pointing out the irony there.)

I do not take hallucinogens, or any other mind altering substances
I prefer my faculties unimpaired

Next question?

GroundbreakingGodbotherer on 3/5/20 at 6:26 PM:
Several great philosophers throughout the ages you say?

Is it possible that you fancy yourself a quasi pseudo neo?

KhaosWolfKat on 3/7/20 at 10:31 AM:
Quasi pseudo neo?

That sounds like the sort of claptrap a postmodernist would invent

(I just learned about postmodernism a couple days ago, thanks to another fellow on CS, with whom I'm actually having a very cool and intellectually stimulating exchange. I thanked him!)

No, thank you

So, I am curious
What is your goal here?
Do you have one, or are you just going to continue spouting attempts at mildly inflammatory drivel until you get some specific reaction?

GroundbreakingGodbotherer on 3/7/20 at 8:52 PM:

Are you some type of scholar?

I have two wood nymphs in my life, and a nisse, so do I really owe you anything like an explanation?

The real question is what kind of subbie boy you are hoping to find here

(Now I truly have no idea what he's on about, and it's getting a bit boring, so I may just wrap it up at this point, depending on his response to my latest reply. I've been deliberately clicking the messages so they show as read, then not replying for hours or more, just for fun. Call it a social experiment.)

KhaosWolfKat on 3/8/20 at 10:58 AM:
Some type, indeed

Wood nymphs and nisser eh?
Fantastical, even
Who knew?
You owe me nothing, of course
As I said, I was simply curious

I prefer to find only the sort of subbie boys who read my profile and know better than to message me, thinking they are, somehow, the exception
Though, to be fair, that is more the opposite of finding them, I suppose
Close enough for government work

I hope to find good conversation and community ties here, since I have found all else that I previously sought
And, of course, there is the occasional entertainment to be found in my inbox
I am often easily entertained

(Dude either didn't notice my allusion to fantasy, or he is trolling me right back.)

GroundbreakingGodbotherer on 3/8/20 at 2:17 PM:
I think I said nisse rather than nisser, and she went home last night for the week

Paradoxically, you might be rational enough to benefit from a rubric

Ask yourself how it is working for you in terms seeking whatever you are not finding here

As far as entertainment, in general I often wonder what is being avoided by the distraction of entertainment as economists define Opportunity Costs

(Still trying the negging thing, I see. How's that working for ya, cupcake.)

KhaosWolfKat on 3/8/20 at 3:00 PM:
Nisser is the plural of nisse, assuming you were referring to the Nordic gnomelike creatures, which, taken in context with the mention of wood nymphs, seems likely

Conversely, I am, in fact, finding everything that I seek here
namely, as I mentioned before, discussion, community, and entertainment
I seek elsewhere for things I do not find here, and it tends to work quite well, thank you
To do otherwise would be irrational
I try to avoid engaging in irrational behaviours

I read and type rather quickly, so any distraction is quite brief, and easily kept to short breaks in between more productive pursuits

Besides, I seek out entertainment for its own sake, rather than an avoidance measure
Engaging in something in order to avoid something else takes away from the experience, I feel

GroundbreakingGodbotherer on 3/8/20 at 3:27 PM:
I only have one nisse coming around each week for a day at a time

(But I'm the one living a fantasy. Sure dude! LOL.)

If what you find here is working as Community, then you have my pity

(Awww! How cute. The "pity neg". I know they told you it would work, sweetheart. I'm so sorry.)

Avoiding anything in favour of what passes for entertainment here is irrational no matter how briefly so

(Meh. Now he's just phoning it in. Bored now.)

KhaosWolfKat on 3/8/20 at 7:06 PM:

Do you have unicorns and dragons too?
Or, perhaps some other mythical creatures to go with your Fae folk and gnome girl?

Quite a few current and former members of my local community have accounts here
Additionally, I have had a good number of genuinely enriching interactions with folks from here, so your pity is wasted
It works quite nicely as one, small piece of the community network, for those who bother

I was certain that I specified that I do not use entertainment as an avoidance tactic
Perhaps you missed that bit
Again, it is for its own sake, because I find it enjoyable, in small doses

I also wonder if you are misinterpreting the sort of entertainment found here to which I refer

It seems a distinct possibility

Amusing in itself, I must say

Sadly, I fear the latest spectacle has very nearly run its course, and ceased to pay for itself

It was fun while it lasted


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