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This little piggy porker is barking up the wrong tree!
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Author:  KhaosWolfKat [ 07 Mar 2020, 12:16 ]
Post subject:  This little piggy porker is barking up the wrong tree!

From CS Mail, meaning that all manner of punctuation and parts of words that the mail system even thinks might be posting a url is edited out, so a lot of the funky formatting, missing parts of words, and lack of punctuation is due to that.

Why do they keep using intros like this? Do they really think it will ever work? Like, EVER? At all?
This dude's username boasts an exceptionally large penis for fellating. I'm renaming him, "

(My commentary like this)
Commentary = stuff I added for you, the readers, rather than part of the original message exchange.

Male Dominant
[Big state South of me]
[early 40s]

on 2/23/20 at 8:59 AM:
Want you sucking my cock you big pig

KhaosWolfKat on 2/23/20 at 9:02 AM:
How does it feel to want?

sucktastic on 2/23/20 at 9:06 AM:
I will be fucking your pussy while you on all 4s completely naked

KhaosWolfKat on 2/23/20 at 9:42 AM:
Pretty sure you will not be doing any such thing
You do not have the appropriate clearance level to touch me, let alone fuck me

sucktastic on 2/23/20 at 10:34 AM:
hi big pig for me

KhaosWolfKat on 2/23/20 at 10:43 AM:
Not for you, sparky

(He appears to have gone away after that, at least.)

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