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Script Bull(shit)dozer
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Author:  KhaosWolfKat [ 21 Oct 2019, 12:23 ]
Post subject:  Script Bull(shit)dozer

From IRC

This one barged into my PM, uninvited (of course), and proceeded to show his ass even further, by ignoring my actual responses and replying to what I was apparently meant to say, like a little, script-driven bulldozer.

We'll call him Script Bullshit Dozer Or, SBD, for short :D (even though he was neither silent, nor deadly - just boring)

(My commentary like this)
Commentary = stuff I added for you, the readers, rather than part of the original message exchange.

Session Start: Sun Oct 13 03:42:11 2019

[15:42.11] <SBD> are you m/f

[15:42.57] obeisant`Khaos Hello, and nice to meet you as well. Thank you for the polite and respectful greeting.

[15:43.13] <SBD> i am good

(Nice for you, Jackalope. I don't care and didn't ask. Truly amazing how they rarely even notice that the response wasn't what they expect, and plow right along!)

[15:44.57] obeisant`Khaos Oh. I must have gotten my lines wrong, cause clearly you are working from a different script.

[15:45.22] <SBD> i am [late 30s]/male/upstate ny

(Still don't care, dillhole. Let's see if he's paying attention even a little bit.)

[15:46.23] obeisant`Khaos Hot water burn baby.

[15:47.04] <SBD> what

(Oh look! He was! LOL.)

[15:47.51] obeisant`Khaos What what?

(...in the butt.)

[15:57.07] * obeisant`Khaos pulls the plug

[15:57.16] <SBD> ok

(And then crickets. At least he didn't get all butt hurt, I guess.)

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