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PostPosted: 21 Jun 2019, 20:55
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From on irc

Yet another HNG masquerading as a "Master" on IRC. Since he mentions the "naughty parts", I'll just call him, "master_naughty_parts", because it amuses me.

(My commentary like this)
Commentary = stuff I added for you, the readers, rather than part of the original message exchange.

Session Start: Fri Jun 21 10:15:36 2019

[10:15.36] <master_naughty_parts> Hello

[10:15.56] <subversive`Khaos> Greetings, Sir.

[10:16.03] <master_naughty_parts> How are you?

[10:16.41] <subversive`Khaos> I am well, Sir. Thank you for asking.

[10:16.51] <master_naughty_parts> Your age and gender?

(Oh yeah. This is starting well, but I'll give him a chance to read my profile at least.)

[10:18.05] <subversive`Khaos> My profile is under KhaosWolfKat on CS and FL, or you can view the most complete and current version, on my blog, here:

[10:19.02] * master_naughty_parts goes to read.

[10:20.18] <master_naughty_parts> Keeping in mind I'm still reading: if you had a Master that wanted to change certain non-sexual aspects of your life, what would you say/do?

(Lets just - for the moment - leave the fact that I put right in the early bits that I have no desire to have a master or be owned again, shall we? There is SO much other ground to cover, after all!)

[10:21.43] <subversive`Khaos> It would depend on the aspects in question, Sir.

[10:22.02] <subversive`Khaos> If they were within my limits, then I would obey.

(You know, assuming that, since they are my master and all, that we had already built the trust and such, and I had actualy submitted to them and agreed to obey, and I knew they had my best interests in mind, rather than some stupid, fap fantasy)

[10:22.05] <master_naughty_parts> the smoking, the music, etc.

[10:22.35] <subversive`Khaos> You mean change the sort of music I listen to?

[10:22.49] <master_naughty_parts> Yes.

(Yeah. The VERY first line in the "about me" part of my profile is that I am into music more than anything, and goes on to say, "Music is the one thing in the world, without which, I think I would just shrivel up and cease to exist.")

[10:22.50] <subversive`Khaos> And make me stop smoking cigars, or start smoking other things?

[10:23.08] <master_naughty_parts> Or smoking altogether.

[10:23.46] <subversive`Khaos> Why would any master want to take away the one thing I say I feel like the loss would make me cease to exist?

(Like, seriously dude, you really think it's a good idea to literally go after the things MOST important to someone as a way to build anything other than resentment?)

[10:24.17] <subversive`Khaos> And the one "vice" that I still enjoy, and list as one of my favourite things?

[10:24.21] <master_naughty_parts> make you more dependent on him, begging for even the smallest puff of a cigarette or cigar or anything.

(No, stupid, it doesn't work that way with consensual anything.)

[10:25.07] <subversive`Khaos> Well, I suppose that might work if I were addicted to them, but I am not. It is a fine pleasure, which I enjoy on occasion.

[10:25.27] <master_naughty_parts> and why are you against sexual service?

[10:26.05] <subversive`Khaos> I am not against sexual service, Sir. It is simply not the sort of dynamic I am seeking.

[10:26.26] <master_naughty_parts> and you're against cyber/RPing?

[10:29.02] <master_naughty_parts> hello?

(ZOMG!!1! An entire 2 1/2 minutes went by with no reply!)

[10:29.36] <subversive`Khaos> I am looking for a real dynamic, Sir, not something based on pretend actions.

[10:30.39] <master_naughty_parts> well, the "pretend" actions are a useful tool to help with the relationship early on, unless you're willing to be on camera, which I would assume you're least not right off the bat.

[10:31.35] <subversive`Khaos> Why would either be required, Sir?

[10:32.07] <master_naughty_parts> because I like to either see or at least imagine the better parts of the D/s relationship.

(The "better" parts. Uh huh. I meant to ask him what the "better" parts were, but got sidetracked. Like we don't know already.)

[10:32.20] <subversive`Khaos> COmmands and rules can be followed in real life, easily

[10:32.21] <master_naughty_parts> I want to see you doing naughty things on camera or make you type them as actions.

[10:32.29] <subversive`Khaos> Naughty things, Sir?

(Like.. spray painting a dick and balls on the neighbour's car? I wish I had asked him that, but i didn't think of it at the time!)

[10:32.34] <master_naughty_parts> Ok, lets try it: tell me what you're wearing in real life.

(And this is where I'm meant to describe the slutty lingerie that we wiminz ALWAYS wear all day as we do lots of bending over to dust the floor, repeatedly, for no apparent reason in between waiting breathlessly for our online masters to cyber us into submission, right?)

[10:32.41] <master_naughty_parts> Be as detailed as humanly possible.

(You asked for it, dude.)

[10:34.55] <subversive`Khaos> I am wearing black sweatpants and an oversized, heather grey, Big Dogs t-shirt, with the neckline cut, and a humorous graphic on it, that reads, "G_ Scr_w Y__rs_lf. Wanna try a vowel?".

[10:35.34] <master_naughty_parts> Not sure if you're being sarcastic or being serious.

(No, dickweed, if I were being sarcastic, it would have been way more hilarious, cause I have a decent imagination, unlike your pathetic, weewee-centred excuse for one.)

[10:36.18] <subversive`Khaos> That is what I am wearing, Sir.

[10:36.46] <master_naughty_parts> no bra? no panties?

[10:37.19] <subversive`Khaos> No bra. Plain, white underwear.

[10:37.38] <master_naughty_parts> any tattoos?

[10:37.39] <subversive`Khaos> Forgot about that.

[10:37.50] <master_naughty_parts> its ok.

[10:38.03] <subversive`Khaos> Yes Sir. 16.

[10:38.19] <master_naughty_parts> Tell me what you look like in detail.

[10:39.38] <subversive`Khaos> With respect, Sir, there are multiple photos on my profile, and I have severe carpel tunnel and and neuropathy in my hands, which make extra typing quite painful.

[10:40.59] <master_naughty_parts> Do you mean on your blog or your FL?

[10:42.58] <subversive`Khaos> FL and here, Sir.

[10:43.28] <subversive`Khaos> Definitely a lot more on FL, cause there is no limit there, and more recent, cause of the profile updating issues here

(Oops. I had actually forgotten that this was bondage, rather than CS, but whatever. I've got pics all over the place.)

[10:43.30] <master_naughty_parts> I think I saw your gallery on your "professional" services, are you considered a "BBW"?

[10:43.46] <subversive`Khaos> Yes Sir, I am.

[10:43.57] <master_naughty_parts> ah, nevermind, no offense.

(ROFL! You fucking idiot! Really?? I mean, I guess it's good he didn't just look at the pretty pictures and start the wankfest from there, but dude; If that sort of thing is important to you, don't you think you ought to check that first?)

[10:44.15] <subversive`Khaos> None taken.

[10:44.41] <subversive`Khaos> I wish you well.

[10:44.50] <master_naughty_parts> I'm more into the petite type myself, if you would like to help me still I know a way.

(That's ok. I'm more into guys with an IQ higher than their mediocre dick size)

[10:46.11] <subversive`Khaos> Oh?

[10:46.21] <subversive`Khaos> Help you how, exactly, Sir?

(And this is where he's going to mistake me for a pimp.)

[10:47.15] <master_naughty_parts> help me find a girl more on the petite side that is looking to be owned, help explain and teach her about the Gor lifestyle if she's uneducated in it, etc.


[10:53.00] <master_naughty_parts> well?

[10:54.10] <subversive`Khaos> SO, basically, provide you with a great many hours of service, train a girl for you, and then hand her over, and I get nothing out of it other than the privilege of serving you?

[10:54.57] <master_naughty_parts> what would you like out of the deal?

(Oh, bless your little cotton socks, darlin'! Aren't you just precious?)

[10:58.16] <subversive`Khaos> I dont't think there is anything you could provide, Sir. And all else aside, if I put that much effort and investment into a girl, I'm not going to hand her over to someone who doesn't even want to do the minimum work required to find his own slave. In the slave markets in fiction and of old, you put down your hard-earned cash for a well trained slave. With consensual slavery, it is effort that must be spent, Sir.

[11:01.41] <master_naughty_parts> I also just don't know where all to look on the ICR

(Assuming he means IRC.)

[11:03.13] <subversive`Khaos> I would strongly recommend starting with getting to know people as people, in the community, and become a known entity, rather than making the focus finding a slave.

[11:03.20] <subversive`Khaos> That tends to work far better.

(And then crickets. Shocker!)

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