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PostPosted: 12 Apr 2019, 10:55
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From CollarSpace Chat

I have no clue what this dude was on, but it must'a been something!

(No commentary required)

Session Start: Sat Jan 26 04:36:01 2019
[16:36.01] <DillHole> hello

[16:36.01] <AfKhaos> I'm probably multitasking or AFK. Be patient and I'll reply eventually. Now would be a good time to read my profile!

[18:34.10] <AfKhaos> Hello

[18:34.11] * You are now known as Multitasking`Khaos

[18:34.11] --CollarBot-- type !setdesc (your description) in the room to have me save your description and announce you under this nick

[18:34.17] <DillHole> Hello

[18:34.31] <DillHole> Are youa single fmale sub?

[18:34.51] <Multitasking`Khaos> Are you a literate human?

[18:35.27] <DillHole> I did not break away the Khaos

[18:35.37] <Multitasking`Khaos> I beg your pardon?

[18:36.08] <DillHole> enjoy the night

[18:37.29] <Multitasking`Khaos> My autoreply gave you a link to my detailed profile. Yet you completely ignored it. SMH.

[18:38.40] <DillHole> before

[18:38.50] <DillHole> I dont go to link

[18:38.55] <DillHole> again enjoy the night

[18:40.00] <Multitasking`Khaos> My CS profile is KhaosWolfKat.

[18:40.17] <Multitasking`Khaos> Same with FetLife profile. It answers all your questions. Enjoy.

[18:41.43] <DillHole> You enjoy also

(Alrighty then, dude. Yeah. I'm confused too.)

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