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PostPosted: 12 Apr 2019, 10:26
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From FetLife

This was initially posted, like almost all the posts here, to the original, Return to Sender group, on FetLife.

"Tiny man", as he had been dubbed, had been making his rounds on ALL the sites, enough to have been added to the "BINGO cards" invented by group members, featuring various prolific offenders. The comments from other group members, many hilarious, can be found on the original thread. You'll have to be logged into a FetLife account to see it.

Yep! I finally got tiny man. Of course, I just HAD to have a little fun with him.

(My commentary like this)
Commentary = stuff I added for you, the readers, rather than part of the original message exchange.

Dallas, Texas
written 2 days ago:

Ms. WolfKat..... Happy New Year..... If you were out and about one day doing some shopping and in one of the stores you saw/found a tiny man only 6 inches tall what would you do?

Do you think you would catch him and take him home?

Do you think you would offer to help him?

Do you think you would just stare and continue on your way?

KhaosWolfKat 41F
Seattle, Washington
written 2 days ago:

Hmmm.. I think I would definitely catch him and take him home to be a toy for my amusement. I'm very sure I can think of lots of fun things to do with my own little man toy in my power.

Would you like to know what I would do with my little man toy? If you ask me nicely, I'll tell you.

Dallas, Texas
written 2 days ago:

Yes Maam..... I would like to know very much..... :-)

KhaosWolfKat 41F
Seattle, Washington
written 1 day ago:

OK. You asked for it! ;) I know it's a little long, and might seem a bit mean in places, but of course you saw in my profile when you read it that I am a sadist, so I bet that's just what you want, you naughty boy! Wait 'til you get all the way to the surprise ending!

I would start by using an electric flyswatter to threaten and force him into an empty Gatorade bottle, just to keep him contained temporarily. Then my next stop would be the pet store, where I would buy some supplies for housing my new little tiny man. Next stop, the hardware store, for some more supplies...
I have some fun things to build for my little toy to run and play in. It all has to be perfect for my plans.

Once we get home, I put him into the rat cage with my pet rat, for safe keeping until I can build his arena and ready some other things! It's ok.. Amelia (that's my rat) won't hurt him. She might try to get him to play with her, but he should be fine, since they are about the same size. I give both of them some nice fruits and veggies and a honey stick to munch on while I work.

Now, I get to building! After some time passes, my masterpieces are taking form. There is a miniature replica of the Colosseum, perfect to the smallest detail. My new little buddy is going to have LOTS of fun playing in there for my amusement! But first, before he gets to the glory of the Arena, he'll have to prove himself in the maze I built.

Time to take my little pet out of the cage now, and get him situated in the brand new clear hamster type ball I got for him.
Putting it on the floor, I command him to run around so I can watch him. Of course, this excites my pitbull - She LOVES to play chase!
Don't worry though; the ball is made of extra strong plastic. I'm almost positive that she can't actually chew through it!
I toss the ball to my slave, and he throws it for the dog to fetch, just because she REALLY wanted him to, and those puppy eyes got to him.

Now it's time to take my wee little man out and let him have a go in the custom maze I made for him. If he makes it through in time, he gets to move on the the main event - the Colosseum, where he will perform for me to prove his valour and win his prize!

I hope my tiny man is smart enough to avoid the gila monsters and sticky traps and make it out of the maze. This is exciting!
I'm totally cheering for him, breathless for his success!

Did he make it? Does he get to go for the big prize in the Colosseum??

If so, I will continue.

(I'm actually really a bit astounded by his response to my first installment. I expected him to want more, hoping for the "prize", but I though he'd be at least a little spooked! Not so!)

Dallas, Texas
written about 23 hours ago:

Wow...... I think Im in love....... :-) Dammitt why cant you own a shrink ray????? :-)

And yes he makes it to the Colosseum.......

KhaosWolfKat 41F
Seattle, Washington
new message
written less than a minute ago:

Oh excellent!

So, now that the maze is conquered, it's time for my pet to be fed and watered, so back in with Amelia for a bit. Seems the safest place and there's already a water bottle there and everything. She's happy to share.
Once he's had a bit of time to rest, eat, and endure a bath from Amelia (I think she thinks he's another rat!), we're off the the Colosseum!

Carefully, I place him in the sand in the middle of the great arena. There are figures seated in the stands all around, and I've even provided the sounds of cheering crowds through embedded speakers, to make it all the more realistic for him.

A resplendent cloak is thrown over the shoulders of my pint sized gladiator. Oddly, it seems to be coated with flakes of some fragrant, green, plant substance.

Suddenly, a fanfare sounds, accompanied by the frenzied beating of drums, and a hush steals over the simulated crowds... This is the time where all eyes will be riveted, expectantly, to the gates surrounding the arena floor. How many of them will rise? What manner of beasts or warriors will be unleashed, against which my small champion must battle, to vanquish or be defeated!?

In the abrupt and utter silence, the gates begin to rise... Four of them, from each quadrant of the enclosure. Great, furred faces are soon revealed, and in but a moment, four large cats spring forth, and converge on the figure in the sand! He runs at first, but they soon close around him. They can't resist the smell of catnip. At the last moment, he realises what the green flakes are, and rips the cloak from his shoulders, flinging it as far as he can, but it is too late now. The fanged felines have focussed their attention on the small creature before them. The game of cat and mouse (or little man, in this case) is afoot! He dodges and darts with spectacular agility, striking with his cudgel, which now seems paltry in the face what he fights, but he perseveres! Strike! Jump! Run! He rolls under one of his foes and thrusts his weapon up into the cat's soft belly!
With a snarl and a feline scream, the animal goes wild! The warrior rolls clear, but it is not enough. Snickers has had enough, and with a swipe of her mighty paw, he is down, and soon pinned beneath her frighteningly sharp claws. Her jaws open wide, full of razor sharp teeth, as she brings her head down to seize her prey.

With a gasp, I lean in close, my full, red lips parted and breaths coming quickly. My hand reaches down toward the melee. Time seems to slow as hand and jaws descend, nearly in unison. Snickers snatches up her prize and, in a single crunch, it is over. My hand finishes its descent to scratch her behind the ears as I shake my head. Well, that one didn't last long! Ahh well.

Luckily though, judging from the number of people getting this very same initial message, there will be plenty more little tiny men to play with.

Dallas, Texas
new message
written 6 minutes ago:

Hmmm..... im thinking the colosseum might not be the best option for me, I would rather wind up in a cage for your amusement..... :-)

KhaosWolfKat 41F
Seattle, Washington
new message
written less than a minute ago:

Sorry. Too late. My little tiny man has, alas, passed to the cities of dust. Pooor tiny man.

tinyman43MDallas, Texas
written 6 days ago:

Hmm..... so you joined "Curious about squishing 6 inche men" :-)

(There's his latest reply - And he sent me a friend request. I haven't responded to either. Not sure I'm going to since it's clear he's watching the thread anyway.

It's kind of too bad he approached me the way he did, really, cause one of the services I actually provide for my donating fans (of my smoking/fetish website) is custom erotica, based on their fantasy, and often starring them! But they have to approach me as an individual, not serve me up a steaming heap of copypasta drowned in boring sauce.)

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