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We're all animals (but some are dumber than others!)
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Author:  KhaosWolfKat [ 12 Apr 2019, 09:42 ]
Post subject:  We're all animals (but some are dumber than others!)

From LotGD mail

This is from an RPG site on which I play. Moreta is my character's name. The idiot's name has been changed, but the gist was kept intact. (I love the thesaurus!)

(My commentary like this)
Commentary = stuff I added for you, the readers, rather than part of the original message exchange.

---Original Message from One And Only Reprobate (2012-12-26 13:28:56)---
You are sooo cute..... So why no husband.

(You can "marry" other players in the game, for buffs and RP purposes)

---Original Message from *Yuletide Santacide* Moreta (2012-12-26 13:32:09)---
Eh.. I've had a few.. wives too. They all seem to die or disappear. Besides, most men are too weak to keep my interest as a mate. Most end up little more than slaves, and, as much as I am fond of my male slaves, I have no romantic interest in or attraction to them.

---Original Message from One And Only Reprobate (2012-12-26 13:35:17)---
smacks her ass, Just haven't found the one lovely.

---Original Message from *Yuletide Santacide* Moreta (2012-12-26 13:39:50)---
Woahhh there friend!

Strong and dominant men are a treasure, but only if they have manners! Never mistake rudeness, presumptuousness, or being domineering for dominance. Uninvited touch of that sort is a very fast track for losing my interest, if not a hand or two.
(OOC: You would likely find helpful information in my extended bio section on the Forums)

(OOC = Out of Character - indicating this is the real me talking. The bio I reference has pretty much flat out instructions on how to successfully court my character in two posts, one linked from the other. It's here, if interested.)

---Original Message from One And Only Reprobate (2012-12-26 13:40:34)---
You can't be uptight your whole life Moreta, you'll keep losing loved ones.

---Original Message from *Yuletide Santacide* Moreta (2012-12-26 13:47:25)---
I fail to see how objecting to entirely more familiar than warranted contact is "uptight". Surely, you realise that a lady, no matter how worldly, appreciates one who knows how to be a gentleman!

(It was at this point that I happened to look in the "village" chat area, which is for role play, and godmodding- ie: "doing" something to someone successfully without consent, rather than "trying" to do it, is strictly forbidden.. and found this little gem..)

> One And Only Reprobate skips in, wrapping Moreta in his arms. Placing his lips to hers, in a perfect kiss. Then smiles as he pulls back, running away to hide quickly from the pain he shall be endouring later.

(Moron! I deleted his post and had another staff member warn him, since I was the target and felt my staff hat should stay off there. Then went back to my in game inbox...)

---Original Message from One And Only Reprobate (2012-12-26 13:49:10)---
I know how to be a gentleman but I also know how to be a weirdo and think with my penis. I understand you're independent, strong willed woman but damn. One day you have to take a break. We are animals afterall.

(After all is two words, nimrod!)

---Original Message from *Yuletide Santacide* Moreta (2012-12-26 13:50:59)---
I prefer a man always think with the head on his shoulders. That way he is more likely to know when and how to properly employ his loins.

---Original Message from One And Only Reprobate (2012-12-26 14:00:37)---
OH GOD!! YOU think I wanna.... OH DAMN no.

(I have **NO** fucking clue what he was on about at this point, so asked him.)

From: *Abominable Arctic Aphrodisia* Moreta
Subject: RE:
Sent: 2012-12-26 14:02:42

I'm not certain what you are inferring there...
What is it you think I meant?

(No reply yet, as he logged out, which may have been due to another staff member giving him a warning about godmodding)

(And THAT, boys and girls, is why Moreta is single! Because that tripe is pretty typical of the calibre of most would be suitors.)

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