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PostPosted: 11 Apr 2019, 11:22
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From CollarSpace

This nimrod dumped a pile of copypasta in my inbox, uninvited, along with some crappy excuse for poetry, which I am CERTAIN he's dumped on countless others as well, hence his new name, "Copoetrypasta Chef". I guess he didn't like being called out.

Copoetrypasta Chef on 12/30/18 at 3:55 PM:

Allow us to be friends and get to know each other.
[male name] here in [City] [East Coast State]
On KIK as [NOPE]
Tell me all about yourself?
My Stats are
Born in the Big Apple yet I am not a worm
I am a Cancer but not a crab
5 10 tall
210 Lbs.
Brown eyes
Brown hair
Beauty such as yours inspires my writings.
I shape the poems in various ways but on here all the lines go to the left.

By [male name]
Looking into your eyes I see many desires woman full of passionate fire
Your body commands attention and you have gotten mine in a snap
A heavenly beauty the Lord has bestowed upon you GODDESS
The beauty you behold captivates many eyes, hearts and souls
Your beauty has exposed all my inner feelings as they flow
Here I send you these simple words with much hope
What I ask is that you allow me to touch your heart
Experience the feeling that runs through my heart
Know what your beauty is capable of doing to me
Feel what rhythms you cause in my heart beats
There you will find a true love for who you are
As you are women capable of igniting a fire
One that burns the flesh which desires to
Be touched by your soft hands while
Your lips come to mine exposing
Our most secret desires for
One another

KhaosWolfKat on 12/30/18 at 6:45 PM:

With all due respect, Sir, does this approach EVER work? Like... EVER?

Perhaps you ought to try reading a profile before you send a heaping, steaming pile of stale copypasta to every woman with pretty pictures.

It would save time and I guarantee you would get better results.

Perhaps this is not the most respectful reply I could have fashioned, but, to be quite honest, Ive already had more than my fill of pasta-a-la-lame today, and you're lucky number done


Copoetrypasta Chef on 12/31/18 at 2:17 PM:

KhaosWolfKat on 1/1/19 at 9:52 AM:
AhhhhHAHAHAAAAAAAA Oh my Thank you so much for the morning hilarity. That was great. Was it good for you?

A real message? As opposed to what? A copy and paste most likely sent to dozens of women on here, without bothering to actually find out anything beyond the recipients gender, let alone read their profile, or see what they might be looking for?

News flash, Sparky I actually sent you a real message, specifically directed to you, in response to your letter. I don't have to be perfect to spot, and call out, obvious laziness and spamming.

Perhaps, if YOU had bothered to send a real message in the first place, rather than the copypasta twaddle you sent, you would have gotten a more positive response. I bet none of the recipients of your CP gave you what you were looking for either. Wanna take that bet?

(He never replied. Boo hoo!)

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