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... "when you do the slave part"
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Author:  KhaosWolfKat [ 08 Apr 2019, 10:53 ]
Post subject:  ... "when you do the slave part"

From OKCupid

Another one from the Great OKC Inbox Clearing Project who clearly missed the part at the VERY BEGINNING of my profile about not messaging me about sex and kink

(My commentary like this)
Commentary = stuff I added for you, the readers, rather than part of the original message exchange.

hey, how are you?
really nice pic you got in here ;) xx
i saw in your profile you are into bdsm, are you much into humiliation, too (when you do the slave part)??
Sent on 10/12/2011

No, I really don't enjoy humiliation at all. Of course, when I was a slave, what I enjoyed or didn't was immaterial, as it was my place to be pleasing and obedient, but still, it is not my preference, either giving or receiving.
Sent on 11/23/2011

alright i seeare you into pain? i mean what does turn you on the most when you do the slave part ?would you like to chat on msn maybe or skype? x
Sent on 11/24/2011

What, exactly, do you mean, "when I do the slave part"?
I suspect you and I may have differing ideas regarding slavery.To me, slavery isn't about kinky fun or turn ons. It is about service, and completely surrendering to another person, making one's focus the pleasure and convenience of that other person.A slave exists to serve, obey, and be pleasing to their owner first and the free in general. It doesn't matter what turns the slave on unless her owner wishes to know.. Only what pleases her owner is important, not what pleases the slave.
So, you see, your question really makes no sense from my standpoint.There are lots of things that turn me on, but, those things turn me on regardless of whether I am free or slave.

(He never replied. More's the pity)

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