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PostPosted: 07 Apr 2019, 19:44
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From FetLife

This is someone with whom I have NEVER initiated contact or otherwise engaged personally. We have a number of groups in common, and he had repeatedly tried to try and shut down all my posts with which he took issue, but had no actual arguments against. I do not actually know this person, nor do I wish to.

When his incessant personal attacks in multiple threads failed to work, he sent me his unsolicited PM in order to try and bully me into stopping posting in groups. It didn't work very well.

After he blocked me, he continued to follow me around and derail EVERY thread I started or on which I posted, with personal attacks, for months, until he became the second person to ever be blocked by me on FetLife.

Dude is a very special snowflake!

(My commentary like this)
Commentary = stuff I added for you, the readers, rather than part of the original message exchange.

Douchebarrel 54M
Place, Australia
Subject: best you keep quiet

you make more sense that way

you a mistress or a slave today?

(Despite having written numerous times on the subject, he can't or won't get it through his head that "switch" is about activities, not status.)

KhaosWolfKat 43F
Seattle, Washington

best you keep quiet

Oh.. Is that an order?
Too bad for you that I no longer must obey [free people], huh?

you make more sense that way

That's rich, coming from someone who can't back up his claims in a rational discussion, so must resort to trying to shut me up.
you a mistress or a slave today?

Lets see.. I'm neither, since I am free, and don't own any slaves.

(I didn't own any slaves at the time)

I'm not even positive what got you on this particular kick.

Most likely though, it is a case of talking out your nether regions without first doing your homework.

Yeah.. I used to be a slave. I was one for about 7 years. Then, I had to just put up with people like you, and give you the proper respect as befitted my station.
Now I am not. Haven't been since March 1, 2010, so I no longer have to suffer fools and assholes. It's a nice change.. For me.
Not so nice for you, I imagine.

I suppose it is a lot easier to simply be able to command someone to silence. Sucks, doesn't it? Now you have to actually stand on your own merits, rather than your status.

Good luck with that. Your track record suggests you'll need it.

~ Khaos

Douchebarrel 54M
Place, Australia

no friendly advice
my sympathies you failed at being a slave

KhaosWolfKat 43F
Seattle, Washington

Slavery was no longer a fulfilling path for me.
I begged freedom. It was granted. As it turns out, my former owner did not wish to free me, but felt he had to do as I asked.

Looks like the failure was not mine.

But nice try.. again. You have to get better at this trolling business if you wish to bait me.
Feel free to continue to try though. It is rather amusing.

Or, you could cut the crap and be a man.

Either way, I'll be cool with it. You either become worthy of my respect, or provide me with entertainment. Win/win for me.

Douchebarrel 54M
Place, Australia

so remove the bullshit you failed

KhaosWolfKat 43F
Seattle, Washington

I'm sorry.. what was that even meant to convey?

The complete lack of punctuation or context makes it difficult to tell.

So.. anyway.. Let me get this straight.. If I decided that I no longer wanted to do or be something, and took steps to change it, I "failed"? Congratulations, by your own logic, everything you have ever changed your mind about doing or ceased to to or be, you FAILED at!
LOL. Nice going dude. Wanna try jamming your virtual foot any further into your virtual mouth, or have you had enough shoe leather for the day?

Douchebarrel 54M
Place, Australia

so you failed

Douchebarrel 54M
Place, Australia

do you believe your own bullshit?
oh I didnt fail i just decided to do something else?

KhaosWolfKat 43F
Seattle, Washington

Yes.. I also failed at being a drunk, failed at being homeless, failed at not going to college, failed at continuing to hook up with losers, failed at staying in dead end, thankless jobs, failed at being unemployed, failed at not having awesome kids and grandkids, and a host of other things that I was doing, but decided not to do any longer.

OK. Your turn! (back to my other fun game)

And then he blocked me.

I love how they always think getting the last word via send-and-block constitutes "winning" an exchange

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