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PostPosted: 07 Apr 2019, 17:11
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From CS chat

My profile AND the in-room bio specifically state:
• I am NOT interested in being owned or slave.
• I do not submit to women.
• I will treat dommes/free women as equals, and no more.

And the room has a no PMing without permission rule, which she, of course, totally did.

(My commentary like this)
Commentary = stuff I added for you, the readers, rather than part of the original message exchange.

Session Start: Mon Feb 18 08:21:51 2019

[20:21.51] <Missfemalename&number> hu

[20:21.53] <Missfemalename&number> hi

[20:22.10] <subversive`Khaos> Greetings, Missfemalename&number.

[20:22.35] <Missfemalename&number> how are you

[20:22.37] <Missfemalename&number> call me miss

(Ummm.... No. My profile specifically states that's not happening)

[20:22.45] <Missfemalename&number> i am 41/f/ky miss

(Nice for you)

[20:22.47] <Missfemalename&number> and you

[20:23.30] <subversive`Khaos> My name's Khaos.

[20:23.38] <subversive`Khaos> I have a profile on here under KhaosWolfKat.

[20:24.02] <subversive`Khaos> And an easier to read version on my blog (cause CS is all messed up lately)

[20:24.17] <subversive`Khaos>

[20:24.43] <Missfemalename&number> nice pic of you

(Oh.. This is where I'm meant to thank you for your generous compliment, right?)

[20:25.02] * subversive`Khaos nods.

[20:25.06] <subversive`Khaos> I like it.

[20:25.48] <Missfemalename&number> are you looking to serve or owned

[20:27.01] <subversive`Khaos> I thought my profile covered that pretty thoroughly. Did I misremember?

[20:27.23] <Missfemalename&number> ok

(LOL. Nice try though. NOT)

[20:27.33] ***QUIT*** Missfemalename&number (redacted) Quit (Connection reset by peer)

(OMG! She quit! I'm shocked! Oh wait...)

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