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PostPosted: 07 Apr 2019, 17:37
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From CS Chat

This guy had an EXTREMELY common dom nick, paired with the least original number sequence possible. We'll call him, BoringFapDom123

Another nearly immediate on arrival, uninvited PM, against the chat room rules. What a shock.

I was pretty sure where it was headed from the start, but had nothing better to do, so figured I'd see how long he'd keep trying in the absence of anything even vaguely 'interested' seeming from me. A LONNNNG time, as it turns out!

(My thoughts like this)
Thoughts = stuff I added for you, the readers, rather than part of the original message exchange.

Session Start: Fri Feb 22 07:21:19 2019

[19:21.19] <BoringFapDom123> hey there

[19:21.36] <subversive`Khaos> Good evening, sir.

[19:21.47] <BoringFapDom123> how are you

[19:22.02] <subversive`Khaos> Still sucking air, sir.

[19:22.09] <subversive`Khaos> Everything else is a bonus.

[19:22.12] <BoringFapDom123> lol

[19:22.15] <BoringFapDom123> sucking air?

[19:22.20] <BoringFapDom123> thats all youre suking?

(What a surprise. Of course he went RIGHT there.)

[19:22.22] <subversive`Khaos> Breathing, Sir.

[19:22.37] <BoringFapDom123> i see smiles

[19:22.43] <BoringFapDom123> may i ask you asl?

(And if you had bothered to even GLANCE at the entry message that popped up along with my entry into the room, you would know that, and a lot more, even without bothering to read the actual profile)

[19:23.04] * subversive`Khaos sighs.

[19:23.24] <BoringFapDom123> just want to ensure youre of legal age

(Sure ya do. Cause the fact I'm on an adults only server doesn't indicate that at all, and if I weren't, I'm already lying about it, stupid.)

[19:23.26] <subversive`Khaos> I'd much prefer you check my profile, Sir. As noted in the entry message, it is under KhaosWolfKat.

[19:23.29] <BoringFapDom123> ant find your profile

[19:24.11] <BoringFapDom123> got it

[19:24.16] <BoringFapDom123> sorry about that

[19:24.24] <subversive`Khaos> Here's a link to my blog copy, if CS is misbehaving:

[19:24.25] <subversive`Khaos> +,

[19:24.50] <BoringFapDom123> thanks i appreciate it

[19:25.00] <BoringFapDom123> whats going on

[19:25.05] <BoringFapDom123> besides sucking air...

[19:25.57] <BoringFapDom123> and how long have u been in lifestyle

[19:26.24] <subversive`Khaos> Just working on day to to day stuff, mostly.

[19:26.39] <BoringFapDom123> i see

[19:26.49] <BoringFapDom123> and what do u like about lifestyle

[19:26.54] <subversive`Khaos> How long legally/officially, Sir, or for real?

[19:27.04] <BoringFapDom123> both

[19:28.14] <subversive`Khaos> The former, about 29.5 years. The latter, closer to 32.

[19:28.21] <BoringFapDom123> wow

[19:28.26] <BoringFapDom123> thats a long life

[19:28.32] <BoringFapDom123> what do u like the most

[19:28.53] <subversive`Khaos> I'm 47. Been involved in various aspects of BDSM my entire adult life and then some.

[19:29.04] <BoringFapDom123> hhhhmmmm

[19:29.10] <subversive`Khaos> The most?

[19:29.14] <BoringFapDom123> yes

(I think this is the part of the script where I'm supposed to say how much it turns me on and makes me want peen.. Any peen, but especially his. Sorry Charlie.)

[19:29.48] <subversive`Khaos> There's a lot to choose from, and it depends on what sort of "like", why, and in what mindset.

[19:30.01] <BoringFapDom123> hhhmmmm true

[19:30.13] <BoringFapDom123> well i like to be served that much i know for sure

[19:30.24] <BoringFapDom123> in all ways and every way

[19:30.53] <subversive`Khaos> Also a lot of ground to cover, Sir. LOL..

[19:31.08] <subversive`Khaos> There are so many forms of service, not to mention styles and methods.

[19:31.24] <BoringFapDom123> lol yes a lot of ground

[19:31.28] <BoringFapDom123> but we have time lol

[19:31.55] <BoringFapDom123> physical service i enjoy quite a bit

[19:32.05] <BoringFapDom123> i enjoy touch and feel smiles

[19:33.28] <subversive`Khaos> What sort of physical service? Do you refer to domestic duties, serving girl duties, more intimate, personal service (like valet, massage, bathing, dressing, and the like), sexual service...

[19:33.57] <BoringFapDom123> i like intimate and sexual also like massage

[19:34.09] <BoringFapDom123> full body massage smiles

[19:34.57] <BoringFapDom123> so - yes most forms of physical service i enjoy quite a ibt smiles

(Who could have guessed?)

[19:35.17] <subversive`Khaos> What is the most submissive and/or dominant act you can think of, off the top of your head, if I may ask, Sir?

(This is to determine, even though I was already pretty sure, whether he thinks D/s = kinky sex acts where one person is bossy.)

[19:35.32] <BoringFapDom123> submissive?

[19:35.35] <BoringFapDom123> hhhhhmmm

[19:35.43] <subversive`Khaos> Or maybe most submissive position

[19:35.50] <BoringFapDom123> being on all fours - spread wide - not knowing what will happen next

(Who didn't see that coming?)

[19:36.11] <BoringFapDom123> off the top of my head anyway....

[19:36.17] <subversive`Khaos> What about in a public setting?

[19:36.27] <BoringFapDom123> ohhh

[19:36.37] <BoringFapDom123> and being disrete about it?

[19:36.40] <BoringFapDom123> or not?

[19:36.47] <subversive`Khaos> Either way.

[19:37.09] <BoringFapDom123> not being discrete - then the same position

[19:37.47] <subversive`Khaos> You would be cool with that in a public place, where anyone, of any age or sensitivity level may see?

[19:37.52] <BoringFapDom123> i think its a vulnerable position

[19:37.55] <subversive`Khaos> It is.

[19:38.12] <BoringFapDom123> i dont want anyone underage to see it

[19:38.20] <BoringFapDom123> only adults

[19:39.02] <BoringFapDom123> and maybe clothed in public then...

[19:39.11] <subversive`Khaos> So, how about somewhere where there could very well be underage and/or more sensitive viewers?

[19:39.27] <BoringFapDom123> nope

[19:39.35] <BoringFapDom123> nothing happens in that setting

[19:39.42] <subversive`Khaos> Interesting.

[19:39.48] <BoringFapDom123> why is that?

[19:40.06] <subversive`Khaos> It sounds like all the D/s scenarios that come to mind are sexualised.

[19:40.15] <BoringFapDom123> really?

(Oh. Now you're gonna try and play it off, even though clearly, anything D/s would be only suitable for adults? Nice try, dude. NOT)

[19:40.25] <BoringFapDom123> most Doms love sex and control...

[19:40.34] <BoringFapDom123> and hey youre the one that mentioend massages lol

[19:41.14] <subversive`Khaos> You may have noticed I mentioned massages separately from sexual services, Sir, as an attempt to determine what sort of services you mainly preferred.

[19:41.29] <BoringFapDom123> i enjoy massages too

[19:41.42] <BoringFapDom123> sometimes massages that lead to service...

[19:41.54] <subversive`Khaos> Isn't massage a service in itself?

[19:42.06] <BoringFapDom123> very true

[19:42.10] <BoringFapDom123> youre a smart one

(At least ONE of us is!)

[19:42.27] <BoringFapDom123> but i like my sub to be creative during the massage

[19:43.01] <subversive`Khaos> "Creative" as in finding all the knots and aches you didn't even know existed?

[19:43.21] <BoringFapDom123> hhhmmmm how did you know?

[19:43.45] <BoringFapDom123> there can be lots of knots and aches after a long day

[19:43.54] <subversive`Khaos> Indeed, ??Sir.

[19:43.58] <subversive`Khaos> oops.

[19:44.02] <subversive`Khaos> the ??s were typos.

[19:44.14] <subversive`Khaos> Right by shift key

[19:44.25] <BoringFapDom123> smiles

[19:44.35] <BoringFapDom123> do you like finding all the knots and aches?

[19:44.48] <subversive`Khaos> I used to be quite skilled in massage, before the carpel tunnel and neuropathy got too bad.

[19:45.03] <BoringFapDom123> shame

[19:45.08] <subversive`Khaos> Quite.

[19:45.20] <BoringFapDom123> i would need to take you back to a time before that then

[19:45.28] <subversive`Khaos> I took it as a great compliment when someone fell asleep on me.

[19:45.33] <BoringFapDom123> would you have me on the bed or floor or...

[19:45.47] <BoringFapDom123> it definitely is a compliment for sure

[19:46.03] <subversive`Khaos> Massage table or chair is most practical for massage.

[19:46.12] <subversive`Khaos> Though any stable surface will do.

[19:46.20] <BoringFapDom123> hhhmmmm

[19:46.23] <BoringFapDom123> couch?

[19:46.58] <subversive`Khaos> Much less than ideal. You can't get as much full access to all the muscle groups without the person contorting themselves in counterproductive ways.

[19:47.10] <BoringFapDom123> ohhhhh

[19:47.19] <BoringFapDom123> you need full access huh?

(Haaahaaaa! Keep trying, pathetic boy!)

[19:47.34] <subversive`Khaos> To do a decent job, of course.

[19:47.42] <BoringFapDom123> i guess it would need to be a massage table then

[19:47.48] <BoringFapDom123> is it all set up?

[19:47.52] <BoringFapDom123> for me

[19:48.01] <subversive`Khaos> Beg pardon?

(Here's where we go back to trying to make this a RP session, despite my VERY clear statements in all profiles that I don't like chat RP, not to mention the continued failure so far.)

[19:48.14] <BoringFapDom123> is the table set up or me?

[19:48.20] <subversive`Khaos> The massage table is in my shed, actually, at the moment.

[19:48.33] <BoringFapDom123> i meant if i was there lol

[19:48.39] <BoringFapDom123> would it be ready?

[19:49.11] <subversive`Khaos> Well, considering what I mentioned earlier about the carpel tunnel and neuropathy, I don't see how it would be of much use, Sir.

[19:49.36] <BoringFapDom123> well lets say you didnt have those issues

[19:49.45] <BoringFapDom123> we're imagining a time before that

[19:49.54] <subversive`Khaos> Why?

[19:50.11] <BoringFapDom123> well i want to know what type of massage youd give

[19:50.33] <BoringFapDom123> and if youre as good as you say

[19:50.50] <subversive`Khaos> It would depend on your body type, medical conditions/issues, past and current injuries, and your personal preferences, of course.

[19:51.02] <BoringFapDom123> my personal preference?

(Yeah. I knew you were gonna jump on that, dillweed.)

[19:51.08] <subversive`Khaos> Just like any massage worthwhile.

[19:51.38] <BoringFapDom123> well i know i would enjoy a full body massage - does that help?

[19:51.45] <subversive`Khaos> Yes Sir. Some people prefer lighter touch. Some prefer deep tissue massage, while others just find that painful. Some like heat, some don't, etc.

[19:51.46] <BoringFapDom123> i have a lot of knots and aches

[19:52.06] <BoringFapDom123> i think in between light and deep tissue

[19:52.22] <BoringFapDom123> enough to get at the knots but not enough to paralyze me lol

[19:52.57] <subversive`Khaos> Those pressure points are reserved for other lines of work.

(Let's put him off balance a bit and see what happens.)

[19:53.04] <BoringFapDom123> ohhhh?

[19:53.16] <BoringFapDom123> like what?

[19:53.26] <subversive`Khaos> Of the less consensual variety.

[19:53.33] <BoringFapDom123> i see yikes

[19:53.39] <BoringFapDom123> purely consensual here

[19:53.43] <BoringFapDom123> youre making me swear

[19:53.45] <BoringFapDom123> sweat

(Figures. Doesn't stop him from blazing right along though with the fap fodder attempt.)

[19:54.10] <BoringFapDom123> would i leave my clothes on as i hop on the table?

[19:54.14] <subversive`Khaos> Or, rather, of the variety where the subject implies consent by attempting to ignore someone else's lack thereof. ;)

[19:54.43] <BoringFapDom123> i - could be an interesting massage for sure - smiles...

[19:54.58] <subversive`Khaos> Yeah.. I don't think I'd consider that any part of massage.

[19:55.14] <BoringFapDom123> whew - thank goodness

[19:55.22] <BoringFapDom123> so do i jump on clothed or...

[19:55.23] <subversive`Khaos> I'd certainly run out of clients pretty quickly if that were the case!

[19:55.29] <BoringFapDom123> yes

[19:55.34] <BoringFapDom123> theyd be dead lol

[19:55.41] <subversive`Khaos> Not necessarily.

[19:55.48] <BoringFapDom123> yikes

[19:55.49] <subversive`Khaos> But they wouldn't be eager to return.

[19:55.50] <BoringFapDom123> ok

[19:55.57] <BoringFapDom123> i dont even wanna go there

[19:56.06] <subversive`Khaos> Most folks prefer not.

[19:56.17] <BoringFapDom123> never had a massage

[19:56.23] <subversive`Khaos> Ahh.

[19:56.24] <BoringFapDom123> youre just scaring me now hun

(Yet, you're still determined to try and push this agenda of yours. I'm almost sorry it's not in person, cause I have some aggression that could use an outlet.)

[19:56.40] <subversive`Khaos> That would explain where some of the seeming misconceptions come from.

[19:56.50] <BoringFapDom123> i think youd break my neck gulp

(Or maybe you're trying to turn it into a different sort of fap fodder, where I'm the evil domme masseuse. No matter. That won't be working either.)

[19:56.53] <BoringFapDom123> might be

[19:57.20] <BoringFapDom123> so do i get on the table clothed?

[19:57.39] <subversive`Khaos> Again, breaking the necks of massage clients is a good way to quickly thin out one's clientelle. Not a good business strategy.

[19:57.52] <BoringFapDom123> lmao - so true

[19:58.18] <BoringFapDom123> how does it begin?

(OK. Time to just call him on it. Starting to get bored with the current line.)

[19:58.44] <subversive`Khaos> It seems a lot like you're really trying to guide this into a fantasy RP session, where you get a nice, pretend massage, likely including the famed, "happy ending".

[19:58.47] <subversive`Khaos> Am I right?

[19:59.05] <BoringFapDom123> well i'd love to know what a massage is like

[19:59.10] <BoringFapDom123> from a sub to a Dom

[19:59.33] <BoringFapDom123> call it a pretend massage if you will

(That IS what a thing you're pretending to do, rather than really doing would be. Dumbass.)

[19:59.43] <subversive`Khaos> There are a great many descriptions, and even several how-tos on the web.

[20:00.02] <BoringFapDom123> i see - but i am with you at the moment

[20:00.11] <BoringFapDom123> would want to know from you

[20:01.24] <subversive`Khaos> It would be like a massage from a professional, with the exception of the fact that there would be an attendant D/s dynamic, including whatever aspects were part of negotiated limits within said dynamic.

[20:01.50] <BoringFapDom123> what limits would be agreeable to you as a sub

[20:02.24] <subversive`Khaos> That would depend entirely on the specific dynamic in question.

[20:02.38] <BoringFapDom123> i dont follow

[20:02.47] <BoringFapDom123> what do you mean by dynami

[20:02.49] <BoringFapDom123> c

[20:03.09] <subversive`Khaos> Every D/s dynamic (relationship/situation) is different.

[20:03.17] <BoringFapDom123> i see

[20:03.26] <subversive`Khaos> There are hundreds of variables.

[20:03.26] <BoringFapDom123> well i would prefer the full body massage

[20:03.37] <BoringFapDom123> with the sub paying close attention to every inch

[20:03.40] <subversive`Khaos> That isn't a D/s dynamic. That is a singular service.

[20:03.46] <BoringFapDom123> that is the kind of dynami i like

[20:04.13] <BoringFapDom123> a servie of pleasing a Dom

(Good gods! You're more of a moron than I thought!)

[20:04.46] <subversive`Khaos> And if left the massage session without having had an orgasm, or at least come close to it, would the sub have fulfilled their duty?

[20:04.55] <subversive`Khaos> if you left*

[20:05.17] <BoringFapDom123> i have heard that if the massage is really good

[20:05.21] <BoringFapDom123> your brain tingles

[20:05.27] <subversive`Khaos> Quite so.

[20:05.28] <BoringFapDom123> with no need to cum

[20:05.41] <subversive`Khaos> In a completely non sexual/sensual way.

[20:05.46] <BoringFapDom123> i want my brain to tingle

[20:06.04] <BoringFapDom123> and maybe more but not sure about that to be honest

[20:06.06] <subversive`Khaos> But you seem really focused on this one thing, rather than D/s in general.

[20:06.13] <BoringFapDom123> would depend on the subs omfort level

[20:06.24] <BoringFapDom123> just never had a massage

[20:06.25] <BoringFapDom123> sighs

[20:06.27] <BoringFapDom123> sad

[20:06.32] <subversive`Khaos> You didn't read the profile at all, did you?

[20:06.42] <subversive`Khaos> Maybe looked at the pics and fetishes?

[20:06.49] <BoringFapDom123> i skimmed it why?

[20:06.57] <subversive`Khaos> It shows.

[20:07.30] <BoringFapDom123> ok

[20:07.57] <BoringFapDom123> do i get to have my first massage?

[20:08.05] <BoringFapDom123> from a special sub

[20:08.18] <subversive`Khaos> I don't know. It's above my paygrade.

[20:09.11] <BoringFapDom123> ohhhh

[20:09.12] <BoringFapDom123> ok

[20:09.27] <BoringFapDom123> i understand

(No. You clearly don't understand a damn thing.)

[20:10.05] <subversive`Khaos> Reading is fundamental.

[20:10.12] <BoringFapDom123> i know

[20:11.38] <BoringFapDom123> sorry if i upset you

[20:11.52] <subversive`Khaos> I'm not upset at all...

[20:11.53] <BoringFapDom123> no massage i get it

[20:12.04] <subversive`Khaos> I'm afraid I've gotten bored with our little, single focused chat now, Sir, so unless you have something more engaging (based at least, in part, on my actual interests) to discuss, I think we should both go do something else.

[20:12.19] <BoringFapDom123> ok

[20:12.30] <subversive`Khaos> Toodlepip.

[20:12.43] <BoringFapDom123> i guess i just wanted a massage

(OMG! *REALLY*, dude? You're still trying? Good gods! LOL)

[20:13.09] <subversive`Khaos> If you wanted a massage, you would have gone to a massage practitioner.

[20:13.24] <BoringFapDom123> i have one right here

[20:13.35] <subversive`Khaos> You wanted a tantalising description of a massage.

[20:13.51] <BoringFapDom123> yes of ourse

[20:14.27] <subversive`Khaos> You wanted to push the "fantasy story generator button" and have it dispensed to you on demand.

[20:14.37] <subversive`Khaos> Tehre are services for that too.

[20:14.40] <subversive`Khaos> There*

[20:15.03] <BoringFapDom123> i have apologize

[20:15.05] <BoringFapDom123> d

[20:15.10] <BoringFapDom123> i am sorry about that

(Sure ya are, sparky)

[20:15.19] <subversive`Khaos> OK.

[20:15.28] <BoringFapDom123> i thought you were fine with it when you start asking about subissive positions

[20:15.34] <BoringFapDom123> i am truly sorry

[20:16.07] <subversive`Khaos> I asked because I wanted to know what "submission" and "dominance" meant to you.

[20:16.26] <BoringFapDom123> submission is total submission

[20:16.37] <BoringFapDom123> ready to serve - in the sexual sense

[20:16.43] <BoringFapDom123> and mentally too

[20:17.04] <subversive`Khaos> And yet, you could not think of a single, submissive pose or action that would be suitable for a public place and all ages.

[20:17.31] <BoringFapDom123> i can

[20:17.51] <subversive`Khaos> Really? That isn't what you said earlier.

[20:17.54] <BoringFapDom123> having you place your hand on my cock under the table in a restaurant

[20:18.00] <BoringFapDom123> and holding it there all night

[20:18.13] <subversive`Khaos> No. That is not something suitable for all ages to view.

[20:18.32] <BoringFapDom123> it wouldnt be viewed

[20:18.38] <BoringFapDom123> it would be under the table

[20:18.39] <subversive`Khaos> Nor is it particularly submissice.

[20:18.43] <subversive`Khaos> submissive.

[20:18.59] <BoringFapDom123> what would you consider submissibe and suitable

[20:19.05] <subversive`Khaos> Any pair of horny teenagers do the same every day.

[20:19.18] <BoringFapDom123> this is true

[20:19.36] <BoringFapDom123> nothing wrong with reliving your youth sometimes

(I don't think you ever left, dude.)

[20:20.20] <subversive`Khaos> I can think of dozens of submissive acts, gestures, positions, services that I have personally performed in full view of children and all manner of public locations, that would not even raise an eyebrow.

[20:20.21] <BoringFapDom123> what would you consider suitable

[20:20.45] <BoringFapDom123> kissing a Dom on the cheek?

[20:20.55] <BoringFapDom123> pulling the chair out for him?

[20:21.03] <subversive`Khaos> The fact that you can't think of even one tells me that our D/s goals are wildly divergent.

[20:21.38] <BoringFapDom123> i just thought of two

[20:22.03] <subversive`Khaos> So you did.

(Do you want a cookie?)

[20:22.10] <subversive`Khaos> That pause and glance to gain silent permission before answering a question, ordering a meal, leaving a room, etc

[20:22.39] <BoringFapDom123> yes of course

[20:23.05] <BoringFapDom123> excellent examples

[20:24.10] <BoringFapDom123> and what would you wear

(Of course.)

[20:24.45] <subversive`Khaos> Heeling, deferring, waiting to speak, sitting at his feet, rather than next to him at movie night (easily seen as simply a cute thing), being ready to take his coat. Making travel/appointment/meal/other arrangements, or, conversely, leaving them to him, cheerfully, as he pleases.

[20:25.12] <BoringFapDom123> very nice examples indeed

(Lets give the scripted answer first, then cut it down.)

[20:25.36] <subversive`Khaos> A sexy, low cut gown with a thigh high slit and matching heels...

[20:25.52] <subversive`Khaos> Or a band shirt, TDUs, and boots.

[20:25.58] <subversive`Khaos> Or anything in between.

[20:25.59] <BoringFapDom123> very nice

[20:26.03] <BoringFapDom123> underneath

[20:26.09] <subversive`Khaos> The attire isn't what matters.

[20:26.22] <BoringFapDom123> its that you wore it to make me happy

[20:28.02] <BoringFapDom123> isnt it?

(You're the "dom". Shouldn't you know these things? And Now, I am completely bored and done.)

[20:28.06] <subversive`Khaos> I'm gonna give you some time to read my profile, if you like. Especially the part about what I am looking for in a D/s dynamic. The blog profile is easier to read with less glitches, as well as more recently updated. If you still feel like there is anything to discuss, feel free to let me know.

[20:28.46] <subversive`Khaos> For now though, I need to go, as it's time for me to start winding down and taking care of tasks that need done before bedtime.

[20:28.58] <subversive`Khaos> Good night.

[20:30.27] * You are now known as AfKhaos

[20:30.44] <BoringFapDom123> ok

[20:30.44] <AfKhaos> I'm probably multitasking or AFK. Be patient and I'll reply eventually. Now would be a good time to read my profile! KhaosWolfKat on CS & FL, or blog verson: +,

[20:30.49] <BoringFapDom123> nite

[20:31.34] ***QUIT*** BoringFapDom123

(I'm glad that people don't have to worry as much about having their lives ruined just because someone finds out that they're a "deviant", but FFS, I am SOOOO sick of the never-ending parade of HNGs who think all they have to do to get pussy is pretend to be a dom and all the subs will just give it up cause "that's what submissive means, right?" </rant>)

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