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PostPosted: 07 Apr 2019, 16:36
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From IRC

Yet another obedient sub who will serve me in any way I desire (as long as it is his kinky wank fodder fantasy). His username made clear he has a has a humiliation fetish, so I'll call him humiliation fetish guy, or hfg, for short.

(My commentary like this)
Commentary = stuff I added for you, the readers, rather than part of the original message exchange.

[13:25:30] <hfg> hi there

[13:48:13] <Khaos_multitasking> Hello.

[13:48:26] <hfg> would you happen to be interested in a male sub?

[13:49:35] <Khaos_multitasking> Only one who is truly a service sub and will serve accordingly as a beast of burden.

[13:50:22] <hfg> I am very obedient. I like to follow humiliating, disgusting, or painful tasks

[13:51:12] <Khaos_multitasking> So..You want me to tell you to do nasty things to yourself so you can get off?

[13:52:03] <hfg> i want to do them for your enjoyment. cumming is a reward for me not an epectation

[13:52:35] <hfg> does that please you?

[13:53:09] <Khaos_multitasking> Nope. Not interested. I have absolutely zero sexual interest in sub males.

[13:53:28] <hfg> There doesnt need to be anything sexual about it Miss

[14:00:51] <Khaos_multitasking> OK.. I have a bunch of dog crap in my back yard which needs picked up.

[14:01:08] <hfg> okay, i can do that for you.

[14:03:36] <Khaos_multitasking> Great. Where will you be coming from?

[14:03:58] <hfg> oh im sorry miss. i was hoping for something online or rp

[14:07:05] <Khaos_multitasking> Ohhh! So, I am supposed to come up with a fun script for you.

[14:07:11] <Khaos_multitasking> Who is serving whom here?

[14:07:25] <hfg> no no im sorry Miss. i get what you are saying

[14:07:48] <hfg> maybe we could start with you telling me what you prefer and i could go from there?

[14:08:01] <Khaos_multitasking> I already told you what I prefer.

[14:08:21] <hfg> you said you prefer no sexual content.

[14:09:08] <Khaos_multitasking> [13:49:35] <Khaos_multitasking> Only one who is truly a service sub and will serve accordingly as a beast of burden.

[14:10:35] <Khaos_multitasking> That is what I said.

[14:11:39] <hfg> ok

[14:11:50] <Khaos_multitasking> That is the only context in which I am interested in a male sub, other than being served at specific, protocol events.

(And then crickets. Who'da thought!?)

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