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At least he's persistent?
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Author:  KhaosWolfKat [ 07 Apr 2019, 15:31 ]
Post subject:  At least he's persistent?

From IRC

So, this happened. Dude's name changed to something "appropriate".

(My commentary like this)
Commentary = stuff I added for you, the readers, rather than part of the original message exchange.

Session Start: Sun Jul 30 08:36:35 2017

[20:36.35] <Wishful Thinking> hello girl

(Why the fuck do they always have to do that when they know damn well I am NOT a fucking slave??)

[20:37.18] <KhaosWolfKat> Tal Sir. Is the "girl" bit really necessary?

[20:37.56] <Wishful Thinking> you find it offensive

[20:38.08] <KhaosWolfKat> It chafes a bit.

[20:38.24] <Wishful Thinking> fair enough,,

[20:38.37] <KhaosWolfKat> Thank you, Sir.

[20:38.45] <Wishful Thinking> it wasnt meant too offend,

(No. It was meant to attempt to "put me in my place", you fake-ass, wannabe, dim-dom.)

[20:39.02] * KhaosWolfKat nods.

[20:39.10] <Wishful Thinking> you know Gor rooms are pretty much dying it seems

[20:39.34] <KhaosWolfKat> I think it's just the normal cycle. I've seen it several times over the years.

[20:40.39] * Wishful Thinking smiles,,I wouldnt consider myself Gorean,,but then true Gor believes in killings and taking slaves

[20:41.40] <KhaosWolfKat> That isn't "true Gor", Sir. That is roleplayers more concerned with storylines and fantasy elements than the actual philosophies, tenets, beliefs, etc.

[20:42.34] <Wishful Thinking> hard too find those rooms then,,

[20:43.11] <KhaosWolfKat> RTL and GL are both such rooms, though, it seems nearly eveyone is glued to their tellys this eve.

[20:43.24] <KhaosWolfKat> Apparently, Game of Thrones new season started today.

[20:43.50] <Wishful Thinking> it has been on for 3 weeks...lol

[20:43.57] <KhaosWolfKat> Oh. OK

[20:44.05] <KhaosWolfKat> Must just be today is the day then?

[20:44.07] <Wishful Thinking> just so you know

[20:44.22] <Wishful Thinking> yes its on sunday nights..

[20:44.31] <KhaosWolfKat> That explains some things then.

[20:44.51] <Wishful Thinking> but when I come online I never do anything but be here,,so Im rare I suppose

[20:45.18] <KhaosWolfKat> I'm nearly always multitasking.

[20:45.48] <Wishful Thinking> just habit i guess,,well if you get too know me better that will change

[20:46.07] <KhaosWolfKat> Why is that, if I may ask?

[20:46.30] <Wishful Thinking> you wont have a reason too do other things then focus on me

(HAAAAHAHAHAAAAHAHAHAAA!! Aren't you just precious!)

[20:46.44] <KhaosWolfKat> I see.

[20:47.00] <KhaosWolfKat> You seem relatively certain of that, it appears.

[20:47.09] <Wishful Thinking> yes I do

[20:47.35] <KhaosWolfKat> I'll take that under advisement, Sir.

[20:48.15] <Wishful Thinking> I am sure if we got too know each other better you wouldnt like too just be one of many distractions for me

(You say that as though I really give a flying fuck.)

[20:49.11] <KhaosWolfKat> I don't view conversations as distractions. Rather, I simply have much to do and usually multitask well.

[20:50.26] <KhaosWolfKat> And I wouldn't expect to have the undivided attention of anyone in a chat room, or IM either, unless the conversation were of a serious/urgent nature.

[20:50.37] <Wishful Thinking> also it will not be offensive call me master not Sir

(Nice try, bro.)

[20:51.03] <KhaosWolfKat> I beg your pardon?

[20:51.08] * Wishful Thinking smiles well it would be serious

[20:52.08] <Wishful Thinking> looks weird in pm you calling me Sir I would prefer Master

[20:52.36] <KhaosWolfKat> I'm not sure why it would look weird.

[20:52.51] <KhaosWolfKat> Slaves address free men as Master.

[20:52.55] <KhaosWolfKat> I am not a slave.

(As was already stated CLEARLY in the room, dillweed!)

[20:53.42] <Wishful Thinking> your not a sub either

(No shit, Sherlock. That was made clear as well.)

[20:53.43] <KhaosWolfKat> I use Sir as a form of respect, acknowledging my place as a woman in a man's world.

[20:54.37] * Wishful Thinking smiles at her

[20:55.05] <KhaosWolfKat> If you would prefer I not address you as such, I will, of course, accede to your will.

[20:55.37] <Wishful Thinking> then Master is my will

[20:56.03] <KhaosWolfKat> I said I would accede to your will in not addressing you as "Sir".

[20:56.35] <Wishful Thinking> good

[20:57.15] <KhaosWolfKat> I am not a slave and I am not your woman, so I'm afraid you will need to come up with some other alternative if Sir does not work for you.

[20:58.21] <Wishful Thinking> well I have something too work forweard too till I own you M'Lord will suffice

(Yeeeah... I don't think so, Sparky.)

[20:58.35] <[color=#8080FF][b]KhaosWolfKat[/b][/color]> Either way, there is ample time to consider the matter, as I have to shut down comms in 2 minutes.

[20:59.01] <KhaosWolfKat> Perhaps I should simply address you by name.

[20:59.24] * KhaosWolfKat doesn't plan to be owned any time in the foreseeable future.

[20:59.26] <Wishful Thinking> no I want too know Im differnt

[20:59.41] <KhaosWolfKat> Of that, there should be no doubt.

[21:00.16] <Wishful Thinking> still though,,seeeing it come from your lips is a powerful stamtemnt

[21:01.03] <KhaosWolfKat> You are most definitely different, Wishful Thinking.

[21:01.04] <Wishful Thinking> all our conversations until I deem otherwise will end with you say "yes M'Lord"

(BOL! Yeah. Ummmm... No they won't, dude.)

[21:01.44] <KhaosWolfKat> I'm afraid that won't be happening.

[21:01.54] <KhaosWolfKat> I need to go now, so please do excuse me.

[21:02.01] <KhaosWolfKat> Good night. I wish you well.

[21:02.07] <Wishful Thinking> think about it,,,,

[21:03.07] <KhaosWolfKat> I'm sure I will be giving the conversation due consideration and attention. It has certainly been worthy of comment.

[21:03.30] * You are now known as AfKhaos

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