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PostPosted: 07 Apr 2019, 11:26
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From (shocker!!) CS

Another "Master" turned "sub" in the blink of an eye.
I have changed his name from "
[his location and indication that is is 'tough'] master", to, "Master-no-sub!", for obvious reasons.

(My commentary like this)
Commentary = stuff I added for you, the readers, rather than part of the original message exchange.

Dated: 8/17/16 4:11 PM
hi girl, you have got wonderful profile.... care to chat ?? Here on yahoo ... .Master-no-sub!

KhaosWolfKat on 8/17/16 at 7:06 PM:
I prefer not to give out my email address to someone I don't know, however, I would be willing to communicate here or via YIM. My Yahoo IM is khaoswolfkat. It will show me as offline, cause I am always invisible. The best way to see if I'm there is to send an IM.

(Now the conversation moves to YIM...)

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-17 22:58:54): hi

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-17 22:59:25): it is me Master-no-sub! from collarspace ... when can we chat ?

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-18 09:18:24): Good morning. I was in bed when you messaged. It is 0918 in my location.

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-18 11:55:17): hi

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-18 11:57:04): Good afternoon.

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-18 11:57:14): hi

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-18 11:57:25): good evening here ...

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-18 11:57:29): You said that already ;)

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-18 11:57:30): introduce yourself ?

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-18 11:58:03): What do you mean? You already know who I am from my profile, right? I don't understand.

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-18 11:58:21): what is your profile name ?

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-18 11:58:56): You messaged me on here and you don't even know who you are messaging?

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-18 11:59:23): IT is the same as my name on here.

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-18 12:00:08): :)

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-18 12:00:30): I like your profile so much

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-18 12:00:56): OK

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-18 12:01:36): so tell me what you like to know ?

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-18 12:02:24): Well, when I tried to click on your profile from your message on CS, it said profile not found. Why is that?

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-18 12:02:39): I do not know

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-18 12:02:48): all people tel lme your profile is hidden

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-18 12:03:18): Will you go and unhide it?

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-18 12:03:19): I adore BBW

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-18 12:03:35): are you married ?

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-18 12:04:10): Did you actually read my profile or just look at the photos and kink lists?

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-18 12:05:19): just the photo and kink list

(At least he was honest about it)

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-18 12:06:05): I see. So, when you say you love my profile, what you really mean is you like the way I look and my list of kinks, rather than anything about me as a person.

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-18 12:06:29): I prefer we talk and chat here

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-18 12:06:34): find out this together

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-18 12:06:57): I am more into interactive chat

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-18 12:07:16): That is fine, however, I put a lot of time and effort into writing my profile, so that I would not have to answer the same questions every time I talk to someone.

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-18 12:07:29): ok

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-18 12:07:34): I am reading it now

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-18 12:07:57): If you read my profile, you can find out the answers to most of your questions, and then I can answer the ones you have that not covered, or I can elaborate on things as you wish.

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-18 12:08:01): OK

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-18 12:08:15): good

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-18 12:12:09): it seems you are looking for submissive boy

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-18 12:12:33): right ?

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-18 12:14:37): busy ?

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-18 12:16:38): No.

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-18 12:16:55): I am not looking for a submissive boy.

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-18 12:17:11): what are you looking for ?

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-18 12:18:48): My profiles tells that too.

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-18 12:19:10): please

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-18 12:19:14): dominate me

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-18 12:19:22): you are too tough for me to handle

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-18 12:19:26): What??

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-18 12:19:51): I thought you were supposed to be a master.

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-18 12:20:13): I do dominate the weak people

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-18 12:20:19): but you are not

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-18 12:20:37): I have been dominated more than one time by strong females

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-18 12:20:43): I don't bother with weak people.

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-18 12:21:16): It is no challenge to dominate someone weak.

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-18 12:21:40): try me

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-18 12:21:57): And do what? How would you serve me?

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-18 12:22:20): the way you wish

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-18 12:22:22): guide me

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-18 12:22:41): No.. I am asking YOU what you have to offer.

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-18 12:23:02): my mind, my time and my body too

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-18 12:23:05): What skills do you have that I would find useful?

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-18 12:23:35): I am very good when it comes to sex

(What a huge suprise! No one guessed he would go there, right?)

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-18 12:23:54): please my partner and let her cum more than one time

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-18 12:24:05): I am not sexually attracted to submissive males. If you read my profile, you would see that.

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-18 12:24:09): I was used as a driver

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-18 12:24:40): have done some house work too

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-18 12:24:51): was used to please my owner friends

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-18 12:25:47): Also, there is a specific portion of my profile that gives instructions for those wishing to serve me.

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-18 12:27:06): what should I do now ?

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-18 12:27:36): READ my FULL profile. Read it all. Follow directions.

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-18 12:28:00): yes Ma'am

(Fast forward to this morning)

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-19 08:22:00): Hi

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-19 11:25:45): Hello.

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-19 11:27:18): how are you doing Ma'am ?

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-19 11:28:18): Awesome.

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-19 11:28:23): great

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-19 11:28:35): Did you read my entire profile?

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-19 11:28:38): Hi

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-19 11:29:13): No

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-19 11:29:31): Why not?

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-19 11:35:43): I need discplane

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-19 11:36:01): Spelling lessons too.

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-19 11:36:06): yes Ma'am

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-19 11:36:20): So, you didn't read my profile because you need discipline?

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-19 11:36:43): I need to be taught full obediance

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-19 11:37:38): Answer the question.

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-19 11:37:48): yes Ma'am

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-19 11:39:05): Let me guess... The way the script goes in your fantasy is that you, having deliberately failed to do what was asked of you, which you said you would do, will now be punished by me for disobeying.

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-19 11:39:13): Is that about right?

<insert sound of crickets here>

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-19 15:53:35): Figures.

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-20 01:05:30): hi

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-20 10:38:39): What?

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-20 14:22:05): h

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-20 14:22:11): hi

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-20 14:22:30): hi

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-20 14:22:31): Hi. Again.

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-20 14:22:54): how are You doing Ma'am ?

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-20 14:25:20): You didn't read my profile yet, did you?

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-20 14:27:37): I need to be discplaned first

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-20 14:27:45): No.

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-20 15:25:00): Why would I waste my efforts on someone who can't even be bothered to spend a few moments reading a profile?

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-20 15:25:20): I am very loyal sub

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-20 15:25:31): I see you have a snowman on your pic there. Is it like the one from Frozen?

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-20 15:25:38): Do you like Frozen?

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-20 15:25:54): meaning ???

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-20 15:26:35): The film. Frozen. Have you seen it?

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-20 15:26:43): nope

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-20 15:27:15): Aww. Too bad. I was going to send you a song, but you have to know the song from the film to understand it.
(I was going to send him the lyrics from this wonderful post.)

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-20 15:27:53): Anyway, if you are such a good and wonderful sub, why does your name say Master?

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-20 15:28:23): just becasue I live in a community where males are supposed to be dominant

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-20 15:30:24): That doesn't make sense. Your profile isn't viewable. Only people you contact will even see your name on there or here.

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-20 15:33:36): I did not hide the profile

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-20 15:33:45): and I do nnot know what is wrong with that

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-20 15:35:05): If you are a loyal sub, why do you refuse to follow directions?

Master-no-sub! (2016-08-20 15:35:20): make me your sub

Khaos WolfKat (2016-08-20 15:36:43): I don't accept disobedient subs.


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