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PostPosted: 06 Apr 2019, 19:29
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From CS chat

Dude's nick indicates he is a master and either some sort of psych professional or patient (it contained "psyco", for that bit, so either way, misspelled, and if he's trying to go with professional, he's doing it wrong, cause psycho does not mean that! LOL)[/i].

(My commentary like this)

Session Start: Sun May 27 02:26:15 2018

[14:26.15] <PhDumbinant> looking cute in your profile pics

[14:27.12] <KhaosWolfKat> Thank you Sir.

[14:27.39] <PhDumbinant> your welcome, i believe that beauty must be adore

[14:27.59] <KhaosWolfKat> I'm not sure I understand.

[14:29.23] <PhDumbinant> beauty must be praised

(Glory to beauty in the highest, and on earth peace to people of good will. We praise you, we bless you, we adore you, we glorify you, we give you thanks for your great glory. Amen... The recovering Catholics will get that one.)

[14:29.33] <PhDumbinant> thats what i mean

[14:29.35] <KhaosWolfKat> Ahh.

[14:29.40] <KhaosWolfKat> Thank you for clarifying.

[14:30.03] <PhDumbinant> do you always thankx a lot like this ?

[14:30.44] <KhaosWolfKat> I do try to have good manners.

[14:31.28] <PhDumbinant> as a submissive woman you should

[14:31.46] <PhDumbinant> this is how a submissive shows her respect and nanner

[14:31.51] <PhDumbinant> manners

[14:33.36] <KhaosWolfKat> I believe all should have good manners, Sir, regardless of station.

[14:34.12] <PhDumbinant> slave and submissive deserve to be respected as dominant or Masters

(Dafuq, dude? What does that even mean?)

[14:34.23] <PhDumbinant> its like a give and take relation

[14:34.49] <PhDumbinant> and without love care trust and honesty its worthless and uselsss

[14:35.03] <PhDumbinant> loyalty is a base of any relaionship

[14:35.15] <KhaosWolfKat> I'm not entirely sure I agree with that.

[14:35.30] <KhaosWolfKat> A certain degree of care and trust, definitely.

[14:35.32] <PhDumbinant> explain

[14:36.07] <KhaosWolfKat> Loyalty can mean a lot of things. Often, it is used to mean loyalty to one person or entity above all others.

[14:37.15] <PhDumbinant> different people have there own version on loyalty

[14:37.25] <KhaosWolfKat> Very true, Sir

[14:37.38] <PhDumbinant> and i respect your vision

[14:39.40] <PhDumbinant> may i ask your name

[14:41.11] <KhaosWolfKat> My name is Khaos.

[14:41.55] <PhDumbinant> I am [Dude] [mid 40s], i work as a Psychologist for correctional faciity

[14:42.00] <PhDumbinant> wat do you do ?

[14:43.23] <KhaosWolfKat> A lot of things. Make soaps and other bath/body products and medicinals, web and graphic design, DJ...

[14:43.35] <KhaosWolfKat> Just for a few.

[14:43.58] <PhDumbinant> you are kind of multi talented

[14:44.20] <KhaosWolfKat> Never could make up my mind about what I wanted to be when I grow up. ;)

[14:44.54] <PhDumbinant> sometime you goes with the flow of life

[14:45.03] <PhDumbinant> notthing wrong in it

[14:48.35] <KhaosWolfKat> Nope

[14:48.39] <KhaosWolfKat> Not at all.

[14:48.54] <PhDumbinant> may i ask something

[14:49.04] <KhaosWolfKat> Sure.

[14:49.33] <PhDumbinant> i dont know much about you but you seems kind woman and maybe obiient so why a kind woman like you still uncollared

[14:50.12] <KhaosWolfKat> Did you read the profile or just look at the pictures?

[14:50.51] <PhDumbinant> t be honest, just saw your pictures

[14:51.42] <KhaosWolfKat> I see.

[14:52.12] <KhaosWolfKat> Here. A link for you

[14:52.17] <PhDumbinant> i know sounds stupid to not to read profile

[14:52.50] <PhDumbinant> ok

[14:53.16] <KhaosWolfKat> It generally is the best way to find out about a person, provided they have taken the time to put anything of note into it.

[14:53.34] <PhDumbinant> i am into bdsm since from my [upper pawdawan training] , learned a lot about this dark culture and had few females too but a submissive cant be a dominant khaos

(Oh REALLY now? Do tell!)

[14:53.39] <PhDumbinant> its not possible

[14:54.39] <KhaosWolfKat> You are stating that a person must be only completely submissive or completely dominant?

[14:55.19] <PhDumbinant> as a psychologist i know people more than you khaos

[14:55.27] <KhaosWolfKat> Really?

[14:55.53] <PhDumbinant> thats what i do

[14:56.09] <PhDumbinant> i trest people with there mind

(Yeah. I'm calling bullshit now)

[14:56.12] <KhaosWolfKat> One would think a psychologist would have more knowledge about such things.

[14:56.26] <PhDumbinant> maybe or maybe not

[14:56.32] <KhaosWolfKat> The human psyche is not so cut an dried or simple.

[14:56.51] <PhDumbinant> true

[14:57.05] <KhaosWolfKat> Why do you assume you know more about such things, when you have no idea of my educational level?

(Oh yeah... That was my major, nimrod! But we'll just leave that bit out and let you dig deeper)

[14:57.31] <PhDumbinant> same goes to you too

[14:57.54] <KhaosWolfKat> I have not made any statement assuming what you do or do not know.

[14:58.17] <KhaosWolfKat> You straight out told me that you know more about people than I do.

[14:58.44] <PhDumbinant> tell me what you know about people


[14:59.02] <KhaosWolfKat> That is not something which can be summed up in a sentence or two.

[14:59.16] <PhDumbinant> i know

[15:00.39] <KhaosWolfKat> I know that people are multidimensional and faceted beings, and that to boil a person's nature or character down to a simple, black or white state of being is to do humanity a great disservice.

[15:01.37] <KhaosWolfKat> Or, indeed, to insist that they choose one facet of their being to the exclusion of all others, in order to fit into someone's tidy little classifications never ends up working out.

(Put THAT in your "psyco" pipe and smoke it, dumbass.)

[15:02.03] <PhDumbinant> i understand that kaos

[15:02.07] <PhDumbinant> khaos

[15:02.12] <PhDumbinant> are we arguing ?

[15:03.08] <KhaosWolfKat> I would certainly not classify my words as arguing. You asked me a question. I am answering it.

[15:04.16] <PhDumbinant> ok

[15:04.31] <PhDumbinant> i appreciate the way you are tryig to answer khaos

[15:08.32] * PhDumbinant (~PhDumbinant@...) Quit (Connection reset by peer)

(HAH! That's right Forrest. RUNNNNNN!)

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