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PostPosted: 05 Apr 2019, 18:32
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From From CS Chat

We'll call him, "Johnny One Note", for reasons which will become obvious.

TW: Ellipses abuse

(My commentary like this)
Commentary = stuff I added for you, the readers, rather than part of the original message exchange.

**Session Start: Thu Mar 08 07:08:43 2018**

[19:08.43] <Johnny One Note> female slave or sub?

[19:08.45] <AfKhaos> I'm probably multitasking or AFK. Be patient and I'll reply eventually. Now would be a good time to whois me and click the profile link!

[19:08.59] <AfKhaos> Good evening to you too.

[19:08.59] * You are now known as KhaosWolfKat

[19:09.02] <Johnny One Note> you don't seem to have a profile.................

[19:09.46] <KhaosWolfKat> I do

[19:10.13] <KhaosWolfKat> KhaosWolfKat

[19:10.21] <Johnny One Note> are you a male or female........I don't know how many times ones has to ask a simple question........

[19:11.23] <KhaosWolfKat> I beg your pardon, but where *I* come from, it is customary to open conversation with a greeting, rather than a demand for someone's gender.

[19:12.16] <Johnny One Note> fine.......when do I get my question answered?

[19:12.45] <KhaosWolfKat> When you read the profile.

[19:13.06] <KhaosWolfKat> Here, I'll even give you the link, so you don't have to do any work to search for it...

[19:13.39] <KhaosWolfKat> +,

[19:14.18] <Johnny One Note> I don't "click" on links they could be know. So you don't want to answer, Have a great evening.

(It's obviously a CS link, nimrod! If you're afraid to click, copy and paste. Your type is great at that!)

[19:14.50] <KhaosWolfKat> Then try searching by username. Sheesh!

[19:14.58] <KhaosWolfKat> Whatever dude.

[19:21.07] **** QUIT!! **** ====* Johnny One Note (~Johnny One Note@...) Quit (Connection reset by peer) *====

(So, I go back looking for this one in the logs to paste here, and lo and behold! There's another log with his name from several months ago. I open it up, and find a nearly identical conversation!)

**Session Start: Fri Jul 21 05:51:54 2017**

[17:51.54] <Johnny One Note> female slave?

[17:52.01] <AfKhaos> I'm probably multitasking or AFK. Be patient and I'll reply eventually. Now would be a good time to whois me and read the profile!

(That's my afk auto reply. Shows you where to find the profile and everything!)

[17:52.12] <AfKhaos> I beg your pardon?

[17:52.13] * You are now known as KhaosWolfKat

[17:52.14] <Johnny One Note> You do not seem to have a profile..........

[17:52.25] <Johnny One Note> female slave or male?

[17:52.46] <KhaosWolfKat> Good evening. Nice to meet you too.

[17:53.03] <KhaosWolfKat> (That was a hint)

[17:53.08] <Johnny One Note> yes very nice to meet you---mind answering my question.......male or female?

[17:53.57] <KhaosWolfKat> I am female. And where I am from, it's generally customary to greet someone and perhaps introduce oneself before demanding gender.

[17:54.19] <Johnny One Note> yes very understood....

[17:54.37] <Johnny One Note> so do take the greeting "very nice to meet you"......

[17:54.46] <KhaosWolfKat> And I do have a profile.

[17:54.50] <Johnny One Note> that should help.......with your introduction.............

[17:55.12] <Johnny One Note> well I was not able to access it.....

[17:55.18] <Johnny One Note> we do not live in a perfect world.

[17:55.35] <Johnny One Note> but very nice that your a female and that you have good manners.....

[17:55.46] <Johnny One Note> particularly "introduction manners".

[17:56.19] <Johnny One Note> I am a male .........dom.

[17:56.43] <Johnny One Note> and I do wounder what part of the World you are Reffering too......

[17:56.43] <KhaosWolfKat> I gathered that, Sir. I might note, however, that I am not a slave. Submissive =/= slave.

[17:56.57] <Johnny One Note> Awa......submissive......

[17:57.02] <Johnny One Note> fine understand.

[17:57.47] <Johnny One Note> You have a serious formal tone to your speech and how you communicate....

[17:57.49] <Johnny One Note> very good...

[17:58.33] <Johnny One Note> You seem to be a Brit..........or are you a Yankee like me?

[18:00.37] <KhaosWolfKat> I suppose the Brits would consider me a yank. Certainly, in my vernacular, "them's fightin' words!" though. I am in the PNW now - relocated from Tn.

[18:00.50] <KhaosWolfKat> So, definitely NOT a yankee!

[18:02.40] <Johnny One Note> PNW---I don't want to take the time to figure that out, since there are over 195 countries in the world....

(Yeah. Gods forbid you waste even a moment on anything not directly related to getting the kink you ordered delivered!)

[18:02.46] <KhaosWolfKat> PNW= Pacific Northwest

[18:02.51] <KhaosWolfKat> USA

[18:03.11] <Johnny One Note> oh..........Pacific Northwest, USA......well that does round things up nicely.

[18:03.18] <KhaosWolfKat> I thought the US part ws clear from my response. My apologies.

[18:03.47] <KhaosWolfKat> Originally from Tennessee.

[18:04.00] <Johnny One Note> Apologies accepted........oh your a Southerner.........

[18:04.05] <Johnny One Note> yes it's clear now.

[18:04.11] <KhaosWolfKat> Hence, the strong denial of being a yankee. ;)

[18:04.34] <Johnny One Note> well, just so you know I'm Spanish (Eruopean)/American

[18:04.50] <Johnny One Note> but I do understand your Yankee issues.....

[18:05.02] <Johnny One Note> too bad you lost the Civil War.......

[18:05.11] <KhaosWolfKat> The South will rise again.

[18:05.33] <KhaosWolfKat> Look around you.. There's sweet tea in every McDonalds in the country already!

[18:05.59] <Johnny One Note> Well if you say so, after all I do like Robert E. Lee

[18:06.12] <KhaosWolfKat> He was my cousin, actually. No joke.

[18:06.53] <Johnny One Note> He almost "whipped those Yankees"............almost.........

[18:07.21] <Johnny One Note> very nice......I do like Southern Grils.....

[18:07.37] <KhaosWolfKat> I'm not so sure it was even an almost, tbh. All "Rebel pride" aside.

[18:09.41] <Johnny One Note> Well I know the History and it was an "almost", besides they did offer him command of the entire Northern Army just two weeks before the onset of the Civil War and he declined and said he was a Southerner......of course he was the best Leader avialaible to the Union Army, that is a Historical fact....

[18:10.03] <KhaosWolfKat> He was a good General for certain.

[18:10.42] <Johnny One Note> Well you can solve everyting like me, mix yourself up with a good Spaniard.......

[18:11.14] * KhaosWolfKat resists the urge to quote The Man in Black..

[18:12.25] <Johnny One Note> Well some good disipline might be in order.....I think now and then a good Spanking on your "southern Bottom" would be good....over my knees and face down without any underwear or panties.....

[18:12.59] <Johnny One Note> I'm sure they don't say that where you come from either.

[18:13.19] <KhaosWolfKat> Generally not to strangers, no.

(That was another hint, douchebag!)

[18:13.33] <KhaosWolfKat> That is the sort of thing reserved for those I know and trust.

[18:14.02] <Johnny One Note> Are you really genetically related to Robert E. Lee? Well you can trust me..........

[18:14.27] <Johnny One Note> Trust and good communication are always important.

[18:14.38] <KhaosWolfKat> Yes. I am actually genetically related to him. On my maternal grandmother's side.

[18:15.44] <KhaosWolfKat> Indeed, they are.

[18:16.06] <Johnny One Note> You mean I could have a real and honest true genetically related "Robert E. Lee" submissive female..........that would really be something......Yup, I agree, you need anything but a Yankee Male.

(Wooooaaahhhhh, there, buddy!! Slow the fuck down, 'eh?)

[18:16.36] <Johnny One Note> very intresting......

[18:17.05] <KhaosWolfKat> Do you think, perhaps, you might be putting the cart before the horse a bit, Sir?

[18:17.35] <Johnny One Note> How many times in live and in the world have people been doing that? Besides there are no set rules......

[18:17.40] <Johnny One Note> (life)

[18:18.25] <Johnny One Note> and life is please not too many rules......

(Translation: How dare you have any boundaries, whatsoever! Just dowhat I want right now!)

[18:19.13] <Johnny One Note> and I bet your a good looker too.......

[18:19.23] <Johnny One Note> good mind, good looker.....

[18:19.37] <KhaosWolfKat> I suppose that depends on one's tastes. Some think so. Some don't.

[18:19.53] <KhaosWolfKat> You may actually wish to read my profile.

[18:20.02] <KhaosWolfKat> Here is a link...

[18:20.10] <KhaosWolfKat> +,

[18:20.40] <KhaosWolfKat> Hmm.. Adn yet again, it didn't update my age. I'm 45, not 44.

[18:20.43] <KhaosWolfKat> and*

[18:21.11] <Johnny One Note> Yes well it's like reading the "war and peace" novel..........

[18:21.21] <Johnny One Note> about 800 pages long....

[18:21.27] <KhaosWolfKat> It beats answering all the same questions over and over.

[18:21.48] <Johnny One Note> true......

[18:22.44] <Johnny One Note> very intresting.....

[18:23.30] * KhaosWolfKat checks to see the actual number of pages, out of curiosity

[18:24.10] <Johnny One Note> alright, very nice conversation...I do hope the "south rises again" least Texas could leave the Union if anyone can!

[18:24.36] <Johnny One Note> intresting conversation.

[18:24.40] <Johnny One Note> do have a nice day!

[18:24.55] <KhaosWolfKat> I wish you well, sir.

[18:24.57] <KhaosWolfKat> S*

[18:25.15] <KhaosWolfKat> 5 pages, 12 pt font, double spaced, as it turns out.

[18:25.55] <Johnny One Note> You might want to make that statement somewhere in the text to motivate the reader to "read it all".

[18:26.22] * KhaosWolfKat shrugs.

[18:27.12] <KhaosWolfKat> I find that if I am really interested in getting to know someone/learning about them, I am already motivated to read their entire profile.

[18:28.00] <KhaosWolfKat> It tends to weed out those who are simply looking for a hook up or fetish dispenser.

[18:29.09] <Johnny One Note> There are over SEVEN Billion people on Earth currently living........that means seven Billion Brains....I don't think all would agree with your statement.

[18:29.19] <KhaosWolfKat> Of course not.

[18:29.36] <KhaosWolfKat> That would be simply absurd.

[18:30.41] <KhaosWolfKat> Those who disagree, however, are most likely people with whom I would not be compatible.

[18:32.10] <KhaosWolfKat> And I'd like to think I do them a service by making that obvious from the get go, so as not to waste their time on me.

[18:33.51] <KhaosWolfKat> Please pardon me a few moments, Sir. I need to go afk briefly.

[18:36.08] * KhaosWolfKat will brb

[18:38.14] * KhaosWolfKat returns

(I guess he didn't wanna chat anymore. More's the pity.)

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