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PostPosted: 05 Apr 2019, 09:55
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From CS Chat

The title really says it all.

(My commentary like this)
Commentary = stuff I added for you, the readers, rather than part of the original message exchange.

Session Start: Thu Sep 21 07:21:45 2017

[19:21.45] <randowanker> hi

[19:26.55] <KhaosWolfKat> Greetings Sir

[19:27.05] <randowanker> how are you

[19:27.13] <randowanker> i am [older than 30s, but only just]/m/ky master

[19:27.14] <randowanker> and you

[19:27.16] <randowanker> kneel

(I don't fucking think so, sparky!)

[19:27.53] * KhaosWolfKat just sat back down after doing a bunch of chores and would rather not kneel, as she is in pain.

[19:28.08] <randowanker> sit on the floor

[19:28.13] <randowanker> are you a sub or slave

[19:28.47] <KhaosWolfKat> Same issues. Sitting on the floor would hurt more, and make it difficult to reach the keyboard.

(And I don't take orders from randos who barge into my PM without asking anyway, so fuck off.)

[19:28.52] * KhaosWolfKat is submissive, conditionally.

[19:29.32] <randowanker> are you owned already

[19:29.39] <KhaosWolfKat> I am not.

[19:29.42] <randowanker> add sir to your reply

[19:29.49] <randowanker> are you looking for a master to serve

[19:30.03] <KhaosWolfKat> No Sir, I am not owned, nor looking to be owned.

[19:30.14] <randowanker> you can serve me

[19:30.29] <KhaosWolfKat> Perhaps, depending on the manner of service.

(But not bloody likely, since I already know what your sort want.)

[19:30.42] * KhaosWolfKat is not at all interested in cybersex or roleplay.

[19:30.49] <randowanker> ok

[19:31.42] <randowanker> what are you wearing

[19:33.37] <KhaosWolfKat> Sweats and a t-shirt, Sir.

[19:33.52] <randowanker> nice

[19:33.53] <randowanker> for me

[19:33.59] <randowanker> get topless pls

(WTF did I just say, bro?)

[19:34.42] <KhaosWolfKat> I'm going to have to respectfully decline

[19:35.20] <KhaosWolfKat> I'm also not interested in providing wank fodder,.

[19:35.21] <randowanker> ok

[19:44.13] * randowanker (~randowanker@....*) Quit (Connection reset by peer)

(Cause what good am I if not for wank fodder?)

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