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I don't read profiles (blah blah blah)
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Author:  KhaosWolfKat [ 04 Apr 2019, 11:22 ]
Post subject:  I don't read profiles (blah blah blah)

From CS chat

Another "I don't read profiles to get to know you", one. I finally added that snippet about the translation into my profile!

(My commentary like this) Commentary = stuff I added for you, the readers, rather than part of the original message exchange.

Session Start: Wed Jan 23 08:37:15 2019

[08:37.15] <LazyEntitledCretin> hi

[08:37.17] <LazyEntitledCretin> how are u

[08:37.46] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > Greetings, Sir.

[08:37.53] <LazyEntitledCretin> how are u

[08:38.00] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > I am well, Sir. How are you?

[08:38.13] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > Have you seen my profile yet, Sir?

[08:38.19] <LazyEntitledCretin> i cant get it

(Liar! But ok, I'll give you a direct link here and prove you're lying.)

[08:38.22] <LazyEntitledCretin> for some reason

[08:38.28] <LazyEntitledCretin> how old are u

[08:38.30] <LazyEntitledCretin> and from

[08:38.59] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > http://blog.goreanliving.com/2018/03/profile.html

[08:39.24] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > That answers the basic questions, so you can determine what we might like to talk about.

[08:39.49] <LazyEntitledCretin> ok

[08:39.52] <LazyEntitledCretin> are u a bbw sub ?

[08:40.33] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > So.. You aren't interested in reading the profile then?

[08:40.43] <LazyEntitledCretin> hmmm

[08:40.45] <LazyEntitledCretin> no

(At least he didn't keep lying?)

[08:40.49] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > Ahh.

[08:41.22] <LazyEntitledCretin> but to know u

[08:41.25] <LazyEntitledCretin> and interact

[08:41.49] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > The very best way to initially get to know me is to read the profile, if that isn't too much trouble for you.

[08:41.57] <LazyEntitledCretin> it is

[08:42.00] <LazyEntitledCretin> or i wont messgae u

(Oh noes! You'll stop messaging me if I insist on it??? How awful!)

[08:42.39] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > Reading a profile is too much trouble?

[08:43.00] <LazyEntitledCretin> yes

(Because you're a lazy, entitled, cretin.)

[08:43.03] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > I see.

[08:43.24] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > So, I am not really worth your time and effort, it seems.

[08:43.44] <LazyEntitledCretin> u are but i ask rather than a profile dictate

[08:43.46] <LazyEntitledCretin> it

(No, I'm pretty sure it's the lazy, entitled, cretin bit.)

[08:44.56] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > No thank you. I put a lot of time and effort into answering all the standard questions in a profile, so I don't have to have the same Q&A sessions every time. If I'm not even worth 3 minutes of your time to read it, then we have nothing to discuss.

[08:45.04] <LazyEntitledCretin> cheers

[08:46.25] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > "I don't read profiles. I'd rather get to know you by talking to you", translates to, "I'm to lazy to do the minimum to actually get to know you, and am not really interested in you as a full person, cause it gets in the way of my selfish goals".

[08:46.47] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > Good luck with your current approach. You'll need it.


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