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A Case of Mistaken Identity, or Just Another Douchebro?
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Author:  KhaosWolfKat [ 04 Apr 2019, 10:47 ]
Post subject:  A Case of Mistaken Identity, or Just Another Douchebro?

From CS Chat

Nick changed to protect the st00pid.

(My commentary like this) Commentary = stuff I added for you, the readers, rather than part of the original message exchange.

Session Start: Fri Jan 25 01:46:52 2019

[01:46.52] <MistookenIdentity> you again

[01:51.26] *** Server disconnected on chat.collarspace.com

[02:42.23] <MistookenIdentity> guessing you dont want to address me at all

[03:10.22] ***QUIT*** MistookenIdentity

[08:03.12] * You are now known as Undercaffeinated`Khaos

[08:04.21] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > ...?

[08:04.30] <MistookenIdentity> yes?

[08:04.31] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > Good morning Sir.

[08:04.43] <MistookenIdentity> you know well who I am

[08:04.45] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > I didn't address you because I was asleep in my bed, Sir.

[08:05.01] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > I'm afraid I do not know, Sir. Should I?

[08:05.15] <MistookenIdentity> yes

[08:06.04] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > I don't recognise the nick, Sir.

[08:06.20] <MistookenIdentity> you wouldnt, I changed it after the entire thing with [slave girl]

[08:06.35] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > OK...?

[08:06.45] <MistookenIdentity> think hard

[08:06.56] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > Then how would I know who you were, Sir?

[08:07.59] <MistookenIdentity> you know now?

[08:08.08] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > No Sir.

[08:08.20] <MistookenIdentity> MiSC

[08:08.29] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > The name, [slave girl], is familiar, however, I am not placing who she ie either.

[08:08.35] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > is*

[08:09.13] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > Have I unknowingly displeased or upset you in some way, Sir?

[08:10.06] <MistookenIdentity> your husband and you both played a hand in conning her away

(My what now?)

[08:10.25] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > I do not have a husband, Sir. I don't know what you are talking about.

[08:10.47] <MistookenIdentity> hmmhmm

[08:10.49] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > My divorce was final almost 20 years ago now.

[08:10.58] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > My name is Khaos.

[08:11.12] <MistookenIdentity> Well Master/Dom person

[08:13.25] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > If my former master and/or I helped someone disengage from you, I guarantee there was a reason, Sir.

[08:14.13] <MistookenIdentity> basically you two conviently forgot the 90 day rule, took her to a room where they uncollared her for you then you two collared her yourself while I was in a hospital bed

(The what? WTF?)

[08:14.47] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > Is this about some kind of online RP crap?

[08:16.08] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > I have never participated in any online, pretend "collar removing" nonsense in any chat rooms, and I have no idea what you are talking about.

[08:16.21] <MistookenIdentity> if you say so

[08:17.26] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > And my former master never went in chat rooms either. And, in fact, when I was owned by him, I was completely forbidden to do ANY RP in chat AT ALL.

[08:17.44] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > I wasn't allowed to go into chat rooms where it was expected or required.

[08:18.00] <MistookenIdentity> uh huh

[08:18.57] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > And I don't even know what the hell a "90 day rule" is.

[08:19.26] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > I assume it's some kind of RP thing.

[08:21.08] <MistookenIdentity> hmmm

[08:21.49] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > And, according to your profile, you are in SC. So how, exactly, am I going to put a collar on someone from Washington?

[08:22.56] <MistookenIdentity> okay you and your husband were Gorean

[08:23.03] <MistookenIdentity> or partner

[08:23.43] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > Yes. I am Gorean. In real life. In every day, day to day words, deeds, and actions.

[08:24.10] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > What year did this alleged event even occur?

[08:24.25] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > Before or after 2010?

[08:24.49] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > Oh.. And what was my nick on here?

[08:25.37] <MistookenIdentity> KhaosWolfCat or Kat

[08:26.10] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > I have had exactly two profiles on this site, including when it was CM. OwlsKajiraKhaos, when I was owned, and **KhaosWolfKat** other than that.

[08:28.08] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > So, if I had a master, it was the former. Said master never went in any chat rooms of any kind, the entire time he owned me, nor did I engage in any chat RP crap, since I wasn't allowed to. SO your claim is impossible.

[08:29.13] <MistookenIdentity> uh huh

[08:29.50] <MistookenIdentity> oh and [slave girl] might be familar because last I knew she left your former master for [Person I "know" online only, from irc, who I doubt was part of this nonsense either]

[08:30.04] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > ROFLMAO!!!!

[08:30.20] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > Seriously?

[08:30.27] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > Who do you think my former master is?

[08:30.55] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > You wouldn't have ever talked to him on IRC or the CM/CS chat system, cause he wasn't on either of them.,

[08:32.21] <MistookenIdentity> lord its been so long I dont remember, your name jogged my memory but not enough for that

(Obviously not enough for any of this tripe!)

[08:32.40] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > My former master's name is [Name]. He hasn't owned anyone else since freeing me in 2010. And [Person he mentioned before] is all the way across the globe from me.

[08:33.36] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > I have never been "owned" online, by anyone in a chat room. Ever.

[08:34.31] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > I have been owned in real life, wearing a real collar, locked on my real neck, living and serving 24/7 in the same actual living space as the man who owned me.

[08:34.58] <MistookenIdentity> then someone was using your name and making you look bad

(Yeah, right, dude)

[08:36.40] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > My nick is registered.

[08:37.26] <Undercaffeinated`Khaos > No one can make me look bad over a pretend collar. Put on in a pretend room, after the pretend removal of a previous pretend collar.

(And then he finally fucked off.)

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