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PostPosted: 16 Apr 2024, 15:17
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From Discord

Another Discord sub buffet dine and dasher. Also complete liar. His username indicated that he was some kind of expert at roleplay. I fixed it for him.

(My commentary like this)
Commentary = stuff I added for you, the readers, rather than part of the original message exchange.


Roleplay moron

("Alpha". There's the first red flag right there!)

Roleplay moron — 12/04/2024 12:50
Hello ❤️

(Unsolicited DM when all group settings are, "ask to DM". Red flag #2.)

KhaosWolfKat — 12/04/2024 17:33
OK.. well, I added you, since you "waved" at me, but I couldn't reply to you. I don't know who you are. Have we met?

Roleplay moron — 13/04/2024 00:35
Just saw your ad for the roleplay
So i was just trying to get your attention

(Nope. Total lie. Red flag #3! I've never posted any such thing on Discord. I posted a couple ads for some very specific types of RP for a RPG, years ago, on Fet, but for actual storyline and character development, not wank fodder cyber ick. And it was very clear. This dude just said that hoping for a hit.)

KhaosWolfKat — 13/04/2024 12:27
Where did you see that?

Roleplay moron — 13/04/2024 23:55
I think I already exited the group where I found you. Sorry sweetheart.

(I'm not your fucking sweetheart, asshole. Presumptuous pet names. Red flag #4)

KhaosWolfKat — Yesterday at 18:04
I know I posted a couple ads for some specific RP on Fet some time ago, but did not remember doing so on Discord. So.. You got my attention. Did you create a character, or have questions, or what?

Roleplay moron — Yesterday at 21:48
I don't remember now. Sorry sweetheart. Do you want to sub to Daddy though

(Flashing, alarm blaring, robot dryer ducting arm waving red flag alert. Time to let him have it.)

Roleplay moron — Today at 04:19

KhaosWolfKat — Today at 11:01
I'd rather nurse a rabid badger, honestly.
Also, I am not your "sweetheart", and if you had even bothered to read a single paragraph of my profile that is linked in the server(s) you joined long enough to collect all the women's usernames to spam with your unsolicited attempts to activate fetish dispenser mode, you would know that.

The only RP ads I have posted were prior to joining Discord, and were specifically for the purpose of participating in a RPG.

KhaosWolfKat — Today at 11:10
But you win a prize for your efforts!

KhaosWolfKat * covers her ears as she knows what's coming next. A VERY LOUD buzzer sounds, followed by an important announcement... "CONGRATULATIONS! You are the lucky winner of the RP Wanker Number 863,542 PRIZE! To collect your very special prize, please visit: ... rters.html "

(Now, fuck off, and, when you get there, fuck off some more!)

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