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Last updated: 2018.02.21

Raven is David's life partner, fiancée, and babygirl. As David is, himself, property, he does not technially own her, as such, since all that was his property now belongs to Khaos, but for all intents and purposes, she is his. To that end, issues regarding her can be taken either to Khaos or David.

She is not Gorean, but understands how things work in my household and fits well within that framework. She is a submissive and a little, so not free, yet not exactly a slave either. She is, therefore, not held to the same standards as a kajira would be. That said, she is the low girlie on the totem pole, since she answers to a slave. It may seem a complicated arrangement to some, but it works for our family.
Besides, I'm quite fond of her and enjoy having her about!

In Her Own Words...

More will be added to her bio once her schedule permits her to write it up.

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