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Last updated: 2018.06.03

Mandy is Khaos' daughter, mother to one of Khaos' granddaughters, and was raised for most of her life in a Gorean household, with Gorean values.

She was aware of the fact that her mother was a slave from about the time she was nine until Khaos' reinstatement as a free woman, as she figured it out herself and asked for an honest answer. Being of the opinion that children are ready for an answer when they ask a specific question, she was told, "Yes, that's right", when she said, of her mother's 'necklace', "I think that is a collar and I think Owl is your owner". She seemed to accept the fact in stride. She was, of course, never exposed to any adult activities, or slave discipline, as that wasn't appropriate, and would have blurred the lines of authority in the parent/child relationship. She simply accepeted that Owl had the final say in all household decisions, and saw her parents interacting in a loving manner, with one deferring, and never any arguing or yelling or other similar drama.

Because of this, she is in a unique position to be able to answer a lot of questions regarding raising children in a Gorean household, from the standpoint of someone who was such a child. Hopefully, this will prove useful to some.

In Her Own Words...

As my mother said before, I grew up in a Gorean household. Through that, I learned many things.
I learned that some things that society looks down upon can be okay.
I learned that consent is the most important thing of all.
I learned that polyamory is okay, as long as all involved are consenting adults.
I learned that people are no less people, even if they wear a collar, but slaves do have a lower place on the totem pole. A slave is often treated as a loved family pet, much like the family dog.
I also learned that the grownups who were slaves were my equals (other than my mom, who was Mom, and therefore, in charge of me) when I was a minor. Even now, I look at David much as an equal even though I have higher rank than he does, as I am an adult free person.
The only reason I got confused as a child was because the other kids at school didn't understand, and my therapist didn't either. In the end, my mom's therapist had a talk with my therapist and explained that consensual slavery was okay.
I wasn't confused because of the fact that there was slavery in my family, but because people kept thinking it was wrong, or that my mother being a slave was somehow abusive to me. I didn't even know about the punishments until I was an adult.

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